Basicare Complexion Massage Cleansing Brush Review

Basicare Complexion Massage Cleansing Brush Review

I know how good it is to get a facial massage from a professional, but I am lazy and a busy working mom who cannot spare time for regular facials. So, I end up doing it myself, but then, I realized that massaging does make a difference and that is how we get that glow on our face after a salon facial.  So, I decided to buy a prope  massager for myself, within my budget. I searched online and picked this facial massager from Basicare. I’m in love-hate relation with this massager.  Read further to know my experience.


Product Description:

Basicare Complexion Massage/Cleansing Brush is user-friendly and is light weight in nature. This product helps in removing dead cells from your skin. Basicare Complexion Massage/Cleansing Brush can even clean the creases in your nose with much ease. Basicare Complexion Massage/Cleansing Brush aims at helping you to look radiant and fresh. You can easily sense a smooth and soft face when you intend to use Basicare Complexion Massage/Cleansing Brush.  The natural bristles of Basicare Complexion Massage/Cleansing Brush offer a deep pore cleaning and stimulating massage on facial contours. It helps in eliminating oils and impurities from your skin and also increases your face’s the blood circulation.

Basicare Complexion Massage Cleansing Brush 2


Basicare Complexion Massage/Cleansing Brush is ideal for women.

Features and Benefits:

Basicare Complexion Massage/Cleansing Brush helps you look fresh and radiant.

It is priced moderately.

How To Use:

You can use it as you would use any other complexion brush.


Rs. 190, available on discount.

Basicare Complexion Massage Cleansing Brush 3

My Take on Basicare Complexion Massage Cleansing Brush:

The brush comes in a neatly packed plastic case. The brush is made of wooden handle with a grey rubber grip band to hold while you massage. The bristles look brownish and look a little harsh. The bristles are densely packed. Would have been better if a cap was provided to cover the bristles.  Look wise, it is sturdy and can be carried easily along with your bath kit.

Basicare Complexion Massage Cleansing Brush 5

The bristles look a little harsh and I thought it might harm my skin.  I wet the bristles and pour a coin size of my favorite Attitude Foaming Cleanser and start working on my face. In gentle strokes, it lathers up pretty well.  I focus on my T zone mainly and massage very gently on my cheeks. I feel the bristles are a little rough and not delicate.  Too much massaging might be painful and hurt your skin.  I have not used massagers from other brands, so I am not able to make a comparison. I massage using this brush for a minute and wash off with cold water.

Basicare Complexion Massage Cleansing Brush 6

I find my skin squeaky clean with all dirt and impurities washed away.  I also notice my face looks fresh and clean with all dead cells exfoliated. I like the end result.  This brush is good at exfoliating and unclogging pores. I had an instant brightness after the massage.  Now, when I say my skin glows, it also means the blood circulation is improved. It works good for me and I had no breakouts and rashes so far.  If there is one thing that I hate about this brush ,then it’s the rough bristles.

Basicare Complexion Massage Cleansing Brush 8

Pros of Basicare Complexion Massage Cleansing Brush:

  • Decent packaging, looks sturdy.
  • Does a decent job of exfoliating dead cells and makes skin look healthy.
  • Efficiently removes dirt and impurities from skin.
  • Reasonably priced.

Cons of Basicare Complexion Massage Cleansing Brush:

  • Bristles are a bit harsh, need to use it very carefully and gently.
  • No cap provided to cover the brush head.

IMBB Rating:


This is an average facial massager, when compared to a few other available in the market, but for the price it retails, you can give it a try. But one thing that disappointed me is the quality of the bristles. It isn’t as soft as I expected. This is not a must have. I am definitely going to look out for a softer and delicate massager. My search continues.



14 thoughts on “Basicare Complexion Massage Cleansing Brush Review

  1. I have used a similar brush from TBS and it was so harsh on the skin.. that looked pretty similar to this one. I couldn’t use it.. 🙁 Thanks for the heads up for this one *happydance* *happydance*

  2. Use it as a body scrubber for now – like dry brushing…for the face you should always use milder scrubs…

  3. The bristles look a bit harsh yaa *cry* *cry* i tried faces wala buffer … my god… it was soooo damn bad.. i felt like i was rubbing scotch brite … threw it in just a min.. you try that small scrublet na that comes with new loreal face washes… its works very well and not at all harsh *pompom* *pompom* *pompom*

  4. *hunterwali* *hunterwali* brush!

    They all want to copy Clarisonic!
    I think even a soft bristled toothbrush will do the same job! I use a baby brush to clean my T zone and massage my cheeks a little. I get the same result *powder* *powder*

  5. i have this brush , very rough, will not recommend to use on skin directly, dip it first in hot water then the bristles becomes soft, but still i dont like this brush, i now use it for dry brushing

  6. ohhh gosh i have this….i have used this only once on face coz i ended up with red rashes *headbang* and now this brush helps me to clean my nails…

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