Bobbi Brown Color Corrector Review

Bobbi Brown Color Corrector Review

Lucky are the people who have no dark circles whatsoever on their under eyes!  I’ve had dark circles for years, which I attempted to cover up with various beige and yellow-based concealers, only to get a grayish cast on them— resulting to the ‘reverse raccoon’ effect.

When I came across Bobbi Brown Color Corrector, I realized I was missing an extra step in my routine.

bobbi brown color corrector tub
bobbi brown color corrector tub

Bobbi Brown Color Corrector is designed for very dark circles, and is meant to be applied before concealer.  It neutralizes the darkness of the skin, and gives extra coverage.  I have it in Dark Peach, which goes pretty well with my warm, yellow-toned skin which falls into the MAC NC35-NC40 foundation range.  Peach shades, I’ve discovered, work great at counter-acting my dark brownish under eye circles.  Whereas the usual yellow-colored concealers just seem to highlight the dark circles, the peach shade of the Bobbi Brown Color Corrector hides the discoloration and evens out my skin tone.

Bobbi Brown Color corrector comes in a sleek, small black compact with a mirror inside, just big enough to see one eye.  It’s priced at $22 for .06oz or 1.7g of product, which seems like a tiny amount for the price, but since only a bit of product is needed for each application, one pot goes a long way.

bobbi brown color corrector look
bobbi brown color corrector look

I find it best to use a light, moisturizing eye cream on the under eye area prior to application of anything else, in order to prevent product from settling into fine lines or making the eye area look dry.  The Bobbi Brown Color Corrector has a very creamy texture, and moisturizing the skin beforehand is important for the product to apply smoothly.  It gives pretty good coverage, so it’s best to use just small amounts, and in layers, instead of putting on a dollop all at once to cover the entire under eye area. Using a lot of product in one go often results in the product caking on the under eyes.

Another tip is to apply the Bobbi Brown color corrector, as well as concealer, only on the areas that are dark, and not on the entire under eye.  For example, I have dark lines that extend from the inner corner of my eye nearly down to the spot on top of my cheek, and I concentrate mainly on covering those.  I also apply a thin line of product right underneath my lash line, on the outer corners of my eyes, since there’s also darkness on that area.

I prefer using a concealer brush to apply the bobbi brown corrector, since I put it on specific areas only.  Then I use my ring finger to tap on the skin and blend the product gently—I find that using my finger to blend helps give a natural finish.

Bobbi Brown recommends putting on her Creamy Concealer on top of the Color Corrector, but of course using a different concealer is okay, so long as the color matches your skin and the formula works for you.  I take care to use only a teeny amount of concealer if I opt to use it in addition to the Color Corrector, so that it won’t cake or settle into fine lines.  Most of the time I use the Color Corrector alone and it works fine.

To set the product and prevent it from fading or creasing, after application I do a light swipe of finishing powder on my under eyes.  This works for me and the Bobbi Brown Color Corrector stays on throughout the day.

Here’s a photo of my right eye with just eye cream on it:

eye with just eye cream
eye with just eye cream

And here’s a photo of the same eye after applying Bobbi Brown’s Color Corrector:

eye with bobbi brown color corrector
eye with bobbi brown color corrector

I hope you noticed the difference?  Bobbi Brown’s Color Corrector is a must-have for me because it makes me look much more awake and well-rested.  It hides my dark circles very well and without it, I look like a zombie!  I never leave home without it, and it’s something that will always be in my makeup arsenal.  It’s relatively expensive, but well worth the price in my opinion.


18 thoughts on “Bobbi Brown Color Corrector Review

  1. glad this works for you 🙂 my dark circles are like literally black!! I have tried tonnes of concealers & come to a conclusion that at the most it just lightens it down, but the blackish/brownish undertones still remain which even then looks horrible !!

    1. Hey Insiya! Sometimes mine are nearly black too. Definitely try this one before applying concealer, or the MAC color corrector (though I haven’t tried that yet) , as suggested by Jinal below. It should should help a lot. :-))

  2. @Ida
    great review….I might try it after I finish my MAC color corrector.
    Any idea where I could find BB product in Mumbai?

    I too have highly pigmented circles around my eyes and pigmentation around lips.
    Bobbi Brown is not available to me.
    So I tried MAC color corrector….and it works fine for me.
    Its lovely. You may want to try it before applying concealer. :yes:
    I would love to review it!

    1. Jinal, thanks! I didn’t know MAC had a color corrector- I’ll try that one next. 🙂 Sorry though, not much ideas where to get BB stuff in Mumbai. How ’bout ordering it online?

      1. surely try that out…its really making a huge difference to my dark circles…

        I might try this one if it was easily available here :-((

  3. Hi Ida,

    Welcome to IMBB. 🙂

    I have heard a lot of good things about Bobbi Brown correctors. After the review I am quite convinced as well. 🙂

    I am loving their gel liner. After using it I don’t want to use anything else. Wonder what will I do after it gets over. :((

    1. Rati, thanks for the warm welcome! I’m thrilled. :-)) Ooh, their gel liners do look nice, haven’t tried it though. Another BB item I’m lemming over is their pot rouge. It looks gorgeous. :inlove:

    1. Hi Monika, I’m not sure if it is. But online, as calicoaster suggested in the comments above, it’s available via Amazon, also saw it over at 🙂

  4. though am a concealaholic..i have never tried bobbi brown..This goes to my wish list..Thnx for the review Ida :rose: …I am currently using Benefit and it works well on me..

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