A Face Oil that Worked Miracles on my Skin!


If you guys remember, I mentioned about having breakouts because of the paint work going at my home. The polluted air took a toll on my skin. I thought that my skin would calm down and heal once the air cleared out and we had more ventilation at home. Well, it didn’t. I tried every possible thing from home remedies to skin care.
Things that actually worked were lactocalamine and Aesop Face Scrub. I was trying to keep my skin clean as much as possible but everything was working temporarily. The day I’d miss using lacto, the bumps would come back. Especially the little bumps on the surface of the skin just refused to disappear. I was giving up on things and was planning to visit a derma. 

Past week, I went at the Clarins event. Since I have been running IMBB for long enough a lot of people from the brands have actually become my friends now. So I am lucky enough to have a bit of fun while doing my professional stuff.  The Clarins Brand Manager saw my skin and she asked me to give Lotus Oil a try . She asked me to use it where the actual bumps were. Well! I was rather desperate and used it as an all over face oil. This oil changed the way my skin looks within a night. The little bumps literally vanished. Over a few days of usage, big bumps have almost disappeared. I even took a break from using the oil to see if my breakouts are coming back. They didn’t. This oil has healed my skin and I couldn’t be more thankful!!

You know sometimes I attend these events, I get goodies and I don’t even bother writing about them. Mostly because they are already reviewed on IMBB. But I HAD to write about this oil. It really may help some of you who are facing skin problems. Rama has done an amazing review of the Lotus Oil HERE. Check it out. This stuff is never going out of my vanity. I even did a little massage with this oil the other day. It felt amazing. My favourite oil from Clarins is Blue Orchid one. But guess Lotus oil has replaced my favourite now. 🙂
I need hugs now! 😀
Thank you, Bhakti! :-*


35 thoughts on “A Face Oil that Worked Miracles on my Skin!

  1. wowwwww!!! This is a miracle product. I hv the same problem. I dont hv severe acne but there are bums on my face.
    I wish there were an alternative/dupe of the same, given the high cost 😛

  2. It good di that you have finally came over from a skin breakout … This products seems an excellent one … My bf has acne prone skin … would def suggest him to give it a try 🙂 🙂 between I love the pic …. It looks like a professional photography 🙂 🙂

    1. Vidushi, the price is a bitter pill to swallow. But the bottle will last u a long time coz u only need a couple of drops each time.

  3. Wow, this is such an amazing product. I am also having acne issues. So, I m going to get it superr soon. Thanks for the review Rati Di 🙂 🙂

  4. That’s what I call super duper Photography.. 🙂 the cover pic looks so damn awesome… highly pro… and the oil looks amazing… i have acne prone skin and if this works then I am gonna get it soon 🙂 as i need an oil in my life 🙂

  5. The Lotus one is suggested for people with oily skin and the orchid one was for dry skin. I remember reading your review and wanting r pick the orchid one till common sense prevailed and I picked Lotus instead – coz unlike you, I have oily skin. but I use it only once or twice a week – it can get too much for my oily skin. Love it!

    1. yes K. I agree, this oil does not really suffice the moisture needs of my skin but i guess this was exactly what my skin needed at this time..didnt expect it to work this good though. love it myself now. 😀

  6. I absolutely love this oil….i have super oily skin but it works wonders on it. Has never broken me out, u need v little and it will last u good 7/8months!

  7. Wow Rati, thanks for the reco, I will pick it up. The season change is playing havoc on my skin – suddenly from an oil factory it was become super dry on the cheeks and oily in the T-zone. Sounds like this might just be the answer.

  8. Hey, rati!… Before a few days, I was offered for a free facial from Clarins and Clarins ppl are fantastic. They introduced me to various oils including this lotus one. I was skeptical enough to give it a try, but now I am convinced. 😀

    1. yes they are doing these facials at their counter these days… :)) Good now you could give it a go. Clarins is a fabulous brand. Have used a lot of things from their range. 🙂

  9. hi rati di, it’s good to know that this oil works wonder for u. i don’t have severe pimple bt have little bumps on my skin and also have stubborn blemishes. i just want to know that will this oil help to vanish the blemishes and how to use this oil on face. should i follow up with moisturizer after applying this oil???

  10. I LOVE Clarins. I tried many high end brands till I found Clarins. The double serum gathered dust in my medicine cabinet till I finally started using it daily. I have combination skin and this is the ONLY product that doesn’t cause my skin to flake in winter and works well in summer. I use it with the Restorative Eye cream daily. Claris has tried to sell face creams to me over the years, but the serum works so well that I don’t need any other cream. I just use sunscreen. I have been using it for one year and my skin has been glowing and free of imperfections. I LOVE LOVE them and sometimes also use these at night. I have tried their face oil, eye smoothing mask, night mask treatments, exfoliating cleanser, and now makeup (eyeliner and kajal) and I have yet to find a bad product. They are expensive, but I highly recommend using the double serum if you have to buy one product. It is amazing in maintaining your skin’s glow. Never touched another product after that.

  11. I wrote the review for this oil almost 3 years back, and I still use it, This has kept my adult acne in control for a looooong time, Thanks for the mention Rati! 🙂

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