Basicare 4-Way Nail Buffer Block Review

Basicare 4-way Nail Buffer Block

I got this nail buffer block online and since it’s a block that’s what compelled me to buy this. Let’s see how it fared.

Basicare 4-Way Nail Buffer Block

Product Claims:

This cushioned buffer with 4 functions in one perfectly follows the curve of nail and makes polish fast and easy. Simply files, polishes, and buffs as following 3 steps and leaving your nails a salon shine.Whether it is polishing or smoothening the nail surface or filing the edge of your nails, Basicare 4 Way Nail Buffer Block does it all. To shape and buff up, this little tool for nail art work proves to be a very handy piece. Both false nails as well as natural nails can be polished well with this nail buffer block. The Nail Buffer Block can be used for personal as well as professional use both. This buffer buffs nails as much as required only in just a few seconds. All you need to do is use it lightly while filing the nails. Use the buffer’s coarse side in on the surface of the nail, in just one direction at one time. Before fixing nail wraps you can to use the Nail Buffer Block to remove any shine from the nail surface. Accordingly a base can be created so that the glue can be well adhered to.Cushioned buffer that performs four functions which includes File, Remove, Polish and Buff. It minutely follows the curve of nail and makes polish fast and easy. It shapes the edges, removes the ridges, polishes the nail surface and leaves a smooth glossy shine. Perfect for travel.



INR 125 for single unit.

My Experience Basicare 4-way Nail Buffer Block:

The block looks very nice since it’s not like the regular emery boards and it is very soft foam with 4 different textured sides for manicure. The best thing about this buffer is the softness and the grip it works like a dream.It comes in a typical basicare clear pouch which can be used for storage. As it’s a new one, all the sides are distinctly different from each other but eventually it gets old and wears out. Side 1 is for filing nail edges, side 2 for removing ridges, side 3 for smoothing nails and side 4 is for shining nails. It is a very cute looking buffer among all that I have used and since it’s a soft block it’s rare that you would injure fingers as well as the grip is too good. The block is almost weightless as it is made of high density sponge but the layers of the surfaces are a bit tacky and could come off easily so you may need to fix them with glue as I already did. Overall it’s a good block to keep but I would be impressed if the quality was a little better as it won’t last too long.

Basicare 4-Way Nail Buffer Block2

Basicare 4-Way Nail Buffer Block3

Pros of Basicare 4-way Nail Buffer Block:

1. Good grip.
2. Affordable.
3. Easily available online.
4. Very light.
5. Travel friendly.Basicare 4-Way Nail Buffer BlockBasicare 4-Way Nail Buffer BlockBasicare 4-Way Nail Buffer Block4

Basicare 4-Way Nail Buffer Block5

Cons of Basicare 4-way Nail Buffer Block:

1. Quality is not great.

IMBB rating:


Would I buy Basicare 4-way Nail Buffer Block again?

Maybe but if I find a similar one with a better quality than I won’t buy this.

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18 thoughts on “Basicare 4-Way Nail Buffer Block Review

  1. I loved the concept of naming each and which side to use for what *clap* *clap* looks great but i already have a buffer *happy dance* *happy dance* nice review *happy dance* *happy dance*

  2. nice review…. i have one from TBS and its really good….do give it a try if you are looking for something better… *haan ji* *haan ji*

  3. I have one from colorbar I think, it’s okay. I think the best nail buffer I have ever tried is the one from a brand called seacret. It actually does such a brilliant job at providing shine and smoothness to your nails. Just brilliant!

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