The Magic of The Pixiwoo Sisters

The Magic of The Pixiwoo Sisters

When it comes to paying homage to true makeup gurus online, we just have to mention UK-based Samantha and Nicola Chapman – the Pixiwoo sisters on YouTube.

The Magic of The Pixiwoo Sisters

Sam and Nic, as they address each other and as their loyal subscribers know them, are professional makeup artists from Norwich, UK. They have been active on the blogosphere since 2007.  Their experience and passion for makeup is evident in every video they upload. Their tips and techniques are easy to follow and make you feel like a seasoned pro when you apply them in front of your mirror.

The Magic of The Pixiwoo Sisters

Even the most complicated of makeup techniques that we read about seem easy to comprehend because of their explanation. They take turns uploading videos and sometimes feature together.  They usually show you how to achieve a complete look based on a celebrity or style in vogue. Apart from this, they also upload videos regarding new products or techniques of applying makeup depending on your face shape, eye size and setting, events and so on.

See their Celebrity Makeup – Haifa Wehbe Make Up Tutorial here.

I highly recommend watching their videos to any makeup enthusiast due to the following reasons:

    • They are PROFESSIONAL MUAs and it shows.  Right from the techniques they use to simple details like how they hold their brush, everything is thoroughly professional and watching them regularly rubs their little details off on us.
    • Their rendition of celebrity makeup looks are SPOT ON. Watching the transformation is a pure delight.

Pixiwoo Videos

    • They give their honest professional opinion on any product they use.
    • They respond to their viewers comments almost always, which makes it an even more satisfying experience.
    • They use all kinds of brands, from high end to budget ones.
    • They have categorized their looks decade-wise on their playlist page, which makes it so easy to skip into an era our mood wants to experiment with!


    • They don’t just tell us how to do things according to our face shape, but actually show us.
    • Their personalities are brilliant. They have a friendly and approachable persona, which makes it easy to not get overwhelmed by their high level of expertise. Both seem very fun and down to earth. I enjoy and look forward to their videos!
    • They have fabulous giveaways every so often, who doesn’t love a chance to win! 😀
    • They not only stick to the very wearable looks, but also show us unique and creative looks that satisfy the edgy girl in us.
    • Around Halloween, their videos are the real candy treat! They give us multiple ideas for different looks we can try and actually show us how to do them ourselves.

Halloween Looks

    • Whatever I know about the essentials of brow makeup, I owe it to Pixiwoo. This is such a vital area on our face and we at times find ourselves clueless about how to shape and if we should change, but they include corresponding brow techniques for every look they do. Some eye makeup looks better with toned down brows, others are enhanced by stronger brows. Whenever they do eye makeup, they show us how to style the brows too.
    • Real Techniques and Samantha Chapman have launched makeup brushes that are so highly raved in the makeup community!

Makeup brushes

  • They have another channel PixiwooMadness, where they upload shorter, usually 10-minute complete makeup tutorials. Even if their videos are long, they are very to-the-point and time flies when you watch them!
  • They shoot videos in their studio where they take classes and they teach students’ makeup. So, they are not only professional makeup artists, but teachers as well, so the content and quality of the videos they upload make you feel like you are attending world-class makeup institution; where your favourite teacher takes every class, so each “class” is bound to be fun. 😀
  • They interact with their subscribers/followers on social networking sites, which makes learning from them truly fun, on twitter and facebook.

There are many more reasons, but I want you all to have the pleasure of discovering them yourselves. Makeup is an art and Pixiwoo sisters are true artists!

Here’s Marilyn Monroe 1950s Make up Tutorial by Pixiwoo Sisters:

I hope you all enjoy learning from and watching Sam and Nic color the world of online makeup! O:)

Happy Makeuping! 😀

Image Sources: All images have been picked up from Google Images and the Pixiwoo Sisters website.

