8 Tips to Start Losing Weight From Today

If weight loss is on your mind, then today is a good to start your journey from. Don’t wait till next week or next month because losing weight is not a difficult task, it can become a breeze if you follow a few basic tips and the right kind of diet, such as on the Rati Beauty app. Here are 8 tips to start losing weight from today.

Tips to Start Losing Weight From Today

1. Start on a Do-able Weight Loss Diet, like that on Rati Beauty app: The diets on Rati Beauty app help you to get into calorie deficit with healthy and nutritious food so that you do not remain hungry or deprived the whole day – this way, you can lose weight by eating the right kind of food. So, you can start losing weight right from today.
2. Get Loads of Zz’s: Sleep deprivation and weight gain are closely linked. When you compromise on sleeping hours (less than 7 hours of uninterrupted sleep each night), you are not allowing the body to recover and rejuvenate. In fact, poor sleeping habits are a precursor to many lifestyle diseases. To prevent weight gain, to reduce stress, and to wake up with full of energy the next day, sleep for 7 hours or more.

3. Practice NEAT activities: Being on your feet throughout the day helps in burning calories and keeps metabolism robust. One hour of gymming is never enough to lose weight, keep moving throughout the day and practice NEAT activities. NEAT stands for non-exercise activity thermogenesis and is the energy we use for everything we do in our day-to-day life except for when we are sleeping or exercising. Using the stairs instead of the lift, squatting on the floor to lift something up, walking while talking on the phone, every activity we do while being on our feet, comes under NEAT. All these activities help to burn some amount of calories and these bits of calories spent here and there, add up to a considerable amount when you are trying to lose weight. Read more about how you can include NEAT activities in your daily life here.
4. Make a target to walk at least 10,000 steps through the day: Invest in a fitness band to track the number of steps each day, you can get fitness bands starting at 1000 INR. Studies have revealed that taking at least 10,000 steps helps to burn a good amount of calories.
5. Add More Protein to the Diet: In order to lose weight fast, you need to consume more protein and less of simple carbs and unhealthy fat. This way, you boost satiety hormones and keep the hunger hormones in check, which in turn means that you will be less likely to binge. Since protein helps to build muscle, the body tends to burn more calories, even when someone is at rest. Find high-protein diets on the Rati Beauty app.
6. Say no to Added Sugar: Added sugar is probably the number #1 roadblock preventing you from getting fit or losing weight for that matter. Sugar spikes insulin levels, which is a hormone that not only regulates blood sugar, it also triggers fat storage and raises inflammation in the body, increasing the risk of developing life-threatening diseases. Refined sugar is the biggest offender when it comes to adding calories without providing any nutritional benefit. So, the first step to getting fit is giving up on added sugar. Now, here’s how you can “How to Cut Back on Added Sugar to Lose Weight.”
7. Drink More than 8 Glasses of Water: Fit people never compromise on their water intake and do not stop at just 8 glasses of water, they sip water at regular intervals and keep themselves hydrated.
8. Practice Mindful Eating: Eating mindfully is one of the prerequisites to lose weight. We cannot stress enough about the way eating mindfully can help you lose weight by being aware of the food that you are consuming and eating it without any distraction. Paying complete attention to the taste, look, smell, and the way it makes you feel is a part of mindful eating and that’s why, in this post, we have listed out 9 mindful eating hacks to eat right and lose weight.

Hope these tips help you to kickstart your weight loss journey from today itself.

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