9 Beauty Tips from the “Jenners” That Will Make You Look Nothing Less than a Celeb!

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The reality stars and the half sisters of the Kardashian sisters, Kylie and Kendall are nothing but style divas. All of just 18 and 20, respectively, they don’t really dress their age. They dress to make heads turn and make people take notice of them. Their beauty game is always on point. Let’s find out the beauty and makeup tips from the Jenners.

Kendall and Kylie Jenner

1. Be a lip liner junkie
Beauty and make-up tips from the Jenners that make you look nothing less than a celeb! lips

Haven’t you heard of Kylie Jenner’s sudden puckered up lips? Well the whole world has. She has stated in numerous interviews that it takes up to 40 minutes for her to do her lips. She just uses a lip liner to fill in her lips, no lipstick or gloss. She has at least 15 different nude lip liners in her makeup bag at one time.

2. Bright red pouts are in
Beauty and make-up tips from the Jenners that make you look nothing less than a celeb!red

Both sisters are alike in this way. They both like to highlight their lips rather than eyes. They don’t like the heavy smokey eyed looks and would rather go for a bright red pout.

3. Contouring is the key
Kim Kardashian is like the brand ambassador of contouring. So how can her sisters be far away from the trend? Jenners love to contour their faces with high usage of highlighters and bronzers.

4. Use falsies

False eyelashes are a must have in their vanity box. They use them on a daily basis. They love those big and black lashes which give dolly appearance to the natural lashes.

5. Cat eyes are good!
Instead of the smudged up smokey eye looks, they like to go for winged and clean look that cat eyes give. They have even admitted to using scotch tape to perfect the winged eyeliner.

6. Use yellow powder to hide redness
Sometimes even after using lots of layers of makeup, you can’t hide the redness of the face. Yellow colour hides that redness of the face perfectly and the Jenners use a yellow powder over their makeup to cancel out any pink-ish undertones.

7. Teeth whitening makes a difference
They use oil-pulling products of coconut oil that can be swished around the mouth. This gives them the pearly white teeth. Pristine white teeth photograph well and really change the appearance of a face in not so subtle way.

8. Don’t neglect your nails
Beauty and make-up tips from the Jenners

They believe that manicures are not overhyped and are definitely worth the splurge. They like their nails to be all sleek and polished. Although they like the colour on their nails be more on the neutral side but they don’t mind the occasional blues or reds.

9. Take good care of your skin
Isn’t it obvious to look good with great skin? Even at a young age, they swear by using under eye creams to prevent wrinkles in the future. They follow the skin care routine religiously, drink a lot of water, eat healthy food and never forget to apply sunscreen.

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