Bollywood Celebrities with Not-So-Perfect Teeth

Bollywood celebs are often known and judged for their physical appearance. We all know how much of time, effort and money our stars spend on looking great, but not all of them pay attention to every minute detail. Well, today we are going to meet you bollywood celebs who has not-so-perfect teeth,
And how you can maintain yours easily with these tips.

Bad breath, pain in the gums, bleeding gums, cavities….you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to understand what I am hinting at. Yes, my friends I am talking about oral hygiene. As compared to a skin care routine oral care requires comparatively less time and money.

With their perfect skin, body and hair, bollywood celebrities have always made us realize how imperfect we are. Well I don’t think so. Look at the list below to find out that these superstars are not as perfect as they seem.

Let’s  seek revenge now.

Shahrukh Khan

The Badshah should have the NO. 1 spot. I wonder what is keeping him away from a dentist, especially when he is endorsing a toothpaste brand.

Ajay Devgan

With his yellow, tobacco-stained teeth Ajay Devgan has made his name in the list.

Saif Ali Khan

With his tinny tit bits Saif has also got a place here. He really has to try hard to show them off.

Priyanka Chopra

After her nose she should pay some attention to her teeth as well. Only the best set of pearls can complement with a grin so wide that you can spot tonsils in there.

Malaika Arora Khan

Her protruding pearlies compensate for hubby Arbaaz’s teensy weensy ones that have the effect of not being there at all! Cover them a bit girl.

Akshay Kumar

After ‘Blue’ its ‘Jaws’ for this khiladi. I mean seriously he can grab a vampire’s role that too without any extra makeup cost. Now this is what I call ‘Born to Act’

Dimple Kapadia

If you’ve got great dimples you should have a great set of teeth to go with them, ma’am!

Malika Sherawat

Now that is what I call a real hot body, look even the teeth can not bear the heat and are fighting to come out. Spend some time neck above too girl before it’s too late.

Sanjay Dutt

He may have a nice body or the vast collection of expensive watches. But, he certainly lack in the sparkling pearl department.

Arshad Warsi


Circuit following Munna Bhai here too. Now that you have earned enough money to pay your bills please do a favour on yourself -go and see a dentist.

I rest my case here.

As of now, I can remember only the above listed stars. Can you name more bollywood starts with bad teeth?

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18 thoughts on “Bollywood Celebrities with Not-So-Perfect Teeth

  1. It was fun to read Era…..I laughed hard at what you had to say to Malaika…..spend time above the neck…..ha ha…..seriously….:)

  2. good post…asa i read the title …i remembered ‘pooja bhatt’ she had cute baby like teeth ,later she gone thru surgery i think…

    and kalki ( my fav 🙂 )..but has ‘bugs bunny’ like teeth…

    1. Same here shilpi.. I am a dentist too and cudnt stop myself frm commenting? was sure some imbb dentist wud ve commented and was scrolling dwn d comments fr d same.. and found your comment!
      Era good article and had fun reading ur comments lol?

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