All You Need to Know About the Dry Brushing Technique


These days, if you visit a spa or salon, you would find dry brushing service. This ancient practice is slowly gaining popularity everywhere. Dry brushing is exactly what the name says, which is using dry brush to scale off the dirt and dust from the body. It mainly involves brushing the skin in a particular pattern with a dry brush, usually before showering which starts from feet’s up to hands, neck and back.

Dry brushing

What it does!

1. Helps to remove dead skin cells
Generally, dry brushing involves brushing only in one direction, so this helps to pull out the ingrown hair. Dry brushing your body is again a good idea to exfoliate your skin. The process of running a firm, natural bristled brush over the skin helps loosen and remove dead skin cells, naturally exfoliating skin. You will notice a better and smooth skin after dry brushing. Although if you are doing this for the first time, you would be more tempted to add some water and make this process a bit easy and smooth.

2. Helps to increase energy as well as the blood flow in body
Dry brushing helps to rejuvenate your nervous system by stimulating nerves under the skin. It also helps to boost the energy in the body as well as to increase the blood circulation. Increased blood circulation will always benefit you with glowing and radiant skin.

All about dry brushing2

3. Helps to clean pores
Dry brushing helps to clean the dirt and germs out of pores which also results in removing extra oil and residue from pores. Religiously following the idea of dry brushing can help to shrink the size of the pores as well. It is highly recommended not to use brush over face unless and until you have a special brush with extra soft bristles over them. Keep your face away from dry brushing.

4. Helps with cellulite
Although there are not much claims and results of dry brushing in improving cellulite over body, there is no harm in trying. It can help to scale out the hard and dead cells from the skin which surely and truly results in smoother and softer skin than before. You will surely notice the change after few days of practicing dry brushing.

Here is how you can do dry brushing:
All about dry brushing3

Dry brushing can be done daily, preferably in the morning before showering. Here’s what I do:

1. Starting at the feet, I brush the bottoms of my feet and up my legs in long, smooth strokes. I typically brush each section of skin 10 times. For lymph flow, I always brush toward the heart/chest area where the lymph system drains.
2. Repeat the same process with the arms, starting with the palms of the hands and brushing up the arm toward the heart. Again, I brush each section of skin 10 times.
3. I then repeat the process on my abdomen and back and my face with a more delicate brush.
Never go for hard brushing! Gentle and smooth strokes can help to work better and best over body.

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