Ask IMBB Gang: Which Makeup Products to Buy for Wedding

Ask IMBB Gang
Farha Asks:

I have 3 of my friends’ wedding and my brother’s wedding cumin up in Nov, Dec and in March my brothers wedding…. After going through the reviews i have made a list of products to buy…. can u please guide me as to which products should I choose from this list.

My budget for make-up is around 8k and as of now my make up routine is body shops Vitamin E moisturizer with gloss…if I m attending a function den I add foundation kajal n mascara…I try to apply eyeliner but rarely do I succeed in drawing a perfect line…..i have a combination skin..i have attached sum of my pics….

Farah 1
Farah 1

Farah 3

Can you please guide me on what should I buy….mainly I want something that I can use on a regular basis also…and for the weddings too…I would love to have a smokey eye makeup for the  baraat…will it be appropriate? I am wearing a lehenga choli in turquoise and for reception a silk bandhej sari in rani pink n green…

List of products

  • Body shop loose powder
  • Body shop foundation brush
  • MAC studio fix foundation 1580
  • MAC satin finish foundation
  • The Body Shop Cheek Colour (03 – Healthier Pink) (Rs. 495)
  • TBS Strawberry Body Puree Body Lotion (Rs. 495 for 250 ml)
  • TBS Strawberry Bath and Shower Gel (Rs. 325 for 250ml)
  • The Body Shop Strawberry Body Polish: Price : Rs 445 (Indian Rupees) for 200 ml I got it for Rs 380/-
  • The Body Shop Nature’s Minerals Foundation Brush. Price – Rs 1145 (Indian Rupees) I got at a discount for around Rs 1000
  • Kiss of Colour Cheek Blush Price: Rs. 795
  • Lotus Herbals Intensive Sunblock spray with SPF 50, UVA Index 16 Price : Rs. 195 for 80 ml.
  • THE BODY SHOP Blue Corn 3 in 1 Deep Cleansing Scrub Mask Price: Rs. 795/USD 16.50 for 100 ml.
  • Lakme eye artist pen – 375
  • Lakme glide on eye colour 275
  • Inglot Matte gel – 620
  • MAC fluidline 950
  • MAC poer point eyeliner pencils – 920
  • Urban decay’s 24X7 eyeliner pencils
  • MAC creemsheen lipstick in “Crème In Your Coffee” – 920
  • MAC Barcelona Red Lipstick
  • The Fab India TEA TREE FACH WASH 125
  • Lancome L’absolu Creme De Brillance Gloss – 1500
  • Colorbar peachy pink blush – 250
  • MAC Select Sheer/Pressed Powder 1250
  • MAC Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation Review – 1580
  • The Body Shop No More Rough Stuff Pumice (Rs. 175 for one)
  • Himalaya Foot Care Cream (Rs. 80 for 50g)
  • Inglot 30 T (Bent Eyeliner brush 770
  • Inglot M3 eyeshadow in Double Sparkle. Price Rs 725
  • Revlon colour bust lipstick – peach around 300
  • Illamasqua precision ink – Abyss around 1200
  • YSL – Rouge Volupté 1820 (27 Rose PARIS)

P.S.– Guys, please do welcome Farha as our new member and also please give a descriptive answer as it would help many other IMBB members. So many weddings lines up! 🙂


24 thoughts on “Ask IMBB Gang: Which Makeup Products to Buy for Wedding

  1. wow you already have an amazing list.i think you should add shimmer powder as well to ur list. during weddings a good shimmer powder will work like wonders !!
    the smoky eye makeup is a good idea for baraat.
    .-= Insiya´s last blog ..Hello Guys !! =-.

  2. WOW …WATTA LIST !!!!!!!!!!! DREAM LIST THIS IS :inlove: :inlove: :inlove: :inlove: :inlove: . . . i dont hv tht much makeup .. 🙁

    i recommend glittery powder as well … looks great on backless or deep neck choli’s. . . 🙂

  3. Hi Farah,
    you have a pretty comprehensive list, I suggest you add a primer to you list too. As during weddings it usually gets hot and sticky…
    Primer will help you hold your makeup in place.

