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Priyanka asks:

Hi Rati..!

Loved the post Keep them coming…!

I have few questions. While we have tons of material to read on what a
bride needs to do, we have hardly anything on what to wear for:

1. Best friend’s wedding, which should be nice enough but not stealing
her thunder.  What can I gift to her apart from being there with her from
planning to “vidai” stage?
2. Close relative’s weddings:  What’s the best gift for a close relative , apart from the obvious “money?”
3. What to wear for an office colleague’s wedding?  In case it’s not a pooled gift, what can I gift which is
sensible. I hate gifting those vouchers!
4. What to wear for that annoying distant relative’s wedding, which is neither OTT nor dull?  What do I gift to that relative?

The moment someone says wedding two things pops up : “What to wear?”
and “What to gift?”

I did my search on web on these things, came up with a few or
less useful answers. I do a lot of DIY gifts, but a lot of people think that as “cheap” gifts.  No one seems to understand the time and effort taken to DO something? What do you people think?

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7 thoughts on “Wedding Gift Ideas For Family and Friends: Ask IMBB

  1. I completely agree with you that some people just see the monetary value of gifts they fail to understand that a gift created with love an affection is much more valuable…I remember someone saying that “the person wanted to give an expensive watch to someone but the person said don’t give me a watch give me time”

  2. Your best friend will definitely understand the value of your gifts. Relatives – gift them the mundane things such as crockery and watches 😛

  3. So true priyanka!
    I have experienced it all. 90% of people will expect monetary expensive gifts
    What to wear depends on lot of parameters like time of the wedding, your personal preference like you prefer only tradotional or indowestern.

    sarees or half sarees are best option if you ask me.

    Go for traditional silk sarees for cloae relatives wedding
    Fancy silk/ chiffon/ gorgette sarees for colleagues wedding would be good I guess.
    Again its all personal preference that matters.


    Best friend– select pics from your best moments spent together and print it. With these lhotos few gift options can be created-
    – scrapbook (you can even write caption for each pic to make it more
    Personalized touch)

    -photo can be printed on coffee mugs with personalized messages in any photo studio

    – digital photo frame with your photos is another good gifting option

    Other gift options for best friend-
    Pearl/artificial jewellery if she likes it
    Wrist watches
    Show piece/ jewelry box

    For relatives wedding, I think best options are
    Wall clocks
    Wall hanging/Frames of lord ganesha/any God
    Silver sindoor box/tumbler (glass)if affordable within your budget

    For colleagues wedding, again wall clocks, flower vases,
    Wall hangings, show pieces, couple wrist watches

  4. If you are close to the friend/family member/colleague, a personalised gift is always nice…with the wedding date, couple pic etc. There are many options available online. You can gift them couple spa vouchers also.
    For the besr friend’s wedding, you can wear a lehenga or Anarkali dress, but not very heavy and preferably not in the same color as that of the bride. That would not steal her thunder!

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