Best Makeup & Skin Care Routine for Combination Skin : Ask IMBB

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Best Makeup & Skin Care Routine for Combination Skin : Ask IMBB

Vinisha Asks:

I am 20 and live in Ahmedabad. I was always interested in beauty and makeup but always got utterly confused as to what when how why when it came to cosmetics. So I never used to follow any skincare or have any products (they all looks the same…there are so many varieties and products for diff purposes plus they cost a lot so I didn’t want to take chances and stay out of the mess). Recently my newly made bf asked me to start dressing up because I have the scope of looking better. Initially I was all pissed off on him for not liking me the way I was and the thought of why should I change for anyone. But slowly I was like ok… a strawberry lip balm or a little knowledge of makeup wont really harm. So I thought I should start from the scratch. Right from skin care!

Well I have normal to combination skin. (actually I don’t know…i cant figure out..when I wash my face my nose becomes a little flaky and 2-3 hrs after I have moisturized my t zone looks kind of shiny oily) Ahmedabad isn;t my hometown, i used to previously stay in Mumbai for my graduation and my skin was pretty normal.With occasional breakouts, mostly during those days. (or maybe i dint bother so much to take notice) now it breaks out more often here in Ahmedabad and I guess it stays for longer.I had even skin surface initially but now (though not totally bumpy) the right side of my cheek has these real tiny acne (no it doesn’t has white pus or aren’t red , just normal bumps) which wont look big in itself but forms a kind of uneven surface. i thought maybe after a week or two into my skin care routine my skin would be much smoother. I  initially used a normal clean and clear face wash (din’t do anythings to my skin, nothing bad either)…but after I got into this whole  kincare thing. I started using ‘clean and clear acne clearing cleanser’ because I  was looking for a ‘cleanser’ so it could fit the CTM rule (and I dint know cleanser and face wash were one and the same thing). Well initially it made me break out but after continuously using it, it didnt harm anymore.Though it didn’t do anything noticeably good for my skin either. I resorted to a comparatively cheaper product in cleanser because I had already invested in Neutrogena oil free facial moisturizer with suncreen. Now the sunscreen – well it is nice . Initially it gives a matte look but later till noon my skin feels dull, darker and kinda shinier. I wipe with dry tissue and my face is matte again but still it is dull. I want my face to really glow. I sometimes spray rose water as a toner.

Even after maintaining a daily skin care routine, nothing beneficial seems to be happening with my skin. It still does usually break out (without me being in those days).Those tiny bumps on my face arn’t going away. My skin looks dull.. 🙁 I even take himalaya neem capsules (1 evryday) becasue mum says it’ll make your skin better.It did seem to help back in hometown but not here.I think its ahmedabad not suiting gottaa suggest me something now.

One more query: I bought the Revlon Colorstay one stroke eyeliner (for 500!!) and I bought a sharpener for it as it gets blunt real fast. I am so new to makeup that I mess up with a blunt thick point. The sharpener for sizes of pencil isnt proper to give it a point. I tried sharpening with a normal pencil sharpner and as hardly it got a little sharp.As soon as I took it out of the sharpener the edge broke.(plus my heart.Half the pencil got wasted in my attempt to get it pointed) .How do i deal with this?? I am regretting buyins such expensive products.I think i should have tried my hands at cheaper ones get practice and then buy costlier ones… :'(

Your help would mean a lot as no one in my family is into all this so i got no one to ask about all this…


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  1. Hey I have combination skin. I use a forest essentials cleanser, forest essentials daily lotion, neutrogena sunscreen and I tone about twice or thrice a week with dabur rose water. I also use a facial ubtaan (forest essentials) once in two-three days. I’ve noticed my skin has become visibly smoother! For makeup I use lacto-calamine as a base or just use a moisturiser as a base when I’m using my Revlon Colorstay Foundation. Interestingly even lacto-calamine works as a tinted moisturiser for me since I have fairly blemishless skin.
    As for your Revlon Colorstay eyeliner I suggest you sharpen it with a blade, you get better control that way! since it’s not very effective on the lash line you can use it on your lower lash line even when it’s blunt. Instead of trying to draw a line with it on your upper lash line, dot the lash line with it and then use your fingers to smudge the dots before they set! Hope these tips will help you use whatever is left of the eyeliner!