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  1. Nice one Nafisa! 🙂 Pixiwoo’s another one of my youtube faves. I first came upon them while searching for a review of a particular shade of Sleek lipstick- that search lead me to a drag makeup tutorial by Sam, which I thought was awesome and fun. Been watching them since then. 😀

    1. I came across them when i stumbled upon a Sophia Lauren look that Sam had done…it was love at first click! :heart: :hihi:

      1. she said good morning from her blackberry and told that she will join us later….donno where is she….may be doing some more grocery shopping!! 😛

        1. Or a photoshoot :tongue: :tongue: Hey the blisscovered January box is sold out…wonder who got it??? :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

            1. Kimi this what their status says an hr ago – January box sold out! Everyone please be aware if you sign up now we’ll update you when the next box is available. :specs:

              1. ohhh…that means they’ve sent the January boxes already and out of stock now..hmmmm…that means I should get my box in a day or two!! 😀 😀

                1. Yes, TA, that’s what they have told, they have clearly mentioned that here also that January box sign up will close soon 😐 😐 😐 😐 😐

                    1. I went for a short nap :yawn: :yawn: :yawn: :yawn: :yawn: came back…now having tea….its got cold again now…I hate it :waaa: :waaa: :waaa:

                    2. TA…you signed up for the january boxes kya…..I think I should also get mine in the next two to three days :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

  2. I have seen their videos too , “They have a friendly and approachable persona, which makes it easy to not get overwhelmed by their high level of expertise. Both seem very fun and down to earth. I enjoy and look forward to their videos!” this is the best part in them

  3. just went thru a couple of their videos..awesome..but one of them has such beautiful skin to begin with..and i think its so much about having the right tools to apply the makeup with. all that blending really works wonders.

    Damn cool nafisa..this, marlene, goss..really all good stuff..

      1. They do have good skin & products but I guess they also use good lighting…cameras usually hide the pores & all, & with good lighting that gets hidden more 🙂

  4. Aru…I feel the same, the brush they are using blends everything so perfectly…and you talking about the one with pink cheeks and nose na :mirror: :mirror:

  5. i adore, love and worship the pixiwoo sisters for anything makeup! they are so darn fun n’ PhUnKy 😉 and omg the way they use lash glue to change the eyebrows to suit and match every look of theirs! Uh-may-zingg!! 😀

  6. Pixiwoo are my faves. They are simply amazing in whatever make-up they do. I got hooked onto YouTube through them & I’m so glad I stumbled onto their channel. They are eons ahead of us when it comes to make-up artistry. I am also lucky enough to win the realTechniques Eyes Starter Set through their friday draws. The brushes are simply gorgeous!! and why wouldn’t they be with Sam as their creator…I also love to watch their brother Jim’s girlfriend, Tanya Burr’s videos on YouTube (Pixi2woo), afterall she was trained by the sisters themselves….Make-up runs in their family.

  7. Nice review Nafisa :thumbsup: …. everyone should try watching emilynoel 83 videos…. :haanji:
    emilynoel83….her name is emily and she is a newsreader in the US……..she is simply amazing ….love her… :puchhi: her tutorials and hauls are amazing….she does nt blah blah everytime abt high end makeup bt reviews and uses drugstore products herself……. :pompom: :pompom: She and Marlena are the best gurus on youtube…… :yes: :yes:
    Thanks fr sharing Nafisa…….. :thanks:

    1. Welcome! 🙂 Yup, Emily is gorgeous & good too…don’t you think she looks a little like she could be Katie Holmes elder sister?!??! 😀

  8. I have seen so many of their videos but nothing since a long time now.. 🙁 I must gear it and check out the new ones :jog: :jog: I am so loving these posts nafisa. keep them coming. 😀 😀

  9. thanx nafisa for sharing such an informative post….cuz the technique of applying makeup is equally important… get gr8 results…. :thanks: :thanks: :thanks:

  10. Hey i really loved this post really informative… Thanks for sharing this.. actually now a days i am becoming fan of IMBB really you all are doing good job..

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