Most Beautiful Bridal Mehendi Designs

Most Beautiful Bridal Mehendi Designs


We girls/women may have different fashion sensibilities and tastes, but when it comes to mehendi, we are all united. I have had a fascination for mehendi since my childhood, and I know all you girls out there are crazy like me too. Mehendi or heena application is an important ritual during marriages cutting across all religions and countries except maybe a few western countries, but they are warming up to heena now.  The importance of applying mehendi during wedding ceremonies is given utmost importance.  Heena is considered to have anti-bacterial and antimicrobial properties hence its application has immense benefits.  Mehendi paste is made from the leaves of Lawsonia inermis.

Mehendi Design on Hand

Heena is used as a natural dye to colour hair and hands and used as a temporary tattoo.  Heena leaves a lovely red tint when it dries off.  The scent of henna is very alluring.  In our Indian culture, elaborate, intricate mehendi designs are used on the bride’s hands and legs not only to prettify, but also in the belief that it would ward off all evil.  Nowadays, faux gem stones and glitter are being added to enhance the prettiness of the designs.  I have collected some of the best mehendi designs I have seen and here they are:

Heena Design

Mehendi Design on Legs

Mehendi design on feet

Arabic Mehendi Design


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  1. really pretty designs.. *clap* tempting to get it done.. *happydance* *happydance* *happydance* wonder where such designs are available 🙁

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