Bharat and Dorris Professional Beauty Cleansing Oil Review

Bharat and Dorris Professional Beauty Cleansing Oil Review

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Today, I am reviewing a cleansing oil from my favorite brand Bharat and Dorris. I love trying new brands and products, if you won’t give it a try, then how will you come to know, right? Anyway, many of us are still not aware of this brand, it was started by two makeup artists Bharat and Dorris , and they have worked with many celebrities.  In fact, they did Deepika Padukone’s makeup in Om Shanti Om and also won an award for it. This cleansing oil was recommended to me by a friend, who swears by this and says this is at par with MAC Cleanse Off Oil if not better.  That is the only reason I gave it a shot, or else I would have never tried cleansing oil for my oily skin.


Product Description:

A gentle way to deep cleanse by breaking up all the makeup, dissolving impurities and refreshing congested skin without leaving an oily residue. A powerful antioxidant, organic jojoba leaf, and a unique anti-irritant willow herb, help soothe sensitivities and prevent signs of ageing for vibrant younger looking skin.

How To Use:

Apply a small amount onto the palm of your hand and gently massage onto the face in circular motion. All makeup, dirt and oil will dissolve and instantly rinse clean with lukewarm water.

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Rs. 550 for 102 ml, not sure if the prices have increased.

Makeup cleansing oil

My Experience with Bharat and Dorris Professional Beauty Cleansing Oil:

This review is going to be a long one. I bought this a year back, but started using it around 8 months ago. But silly me, I was missing on such an awesome product. The packaging is a plastic transparent bottle with a pump. I have traveled with this bottle, and there is no leakage unless the bottle is kept upside down. The transparent bottle gives a clear indication of how much product is left. It looks like water in the bottle, but when poured in hand, it is oil with a slight yellow tint. The consistency is thin and spreads easily. There is a stronger orange smell which may not be liked by everyone, but once washed with water, it vanishes completely.

Cleansing oil

The best part, when it touches skin, makeup literally melts off; I mean I do not even have to massage it or something. When rinsed with water, it emulsifies in a milky finish at first, but when rinsed, it becomes clean. It removes everything from waterproof, long stay foundation, waterproof mascara, gel eyeliner, long-lasting lipstick everything. I need 1-2 pumps depending on the products used. It is extremely gentle on skin, mind you, I have sensitive skin and not everything suits me. It has never ever clogged my pores or caused acne. The only thing is after massaging it on face, I have to rinse like 8-10 times to completely remove any oil or residue. After that, my skin is squeaky clean, I have tested it by going over it with a cotton pad soaked in toner, and there was nothing left. It is like a one-step process, and is a boon for lazy people like me, but I have a habit of cleansing my face with a face wash at last to remove any last traces of the oil as well.

Swatch 1

Swatch 2

Swatch 3

If you are thinking it is pricey, then think again, one bottle lasts a long time, I am about to finish this one. It lasted me for around 8 months, but I do not wear full face of makeup daily. Also, I find it much better than the makeup removers meant for eyes and lips, because even they sting when they get in eyes, but I have never faced any problem with this one. Even if it gets into eyes, it blurs the vision a bit like any other oil, but once rinsed, it is clean. I use it daily for removing my eye and lip makeup. I have swatched Maybelline gel eyeliner, Bharat and Dorris cream foundation, Maybelline 14 hr lipstick, and all these products are really difficult to remove otherwise.

I have tried olive oil, baby oil, etc., to remove makeup before, but nothing can beat this, you do not even have to rub your skin to remove everything, it comes off so easily with this one. It is totally worth the money spent.

Pros of Bharat and Dorris Professional Beauty Cleansing Oil:

  • Everything, I just love it.

Cons of Bharat and Dorris Professional Beauty Cleansing Oil:

  • Availability is limited.

Do I Recommend Bharat and Dorris Professional Beauty Cleansing Oil?

If you want to try MAC Cleanse Off Oil, but do not want to spend so much, then give this a try, you won’t regret it, it costs 1/3 compared to MAC.  I am getting another one as this gets over as it is totally worth the price and will always repurchase it until I find something better.

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  1. I love cleansing oils for make-up removal … *happy dance* infact i am using one from biotique *happy dance* they remove each and every bit of make-up unlike make-up removers *pompom* *pompom*

  2. you know today only i was thinking of picking up a cleansing oil. I have dry skin and since winters are already here . good review. i will look up for this one 🙂

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