12 Best Things To Eat After a Workout

People often wonder what works best for losing weight – dieting or exercise? If you ask any person who has lost a considerable amount of weight about what actually worked for them – they would unanimously give the credit to a healthy diet. Weight loss is based on this one important rule – 80% diet and 20% exercise, and to look fit, lean, and healthy, both dieting and exercise are important. To lose weight successfully, a diet plan that promotes healthy eating like Rati Beauty diet works the best. Weight loss would only materialize by maintaining a calorie deficit – taking in fewer calories than one can burn per day and burning the extra calories by working out.  A combination of healthy diet along with regular physical activity will bring about sustainable weight loss and also help trim the waistline and tone the body. It’s also essential to eat the right kind of food before and after working out because after an intense workout session, the body tries to rebuild glycogen stores and repair muscles. A post-workout meal with the right kind of nutrients would help to repair and build muscles, and also make recovery easy – so that you can end up with a fit and toned body. It is essential we take our post workout meal within 60 minutes of exercising which is when the body benefits the most out of it. Wondering, what kind of food can fuel up your post-workout routine? Here’s a list of best things that you can eat right after a workout.

Best Things To Eat After a Workout

1. Carrots in Hummus: Carrot is rich in vitamin A and other nutrients and hummus is all protein – your body will absolutely love this dose of nutrients.

2. Peanut Butter and Brown Bread: Give your tastebuds a yummy treat by spreading out a spoonful of peanut butter slices of brown bread – so you can get carbs and protein in one single meal.

3. Scrambled Eggs with Veggies: Combining veggies with scrambled eggs is a good way to feel fuller for longer and avoid overeating and unhealthy snacking as well.

4. Protein Smoothie: Make good use of that protein powder by adding it to your fruit smoothie.

5. Banana: Packed with potassium, bananas help with nerve and muscle function. A medium-sized banana with rolled oats makes a good post-workout meal.

6. Greek yogurt: This type of yogurt has got double the protein of regular yogurt, half the carbs too. ADd a few nuts to get that crunchy factor. But make sure you are consuming only the non-flavoured variety to avoid added sugar.

7. Oatmeal with Nuts: Oatmeal has high fiber and protein content and topping them with fruits and nuts helps to take the nutrient content of the meal to another level.

8. Dry Fruits and Nuts: Dry fruits are easy to carry and are the quickest snack after your workout, giving your carbs and protein. Keep them in a small box in a gym bag, but remember to have only a handful.

9. Grilled Chicken: Grilled chicken is a great choice post workout when the body is in recovery mode and needs protein to build muscles. This nutrient-dense meal is rich in lean protein with carbs, this will be filling as well as nutritive after the workout. Try tossing mixed veggies with your stir fry.

10. Sweet Potatoes: Sweet potatoes restore the glycogen level faster which get depleted after a workout. Sweet potatoes are just right to restore those, since these are packed with complex carbs. These make for an ideal choice, have them boiled but avoid the sugared syrup Indian style version.

11. Salmon: Salmon is rich in protein and omega-3, you can add some mashed potatoes to the meal too. You could try tuna if salmon is not available.

12. Egg whites: The protein in egg is the most readily utilizable protein for our body. This protein is best for our body growth.Try adding some spinach to your egg white for a power packed combo.

Last but not the least, keep yourself hydrated at all times, even during the workout session to regulate body temperature, to avoid dehydration, and to avoid muscle fatigue.

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