  4. Hi Farah.

    As a makeup newbie myself, I’d say you’ll need 1 good black eyeliner – UD 24×7 or MAC is fine. I’d suggest a nice lipstick + lipgloss that go together – if you can get one set of these that flatter you very well, you can just keep using them for all three functions. From what I know, at weddings we always look at people’s overall look, nobody is going to say “Oh she’s wearing the same lipstick all the time, yeah?” 🙂 (So that should narrow down your lipstick + lipgloss options) Between the MAC Studio Fix and Satin Finish foundation – you might only need one. I use Studio Fix, haven’t tried Satin Finish.

    Between fluidline and eyeliner pencil – you could even choose only one. The trick that a MAC MUA taught me years ago is to use a brush to smudge/smooth out the eyeliner (even if it’s not for smokey eye) then you don’t have the pressure of drawing a straight line. She also said to draw it little by little – not one shot. She recommended MAC 228 but any eyeliner brush should do the trick. If you’d rather get fluidline then yes, you will need the bent eyeliner brush.

    Hope this helps with your list. I hope you have lots of fun at the weddings – that’s the most important part 🙂
    .-= Fieran´s last blog ..Thought Provoking Movie – The Soloist =-.

  5. Welcome Farah…
    Just what I needed 🙂 🙂 🙂 Meee too getting married in two weeks .. i was about to make a list, i’m just make a copy of this… only i’m sad i wont be having time to log on to IMBB.. just managed to sneak in some time now to check mail n stuff… 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁

      1. he he he he,,, :blush: :blush: “YES I AM ” :blush: :blush: :blush: :blush: :blush:
        i manage to sneak in some time and read ur blog for my wedding purchase 🙂

  6. Hey!!!! Thnx everyone for ur suggestions…can u tell me which brand of primer and highlighter shud i go for n how much will it cost….

    @ Fieran..thnx for da tips….

    @Rima….I have made a list so dat all ya experts can tell me which ones to actually buy within ma budget of 8K….

    @ Rati..cant thank u enuf for posting dis…. :-)) …wil definitely go for studio fix den..shud da foundation n concealer be da same shade…

    Again thnx a ton u guys!!!! :-))

    1. Actually Farah, I have MAC foundation an concealer. MAC has two range of foundations – NC and NW. NC for people who have yellow undertones and NW for people who have pink undertones.

      My foundation shade is NC 35 while my concealer shade is NW 35.

      What happens sometimes is that NC shade when applied on the dark under eye circles makes your under eye area look grey. While the NW range which has peachy undertones cuts out the darkness under the eyes and make your skin look even.

      The best thing to do is that you test a few shades at the store and pick the one that suits you the best. Take help from MUA and best, if you could go with a friend who can give you the right opinion.

  7. Hi Farha,
    I also have combination skin.
    For me MAC studio tech works better that studio fix. But you can try out each and find your perfect match.
    If I were you this would be my essentials
    1. Clinique pore minimizer (face primer)-to be applied before foundation for the perfect base and long-lasting make-up for oily combination skin types….this is my personal favourite

    2. MAC studio tech foundation and MAC select coverup concealer. I am NC 42 in both.

    tip-have you tried Revlon colorstay liquid foundation for oily/combination skin?
    Its cheap…and very buildable and the formulation is perfect for oily skin types. Just try is if it works for you. Its around INR 560 :-))

    3. MAC fix+ to set your make-up
    tip-u can use it as hair spray to get instant shine and as detangler….I know its costly but yet just for 2-3 days during wedding time won’t matter so much for that perfect shiny hair 😉

    4. NYX powder blush for glowing pink cheeks

    5. Revlon eye pencils are awesome….try out different metallic shades matching your outfit.
    They glide on smooth and are better to control since you have problem with drawing perfect lines with liquid liners. And they are not too costly too. 🙂

    6. Eye primer is must if you like to have dramatic eye shadows. MAC groundwork is best for me. It suits Indian skintone more than MAC Painterly 😉

    7. For lips you can go for cheaper alternatives than MAC. You can try NYX as it has loads of colours to select and the texture and colour payout is awesome. And best part instead of one MAC lipstick you can go for 2 NYX 😉 .

