Outfit of the Day: Floral Pants

Hello pretty ladies!

floral jeans
So I’m FINALLY back (after what seems like ages!) with the Outfit of The Day! (I don’t mind a few whistles here and there! 😉 😛 )
I’ve been going crazy for the past 20 days; it’s been a depressing and a hectic time! All that aside, the weather has been irritating me no end. These dirty wet roads and the humidity are starting to get on my nerves now. Twice I went out to shoot, and I had to return because it started raining half way through. Twice! (And then you ask why I hate rain so much? Argh!)
floral jeans black shirt
Anyhow! We can’t help control the weather right? What we can however, do is to cheer ourselves up with a little shopping!! Yep! That’s exactly what I did. I shopped my heart, lungs (and pockets!) out last week. So you guys are in for a sure-shot treat in the following few posts! 😀
red shoes
These pants you see; they too are new. I picked these up to wear to my friend’s birthday. Although I’d pictured wearing these with a red blouse; but that didn’t quite work out. I pulled out this very old blouse from my closet, and threw it on. And even though, I’m not completely sold out on how it works with the pants, it didn’t look bad either. I couldn’t but resist adding a pinch of red to my outfit to give it a little kick!

No funny business with the accessories; kept it absolutely simple. I wanted the pants to steal the show! 😉

Any other exciting ideas on how to rock these pants?

Outfit Details:
Top- Mango
Pants- Zara
Shoes- Rialto, GK (P.S.- I finally took notice of the shop’s name!! Yayyiiiee!)

Thanks a lot for all your comments. :*
Take care all!


53 thoughts on “Outfit of the Day: Floral Pants

  1. Here you are! I was wondering where you had disappeared! Totally digging those pants…It might be completely crazy but try these pants with a tangerine top and n*de pumps?

    1. Oh Aarbee! You won’t believe.. I have been looking for a tangerine blouse since ages now! I’d love to pair it with these pants, and see what the outcome is like. 🙂

  2. I look forward to your OOTD because our style statements match a lot. I also like to wear outfits which emphasize my long legs 🙂 n thats exactly prominent in your outfits too 🙂 Looking ultra urbane here…. Way to go *Whistle whistle* lol

    1. Heyy!!! I was soo missing your comment! :*
      Haha.. Thanks a ton!! <3
      Yeah! It'd definitely look great with these. And somehow I find these pants a little wintery! A similar top would work wonders during Christmas! Shall try and find something similar. Thank you so much for the idea! 😀
      Thanks a lot. *tight hug*

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