  2. hi vanshika…i think you have oily to combination skin….n ur skin is very acne prone too…n as i see ur basic problem is ur acne on ur face…for ur acne u can either take medical treatment- the one most commonly used by dermatologists in my hospital is “face-clin” ointment…i’v used it when i had breakouts…its basically a clindamycin ointment…if u dont get it in this name u can ask ur chemist for another one….it is realy affective…used twice a day after washing ur is to be applied on the whole face…for a few occasional pimples which i now get n the ones which r really red n wid pus…i use the fabindia clove cream for acne…it burns a little but works very well…my brother whoz a teenager also uses it…n its really helped him…his acne got cleared in a month…n lemme tell u hez had a real bad acne…all over his face!!
    n ya as far as CTM is conerned…if ur cleanser gave u breakouts..n ur still using it…i would suggest u to change it…the neutrogena one is real nice…very mild…or u can try the tea tree face wash from fab india…its not very expensive too 🙂 n ya thw moisturiser…if it makes ur skin oily…n its the oil free one…i think u do have oily skin…honestly…i dont use a moisturiser cuz my skin too gets oily…but instead i use this acne cream on my affected areas only…at times when my skin feels dry…i use the alo vera moisturiser from fabindia…its pretty light…jus one pump…on the whole face…my skin never gets oily…n ya if ur skin is excessively oily…n it keeps gettin shiny..i think u should try the TBS tea tree oil blotting tisses….the give u a matte finish…wid a glow! a must have for oily skin…but to start wid i guess u shud get either the ointment or the clove cream…apply n wait for the results…also change ur cleanser immediately..u can skip the moisturiser if ur using the acne clove cream… 🙂 🙂

  3. oopsi forgot one thing…i have also heard alot about the cetaphil cleanser..havent ever used it though…therz a review on imbb..u can chk that out if u want 🙂

  4. Hi Vinisha,I have combination to oily skin.I use Vichy Normaderm purifying cleanser,then tone using Biotique cucumber water,moisturise with Vichy normaderm anti imperfection hydrating care.At night,I use the Vichy normaderm nuit care.This routine has helped me with the acne and open pores problem.Read the reviews of the above listed products in this blog..u may get an idea.hope it helps. 🙂

  5. Lots of great suggestions already up . I am learning here too 🙂 Regd the eye pencil, get the combination sharpner…lakme has one too for Rs 35, I am sure one of ths esizes will be suitable.

  6. Hey thanks a lot all of u guys….i just joined the blog and i alredy feel at home with so many people to hear and help me out. cheers to IIMB!

    @ Neha: thnaks neha for replying…but i have never heard of forest essentials…where can i get it? and even i hve a blemishless skin excpet for tiny bumps on my face…so i mite consider using lacto calamine as base..until i get more acquainted with make up tricks…. and your dotting the eye pencil idea really sounds gr8. i ‘ll go home and try that out.

    @ surbhi: hey surbhi your detailed take on every single problem of mine is really appreciated. am really considering buyin that clover or skin ointment (depends on mood). well i hve heard peole say that u must moisturize even if ur skin is oily…so would this clover or ointment product compensate for a moisturizer? and well i had continued using clean and clear as i heard that the product mite tke time to set onto ur skin. now it doesn’t break me out but doesnt help either. so i should consider fabindia tea tree face wash. i heard tht J&J products arn’t really recommended by doctors as they cause them to continuosly break out so we keep using it (read it in coments on the review for deep clean cleanser from neutrogena.) thou i am not sure where i will get fab india here in ahmedabad? ne idiea? (well i was wondering if i could mail u a picture of mine where u can see wht bumps i am exactly tlkin abt and then help me decide better. can i?)

    Medha: thanks for suggesting about makeup products, will get those too after i hve invested in skin care. and water mite be the problem cuz i drink real less water..i hope it helps my skin glow… and the skin care products you suggested dint quite work out for me..:(. i gotta search for alternatives. thnks neways and a’bad is a gr8 city. (even if it gives me acne)

    Preetha: hi preetha i cheked out the review of vichy, they seem tempting but costly at the same time…. maybe i should keep it as my last option if nothin else works. thnaks neways. 🙂

    Monika: hey monika…i tottaly agree that these suggestions help ppl like us who are new to all this. IIMB is really a boon. and i will chek out the lakme sharpner ur talkin abt. thanks for help.

  7. hey vinisha…i guess therez a fabindia at CG road in ahemedabad…try searching on google…n ya for the ointment…the dermatologists suggest not using nethn over it…n as the clove cream is concerned i always feel it’l get mixed wid the moisturiser n spread( it has to be applied only on affected area)…n ya u can mail me the pics 🙂 not a problem at all 🙂
    my id is

  8. thnks a lot surbi… i checked the linkfor adresses…and i realised its walking distance from where i stay. i thought it mite be the one but it more looked like a apparel store from outside. and rite now m planning to go with cetaphil as cleanser. will mail you my pics soon by tonite.. and then lemme know whether my call is clove cream or faceclin. thnks for help. :-* :-* :-* 😀

  9. hey vinisha I too hv combo skin type, so below displayed is my skincare routine
    CLEANSE: neutrogena oil free acne wash
    TONE: fabindia teak tea toner
    MOISTURISE: lotus herbals alpha moist moisturiser
    PROTECT: aroma magic gel sunscreen

    wipe out make (if any) wid kara make up wipes, remove eye make up wid lakme make up remover
    CLEANSE : neutrogena oil free acne wash
    TONE :l fabindia teak tea toner
    ACNE TREATMENT: aroma magic teak tree oil
    MOISTURISE: clinique night cream
    SCRUB (once a week) : amway artistry polishing scrub

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