Bella Makeup Removal Wet Wipes Review

Skin Type: Oily & Sensitive

Hello, Beauties!

I found a new makeup removal wipe and today I am going to review the Bella Makeup Removal Wet Wipes, for you. Let’s get into the details.

Product Description:

Bella Makeup Removal Wet Wipes Productcolouredption

Price: Rs. 89/- for 20 wipes

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My Experience with Bella Makeup Removal Wet Wipes:

The Bella Makeup Removal Wipes come in a nice red and white colored plastic pouch with a resealable sticker over the top that keeps it safe for long. It’s easy to pull out the wipes. This is a travel friendly packaging and one pack contains 20 wipes. But these are not available in any other pack sizes.

Bella Makeup Removal Wet Wipes Packaging

The wipes are made of a soft material and feel quite gentle on skin. The size of the wipe is also quite good to cover my entire face. It looks a little different than the other wet wipes. It has some micro cell texture on it but I don’t know the function of this texture. I can’t read anything on the packaging as it is in some language unknown to me. Hence, this material is neither thin but quite strong and it works well on skin without feeling rough at all.

Bella Makeup Removal Wet Wipes Folded Tissue

Now, coming to its cleansing power, yes it effectively cleans dirt and impurities from the skin and makes skin clear too. It can take off all the excess oil without making skin dry. Although it provides a nice hydration to skin that keeps skin soft and smooth. It is a nice facial cleansing wipe for daily purpose. It leaves a non-sticky smooth texture as well.

Bella Makeup Removal Wet Wipes Open Wipe

Now, as a makeup remover wipes, it works nicely to clean my base face makeup like foundation, blush, and powder. It is effective on normal eye makeup like shadow, waterproof kajal & liner. It easily takes off the base product without any effort. Surprisingly it also can remove waterproof makeup with a little effort but it takes time to clean waterproof mascara. Now, it can remove lipsticks well only for liquid lipsticks it needs time. Otherwise, it works quite well for all kinds of makeup except on heavy matte lipstick and mascara. Only, the wipes started to dry after few minutes so I have to work quickly with it.

Bella Makeup Removal Wet Wipes

After cleaning my face, it never makes them stretchy or dry. It provides a nice healthy refreshing touch to it. These are good for all skin types. It suits my sensitive skin well and never broke me out.
Overall, considering its price, it works well and cleans skin nicely. Theses are good for daily uses and give a soothing effect to skin.

Bella Makeup Removal Wet Wipe Demo

Pros of Bella Makeup Removal Wet Wipes:

• Pretty packaging.
• Mild fragrance.
• Soft wipes that feels gentle on the skin.
• Effectively cleans dirt and impurities from face.
• Clears off excess oil and provides a nice soft finish.
• Provides decent hydration to skin.
• Good for all skin type & suits sensitive skin.
• Effectively removes face-makeup nicely.
• Can clean shadow, glitter, waterproof kajal, liner and lipstick.
• Good for daily purpose.
• Paraben and Alcohol-Free.

Cons of Bella Makeup Removal Wet Wipes:

• Comes in only single size.
• Takes time to remove waterproof mascara & liquid lipstick.
• Dries out quicker than other wipes.

IMBB rating: 4.3/5

Will I Repurchase/recommend Bella Makeup Removal Wet Wipes?
Yes to both.

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