Is It Better To Comb or Brush Wet Hair?

Do you brush or comb your hair post taking shower? If your answer to this question is “yes”, then we have some bad news for you. Tangles are a matter of constant irritation and most women prefer to either comb or brush wet hair to get rid of them. There is a lot of confusion surrounding the idea of whether to comb or brush wet hair. In this article, we will answer the question “is it better to comb or brush wet hair?” and clear your queries.

Is It Better To Comb or Brush Wet Hair

Why Should You Never Manhandle Wet Hair?
Your hair is at its weakest form when it is wet and definitely more prone to damage or breakage if you try to detangle them. It can also lead to split ends and make the roots weaker. For those of you who can’t stop yanking through those tangles and either opt for brushing or combing, it turns out that neither brushing nor combing is good for the hair when it is wet. Both will hurt your hair, and you should avoid them if possible. But, if the choice arises to choose between the two, then combing is slightly better than brushing.

Why is Brushing More Harmful?
Firstly, brushing wet hair puts a lot of tension on strands that would usually slide right through your brush. This can cause major breakage issues, and if you always find that you have extremely frizzy and slightly shorter hair, then you must avoid it under all circumstances. The hair bonds once broken during brushing are difficult to get back to the original glory. However, brushing your air-dried hair will help stimulate the roots and promote faster growth.

Why is Combing a Better Option?
If you can’t wait for the air-drying session period, then a wide-toothed comb can help to ease your frizzy hair without causing much damage. A comb that has wide apart teeth doesn’t tug on the hair as much and can still cause some breakage if your hair is breakage-prone. But still, it is better to comb than brushing. You should start at the ends and focus your way up till the roots which helps to reduce breakage and tension on the hair. Don’t forget to set your hair with a detangling spray to prevent tangle issues throughout the day.

The final answer to the question is combing is always better than brushing wet hair. But, it is always recommended to avoid both if possible. In order to make hair more manageable, apply a conditioner or hair serum after shower and then begin the combing process. You can also try to detangle tough knots by running your fingers through your hair and then combing your hair in sections. Also, be careful to use short strokes and go slow as this will cause lesser breakage and prevent any damage imparted.

Hope you got a better idea of how you should comb wet hair. Thanks for reading.


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