Clarins Lotus Face Treatment Oil Review

Clarins Lotus Face Treatment Oil Review

Hello fellow IMBB’ians,

How is everyone doing? It’s raining like crazy and along comes a string of skin problems *hunterwali* But today, I am going to review a product that turned out to be a HG in my night-care routine!*hifive*  The product I’m reviewing today is from the much-acclaimed Clarins brand and slowly I am turning into a Clarins loyal *happy dance* Why? I’ll tell you why!


*jai ho*

I wanted to introduce a serum or a lightweight cream that would suit my extremely oily, sensitive, acne-prone skin. After trying out Estee Lauder Advanced Night Recovery Serum, which did work, but made my skin greasy, I checked-out the much raved about brand, Clarins and finally bought the Lotus oil which is meant for exactly my skin type.

Let’s see how it fared.

Clarins Lotus Face Treatment Oil 2


2150 INR.

My Thoughts on Clarins Lotus Face Treatment Oil:

I bought this product in February. It was the beginning of summer and my skin was giving me more troubles than I could handle. I wanted to give this oil a good 4-week run and review it on IMBB, but I was put into a very hectic project and the last three months were a nightmare! Finally, here’s the review I have been itching to write, I clicked the pics about two months back.  Now, I have finished about half a bottle!

Clarins Lotus Face Treatment Oil 3

I was initially scared to use an oil on my already oily face, but trust me girls, this oil is incredibly lightweight, sinks into the skin like a dream and all you have when you wake up is a completely matte, fresh glowing face in the morning! *happydance*

Clarins Lotus Face Treatment Oil 4

The smell is very soothing, a mixture of essential oils, and you need just about two drops to cover your entire face, I don’t use it on the neck as this is supposed to balance your skin and your neck needs more moisturisation than your face. The oil is best applied at night as it leaves an obvious greasiness on your face after application, which almost disappears after half an hour or so. Saying that, there are sometimes when I have dabbed on this oil onto blemishes in the morning before applying sunscreen and it works just fine there too! Coming to the best part about this oil is that if you see a pimple coming up, dab a drop of this oil onto it and by the time you wake up the pimple would have shrunk to half its size! Great, ain’t it! After about 5 months of usage, I have noticed that it has also reduced the intensity of my acne scarring, and my pores are less visible. Even my best friend who is also my worst critic told me that my skin is much more translucent now and there is an obvious glow, when it comes from your best friend, you know it has to be true!

Clarins Lotus Face Treatment Oil 5

To sum it all up, it’s a fantastic product for combination/oily skinned beauties, and this product will definitely condition your skin if used long term. I liked this product so much that I went ahead and bought the cleanser and mask for oily skin as well and nothing has worked better on my skin than this trio has!

Clarins Lotus Face Treatment Oil 8

So, here’s the final verdict:

Pros of Clarins Lotus Face Treatment Oil:

  • Worked like a miracle on my oily skin, balancing it, my face gets a lot less oilier now.
  • Moisturizing enough to take care of the dry patches too.
  • No chemicals at all *happy dance*
  • Only a drop or two is required, so one bottle will easily last an entire year!
  • Neat packaging with a dropper that dispenses the exact amount required.
  • Very relaxing smell and the product lives up to every claim it makes.

Cons of Clarins Lotus Face Treatment Oil:

  • Cost could be a problem for some, but if you ask me it’s worth every penny!

IMBB Rating:


Do I Recommend Clarins Lotus Face Treatment Oil ?

Yeah! To anyone with combination/oily skin.

Will I Repurchase Clarins Lotus Face Treatment Oil ?


Take care you guys, see you soon with more reviews! *puchhi*

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33 thoughts on “Clarins Lotus Face Treatment Oil Review

    1. Yep, trust me after using this u will wake up with completely matte skin! Even I was surprised considering its an oil! *happy dance*

    1. He he, Yep Nandini, btw my name is Ramya 😛 You can buy it in any Clarins counter across India, I bought it from the Clarins counter in Shoppers stop, Garuda mall, Bangalore, No idea if its available online! *specs*

    1. *thankyou* Shivani, You totally should! And since you need only one or two drop the 30 ml bottle will easily last you for almost an year! *happydance*

  1. I’m seeing this product for the first time! I tried tea tree oil by The Body Shop to get rid of my blemishes but cant say that it worked like a worked for some time and then stopped giving me any results…I have acne prone skin, the pus acne you think this Clarins oil will work for me?

    1. Hi Shireen, Since you have Pustules(pus filled ones are called pustules), I suggest you go for La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo (USA version) first and once your skin comes to a better state, It will take u about 6 months, Then you can start using the Clarins oil to maintain your skin! *haan ji*

  2. Great review! Great product! But I am not sure if I can use it along with my acne treatment (Effclare Duo at the moment) at night.

    1. Thanks Joyi, I suggest you wait until you start using Effaclar, Using too many products on acne prone skin at the same time might worsen the acne! *specs*

  3. Hi Ramya, have got skin type which is similar as urs extremely oily, sensitive, acne-prone skin and open pores, i just hope this works for me, could you pls suggest any gud fairness cream with SPF for daily use…?

  4. Hi Nandy, if ur ok with spending that much i would totally vouch for clarins hp brightening range, I’ve been using the exfoliator from the range for quite some time which I bought to reduce acne scarring but it has also lightened my skin tone in few uses itself, so I’m sure the cream would work very well, u can try it *haan ji*

  5. Hi Ramya,

    I have acne prone skin too, but generally they appear during that time of the month, lately my skin have been pretty dull so i started using body shop tea tree range but it has too much of alcohol which is stripping my skin, any suggestions?
    should i switch to clarins?

  6. I am looking for a facial oil for dry skin.can you please help me find one. I have read about clarins,L’Oréal,the body shop,boscia tshubaki oil etc etc but it’s really difficult to choose one.

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