Annabelle Twist-Up Retractable Lip Crayon-Royale

Annabelle Twist-Up Retractable Lip Crayon-Royale

For those of you who do not live in Canada, you are going to notice most of my reviews are based of Annabelle and Marcelle products. I know you may not be familiar to these companies, but that is why I want to introduce them to you guys. These companies are Canada’s top makeup companies. I like to support them and buy items from them since we all know how much competition there is in the beauty world. We all know how tough the makeup world is now since MAC and Sephora have raided the world with their magnificent but somewhat pricey products. Just like any other makeup company, Annabelle and Marcelle sell everything from eye shadows  eyeliners, foundation and the highly anticipated new line of twist up crayon lipsticks. Crayon lipsticks? What? Did I really just say that? Why yes I did!

annabelle twist up lip crayon royale

I heard so much about their twist up lip stick crayons that I had to give them a try. It just sounded so cool and different. When I was out shopping, I picked up one of the twist up crayon lip sticks in the shade “Royale” .

Pros of Annabelle Twist-Up Retractable Lip Crayon-Royale:


I am in love with this colour. It is such a beautiful dark plum colour but it is not too dark which is nice. I feel like it is going to be such a great colour for this winter. If you have a really neutral look, just add this colour for a bright pop of colour!

annabelle twist up lip crayon royale (4)


The amount of product is definitely generous, it can last you up to a year, so I have no complaints there. The product itself applies neatly on your lips however, if you are really looking to darken your lips, you may have to apply a lot of product on your lips, which means you have to go over this product on your lips at least three times. Instead of doing that, I would much rather mix a darker colour on my lips and somehow incorporate this twist up crayon lip stick – maybe even create an ombre effect on your lips so you can stay fashionable and trendy!

annabelle twist up lip crayon royale (3)


I’ve noticed that Annabelle really loves black packaging, which is awesome because so do I. I just wish they changed the design of the cap for the twist up crayon lip stick, leaving it transparent is just so boring. Why not add a quilted cap like Chanel does? Or even incorporate some gold in it so it can just look so much more elegant and non boring.

Cons of Annabelle Twist-Up Retractable Lip Crayon-Royale:


I have to say, although I love trying out the products this Canadian company offers, I do not enjoy the amount of money their products cost. I guess it’s because due to all the competition they had to raise their prices, which I guess is understandable, but for the price this twist up crayon lip stick costs, either the product itself should have been better or a second item should have been added. I spent fourteen dollars for this – yikes! And to think I wanted to also purchase a bright pink twist up crayon lip stick.

annabelle twist up lip crayon royale (2)

Again, in my personal opinion I would much rather save that money spent on an item such as this, and head over to my closest MAC or Sephora and just splurge there. I do not think I would ever buy this product again, it is not bad, but definitely not my favourite and it is not worth the price. What would you do? Would you purchase this item or definitely leave it and splurge at MAC or Sephora?

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