Summer Bathing- A Guilty Pleasure

The one thing I absolutely love doing on a hot summer day is having a bath.

Nothing feels better than using every kind of body wash, bathing gel, bath salt and following it up with moisturizers and body splashes.

On my quest for the perfect bath and body products, I have tried innumerable different brands, fragrances and textures.

Here’s a review of a few which I love more than others.
Body shop is one of the best and the biggest sellers of bath products and if its fruity smells you’re after, this is definitely the place to hit. Most fruity bathing gels have a strong smell, so make sure you love the one you buy! They also usually have an accompanying body lotion or butter. Buy the lotion if you’re going for summer moisturizer, as they are a lot less sticky. The body butter usually tends to stick onto the body and melt.

The Body Shop
There are two reasons that I love body shop. The first is the fact that they usually have a smaller size in the body wash as well as lotion so you can experiment without feeling a pinch on your pocket. Secondly, they have a lot of different smells for every season so you can find your perfect summer smell. I strongly recommend the papaya as well the orange for summery fruity smells. There is also the body shop love collection with a slightly stronger smell for anyone who might not like fruity smells.

The prices for the smaller pieces are Rs 200 each and the larger ones are Rs. 375 onwards.
Overall, I would give this brand three stars for its wide variety of perky smells and competitive pricing. I do think the quality of products could have been a little better, especially when it comes to moisturizers.

Bath and Body works known world over for its good quality and nice smelling range of products. The quality of the body washes are quite similar to the body shop range and they too come in very similar smells. I own a large number of products from the bath and body works lines but two things that stand out for me are their body splashes and their triple moisture body cream.


The body splashes are something I recommend to everyone and my favourite is called moonlight path, which has real lavender extract. It has a beautiful wafting light smell that feels like a dream to put on after your bath and it lingers on with you for long after your bath, This body splash comes from a range of products which include a lotion, a body wash and a bubble bath, all of which form a complete perfect summer set of smells. The second product, I love is the triple moisture body cream. This cream is amazing; it actually does what it says. It gives you triple body moisture while staying light as a veil. For people like me with extremely dry skin, this product is a god sent. The prices are Rs 450 onwards.
I would give these line  :star: :star::star:+0.5 for the overall product quality and texture.

Marks and Spencer has also come out with a range of body products. I tried the range out by purchasing a set of products that consisted of a bubble bath, a body cream, a shower gel and a loofah all set in a pink box. The scent was called pink punch.

Marks and Spencer

Although I found their packing most endearing of all brands, sadly, the smell of the products is a little too strong for me. The set cost Rs 1250 and I felt was competitively priced for all its great features.
Overall, the brand gets only two stars for me because of the smell that I found a little too strong. If you like stronger smells this might be a good pick for you tough.

H2o is another widely available brand with great smelling products. Though their products are slightly higher priced the body shop, they also have larger quantity, which makes up for it. H20 has the loveliest, most minimal packing in bright colours, which is quite hard to miss. I f you usually like aqua smells, like the name suggests, H2O is the place to go.


H2o does a large of aqua based smells in all body products ranging from fresh water smells to marine smells, which are very invigorating. I can highly recommend the sea marine body scrub as well as the poolside body lotion. They are ideal smells for summer. The one thing that can be said for the H20 products is that they are very light but effective. The textures of their moisturizers are extremely silken and make a distinct difference to your body over a short period of time. I also own the raspberry guava scrub, which is the most lovely combination of scents. This scrub feels great in the summer.
The products are priced between Rs 750-1000 but there superior quality and lovely smells make them absolutely value for money, especially considering you’d be using them everyday. They also make smaller sizes, which are great for first tries.
Overall, this is my favourite brand because of the great smell, quality and packaging and I’d happily give it :star: :star::star::star::star:.

Bath and Body

The very last thing, I’d like to recommend is something very cut which also makes my bath fun and that’s a fun loofah. The one I use has adorable frog on it and costs only eighty rupees at the only chemist but trust me, it makes bathing a lot funner.

So go out there and get shopping, ladies!

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15 thoughts on “Summer Bathing- A Guilty Pleasure

    1. Hey!
      Just try your local chemist like religare or anything else. These are a branded range of products like sponges and loofah. Sorry, cant remember the name. They also have cute bear loofahs and pig ones. Will try to find out the name and get back to you!

      1. Wow Aastha you have a nice collection of bath products..!!!

        Radhika these are from Bare essentials i have the frog one and an elephant one..!! If you buy these do buy there long handled body scrubber its really good..!!

  1. Hi Aastha

    Is there a BB works outlet in India?! I am pleasantly surprised if there is one! Or is that a new addition recently?
    Either case pls do let me know 🙂 cant wait to lay my hands on their fuschias and sweet peas.


    1. Hey,
      I don’t think there’s a specific outlet here as yet. But, if you live in Delhi, then try out Kunchals at G.K 1 M block market. That’s where I get my stuff. Otherwise, fancy department stores in other cities may have their stuff too.

  2. WOW !!! m cuming to ur house for a BATH…lolzzz :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl:

    superb review !! will try Body Shop (tight pocket!!hehehehe)

  3. I was checking ot Marks and Spencer stuff yesterday only. Couldn’t believe that their bath and body range is so affordable. But I was kind two minds about it.

    Now I am sureply gonna give a good look that their stuff. 🙂

    The frog Loofah is super cute!! 😛

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