    8. The best lipgloss I can suggest is MAC dazzleglass in “Bare Necessity”.
    It is shimmery nude colour which can pop up your lips for oh-so glossy lips. And again it goes on almost any lip color…. :-))

    well….hope my input helps you.
    Have a great time. :-))

  8. Hey Jinal……….Thnx a tonnnnnnn!!!!!!! :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: I never thought will be receiving any othr suggestions………..U r a star!!!!!!! :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:

    I havent tried any othr foundation apart frm Lakme yet :giggle: :giggle: :giggle: n hav jst started looking for othr brands…..cant thank IMBB enuf for the reviews……… :yes: :yes: :yes:

    Thnx again for such a detailed comment!!!!!! :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-*

    Will add MAC dazzleglass tomy wish list….n can u suggest any shades frm NYX??????

  9. How much does the clinique pore minimizer cost???? I was going thru the reiviews of primers to day….N MUFE costs around 1800!!!!

  10. Hi Farha,
    U most welcome! :-))
    Clinique pore minimizer Instant perfector is cheaper option and as far as I know works better.
    It costs you INR 1050. :yes:
    Do try out Revlon colorstay foundation as it lasts longer too 😀
    NYX has many many shades. I cant tell you since I have not seen you in person. But from your pics you seem pretty much fair. So many shades would go with your skintone.
    It would be best to try them out at the store.
    A lipgloss I would like to suggest in NYX if you like purple….”Orchid” is a nice shade.
    I use “Natural” for everyday nude lips. 🙂

    Ask me if you need some more help. Would love to help you make pretty pretty!! :highfive:

  11. Hey Jinal…thnx again for the tips :-* :-* :-* :-* ….will go for clinique den….actually am wheatish n have thin lips…so wenever i have tried browns i feel it doesnt suit me :-(( :-(( :-(( :-(( …maybe havent tried the right shade…coz i never knew much abt makeup other than kajal,mascara n lip balm :silly: ….I stay in surat n wil be goin to Mumbai in Diwali…wil be doin ma shoppin from Inorbit Malad…dey have MAC,NYX and clinique der…..wil trouble u ND imbb wid ma queries as da day cums closer :laugh: 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 …..wer do u stay??

  12. You are most welcome sweetheart! 🙂
    would love to help you out!
    I stay in Mumbai. But I’ll be heading to Delhi for my Diwali…till 12th Nov. Then I am back to Mumbai. 😀
    Inorbit is great for shopping. You get all brands under one roof.
    I am also wheatish…NC 43 in MAC 😛
    And I think you should really try Purple as it pop outs on brown skin.
    Brown color really wash out Indian skin-tone.
    And take a friend along for shopping…someone who can give you fair advice on how the product looks on you.
    U don’t want to regret after spending a wholesome amount…right?
    Don’t always trust the MUA in malls. 😛

    And read reviews and ask ask ask… all I suggest…happy shopping :-*

  13. Hey….I luv shoppin in Delhi…Njoyyyyy ur vacations!!!!! I will be in Mumbai till 12th :-))
    Will try purples….n let ya know wat i got :-* :kissblow: :kissblow: :kissblow: :kissblow: ….
    Yup i will b draggin ma frnds along wid me….definitely want an honest opinion….sumone who says….. Stop!!!! U luk like a clown!!!!!! :clown: …. 😀 😀 😀 😀

    U knw readin reviews at IMBB is BAD :devil: :devil: :devil: …….my wishlist goes on increasing…. :silly: :silly: :silly: :silly: 😉 ………but cant help…m addicted :giggle:

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