A Quick Update on Mac Mineralize Satinfinish Foundation

Mac Mineralize Satinfinsh SPF 15 FOundationI used Mac Mineralize Satinfinish Foundation today so I thought I’ll give you a little update on it before reviewing the product officially.

Two updates:

1. I applied my Colorbar’s Peachy Pink blush today on top of Mac Satinfinish foundation and the blush stayed on my cheeks for almost three hours. I had skipped applying powder on top of foundation and directly applied blush. Girl o’ girl! it was there on my cheeks and I still looked fresh. After almost three hours the blush was kind of fading out but nothing before that.

This means that Lakme’s Nine to Five foundation was eating/ drinking my blush? Or is there some other logic behind it? lol!

2. My hubby gave a compliment again. 😀 He said my skin was looking flawless and fresh. Yay!

I was actually feeling guilty that I did such a good review of Lakme’s Nine to five foundation and it didn’t work for me only. I just want to say sorry but I was not trying to mislead you guys or promote Lakme. I don’t get paid for any reviews that I do on this blog. I am just trying stuff myself and telling my experiences on the same.

My apologies!

Love and Hugs,



20 thoughts on “A Quick Update on Mac Mineralize Satinfinish Foundation

  1. hey Rati,

    It’s actually ok.. I assume tht u r not a professional make-up artist like me, and write just because of your love for looking good..

    As lay people we cannot be expected to know all there is about cosmetics.. It is a journey of self-discovery.. A lot of times we get stuck in mediocre product lines simply because we don’t know better.. or haven’t tried better.

    But it is really nice of you to be so frank & honest about this entire thing!

  2. No Tanveer,

    I am not a makeup artist. If you have read my ‘about’ section, I started doing makeup earlier this year. But I fell so much in love with this whole world that I have learnt and discovered a lot in such less time. I was also thinking that we very few blogs around that review Indian stuff so a lot of women end up buying mediocre brands at inflated prices.

    I hope our blogs help people in making better decisions. 🙂

    And thank you for the kind words. It was a relief. 🙂

  3. it sounds so good … evn em hunting for a shade hats very close to mah skin .. SA even matched me NC 42 .. buh I just got prep +prime powder then .. I tell you its great !!
    em lemming for studio fix powder foundation nw !!

  4. Okay here is a tip. 🙂 Mac makes two kinds of foundations in terms of skin tones- NC and NW

    NC is for cooler skin tones and NW is for warmer. When you are buying one for yourself, ask the MA to use one shade from NC range and one from NW range. You would be able to judge better this way.

    NC measn Neutral cool and NW means Neutral warm. NCs have yellow undertones while NWs have pink undertones. Although I guess most of us have yelloow undertones but you would give it a test try and decide.

    I didn’t know this until I visited Mac’s website or else I would have checked both the versions. Although I have absolutely no complaints with my NC 40 as well. 🙂

    Are you talking about prep and prime transparent finishing powder?

  5. i have heard that macs studio fix fluid is the best foundation that mac has on offer (probably because it results in a medium to full finish). i have heard a few complaints from people, though. makes them break out and stuff like that. maybe because its hard to completely remove from the skin, resulting in blocked pores.

    i am planning to buy a foundation that gives me better coverage pretty soon, just to see how my skin looks with a serious base. as you said somewhere in your blog, its always wise to buy the best quality base makeup and experiment with the rest. but i have a problem! all foundations out there that are meant to give a medium to full finish have a matte finish! (that i really loath!) i prefer a dewy and radiant look. argh! i will let you know as soon as i find THE perfect foundation for my skin.

  6. Rima, actually I had the same problem. I don’t like matte finish foundations and that’s where Mac Satin Finish comes into play. It’s a dewy foundation and I wouldn’t exchange it for anything, seriously. It has optical diffusers so some people think that they end up looking like disco balls. But I have had no issues. I use it during the day and during my night outs and so far, it hasn’t failed me at all. My only concern is how would it work during the summers. It keeps my skin moist and supple during these harsh winter days so I am not sure how would it work in summers. It gives me a medium coverage but thankfully, I don’t have a problematic skin so for me ,it’s my HG.

    I have also heard people raving about MAC studio fix but my problem is same as yours- mattish finish. Don’t like it. For me, if my base is great I can pull off most kinds of makeup. 🙂

    Try max factor’s or body shop’s moisturizing foundations.

  7. thanks for the suggestions, i will definitely let you know when something good crops up. i personally feel that most women dont even need a foundation. just some concealer.

  8. Hey
    Im pretty new to all this makeup stuff and I’d be really grateful if you could suggest a good foundation.. i have medium-oily skin and im looking for something which gives moderate coverage. Is MAC really worth investing in? Or should i try out something cheaper like lakme first?

    Rati, awesome work! Keep blogging! I love your honest reviews!

    Thanks a lot

  9. Hey Rati, have your tired Studio Tech foundation yet? It’s supposed to be non-acnegenic, but I am not sure if I should try it on my oily skin since you mentioned creamy foundations can be too heavy. It does say it’s good for all skin types.

    1. not tried, winnie. Have mac mineralize spf 15 cream foundation. But that’s not for oily skin. I would say that you take help from mac muas. they give excellent advice. 🙂

      1. Thanks for getting back; I’ll report back here soon. Right now, I am just thinking of buying a concealer and a setting powder (I have Loreal Bare Naturale concealer and foundation right now, and it makes me break out badly and doesn’t provide good enough coverage.) I am not sure if I want to buy a foundation, but I will if it’s absolutely necessary. I commented on your other post asking if you use one with your Studio Finish concealer for the under-eye area. I always get excited when buying new stuff .^_^

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