Affordable International Makeup Brands And How To Reach Them From India

There is an array of make-up brands, which is very affordable, and many make-up artists swear by these products. The problem is most of the make-up fanatics here in India do not know how to reach them. So here I am gathering all the information about these affordable brands which I could find, and will give you some suggestions regarding how to reach them. Some of these brands are still unreachable though. 🙂

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Companies which you can access direct internationally:

1. NYX:
This brand has been coming out with very beautiful products since last year. Some of their best products are prismatic eye shadows, single blushes, matte lip cream, butter lip gloss, mega shine lip gloss, butter lipsticks, loose eye pigments, HD concealer and HD foundation too. The sites from where you can reach this brand are mentioned below:

I have purchased from Cherry Culture and All Cosmetics Whole Sale and did not face any difficulty with international shipping.

2. ELF:
I think this brand should bag the prize for affordability amongst all the other companies. This company has three lines: the first is essential $1 line, second one is studio $3 line, and the third is mineral $5 and up line. All the three lines have their share of hits and misses. The sites through which you can grab the products are:

Iherb has one of the cheapest international rates and they are safe for international shipping too.

3. Makeup Geek:
This company is started by a YouTube guru and now has become one of the favorite choices for eye makeup among all the makeup artists. This brand harbors eye shadows and some people claim this to be better than MAC eye shadows, and also at much at cheaper rates. It also ships internationally at affordable prices.

4. Coastal scents:
This is the company, which gave us the dupe of UD Naked Palettes in the form of Revealed 1 & 2 at very affordable prices. During sale season coastal scents charges only 99 cents per eye shadow pan. These eye shadows are worth trying especially the shimmery ones. In addition to this they sell natural ingredients for making cosmetic products, such as different minerals, oils, clays and butters. This brand also ships internationally.


5. Essence:
This is an Italian company whose name you must be familiar with. It is widely available in India as well as abroad.

6. Barry M:
This brand is based in London. They have a great variety in their color selection. Their lipsticks are well known in the British beauty community. You can reach this company via the following site:

7. BH Cosmetics:
Sometimes I get confused between Coastal scents and BH cosmetics. Their quality and product almost appears similar. Both have good quality products at very affordable prices. You can reach this company from their own website.

8. LA Girl Cosmetics:
You might have heard about their HD pro Concealer from many make-up artists. This company has more to offer apart from concealers. You can ship internationally order product at affordable shipping rates from here:
I have tried and tested the site.
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9. Bourjois:
It is a French company and available online in India. Yet I have observed that many of their products are not released in India. So to reach out to those unreleased products you can order from this site:

10. Maybelline:
I know you might say this is one of the most easily available brands in India but trust me, most of the products go unreleased and hence you can shop online for those awesome products.

I have tried Feel Unique and you really have to try it, as this site has free shipping too. Drugstore is in partnership with MYUS, which is used by many other companies too.

11. Wet n wild:
I think many have heard about this brand, which is famous for great eye shadow singles and palettes. You can reach this company via:

12. Jordana:
This brand’s product line is available only in USA but you can get their famous lip liners, liners and lipsticks online.

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13. Milani:
One of the very good drugstore products. They have a great everything I guess. Check out their eye shadows, blushes, lip liners and lipsticks online through:

14. Rimmel:
This company now has a lot of products to offer in India; if you still want to grab more you can try the sites mentioned below:

15. Sleek:
Sleek is famous for its palettes. Many of their products are good dupes for high-end products. A plus point is they do free international shipping too. Check their website:

16. MUA:
I have seen many Indian Beauty Gurus to be fans of their product. I have not given them a try personally but I would love to reach out to them through their website which ships internationally.

Companies which can not be accessed internationally:

I know it is no use telling the names of these companies, as majority of readers will not be able to reach out to them. I think everybody has some relative or friend living abroad may be its time you should use those connection. 😉

1. ColourPop:
I have a lot of eye shadows from this company from the time I was in US, and let me tell you the products are the-bomb-dot-com.

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2. KIKO cosmetics:
I had a chance to visit London and I used my opportunity to grab couple of products from this brand. The products are awesome. Give them a try whenever possible.

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3. Sonia Kashuk:
This company is exclusive to Target and has dupe for Chanel also. So girls, if you can lay your hands on this brand please do so immediately.

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You can reach these companies by using package-forwarding companies like Shipito, Borderlinx, Ship2me Etc., The shipping charges reduces if you ship in larger quantity. I know it is a lot to grab but this is the accumulated knowledge I have about online shopping of international beauty brands. May be it will prove helpful to you.

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    1. You will LOVE ELF! I don’t understand how they can charge so little for their products. Don’t let the price scare you from trying ANYTHING. If I HAD to complain about anything, it would be the mascara. It just doesn’t feel like my other formulas. It doesn’t last AS long. Now, that being said, it has been about 3 years because I bought other brands. They might have changed. The Clinique acne foundation is one upped and the elf acne foundation is twice as good. The colors are truer and the coverage is amazing. The redness reducer foundation from elf is also amazing. The lipsticks are creamy and don’t get all dry and crackly. You’ll be very pleased.

  1. Thanks you so much for this super useful article 😀 I have a lot of things I have been wanting to buy from, but I had a doubt, do they charge you extra money when you receive the delivery?

    1. I guess you are asking Import taxes..No none of the websites charged me import taxes. There can be two reasons..First I did not order in bulk second I think import taxes have a upper limit on beauty stuff.

    1. This compilation was made because every time I wrote a review I mentioned “availability” .. But my fellow editor always dropped that out.. lol..She inspired me to write about this.. 🙂

  2. Amazing article Ankita. I wish we had better access to these amazing brands, and didn’t have to pay so much extra money for shipping etc. Seems like I am going to buy some and try some of these sites.

    1. :'( … can’t do much about that apart from praying and buying..Some day these company will know their worth in Indian market.. 😉

  3. Nice compilation! ^_^
    I also suggest using MyMallBox as a forwarder if you need one. They’re in Delaware, so when you buy from US sites, you don’t have to pay sales tax for shipping it there.

  4. Going to bookmark this. Such an useful article Ankita! Do you know what is a safe upper limit on the order value to avoid customs?

  5. Well many people asked me, so I did brief research. It appears all the taxes and shipping were charged once only during checkout hence I did not have to pay when it was delivered. The breakdown of taxes and duty is given below:

    Beauty Products has an import duty rate of 10% and Landing Charges rate is 1%, Countervailing Duty rate is 8.125%, CESS rate is 3%, CEX (Education & Higher Education CESS) rate is 0%

    I got confused with some other country. India does not have any upper limit in beauty section.

  6. Great compilation Ankita! I really want to try out Milani and Kiko, thanks for the leads, I should get my work done now! 😉 😀 xx Aditi

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