8 Best Dressed Bollywood Actresses

Who doesn’t like getting compliments for their dressing styles. Most of the times we look for styling inspirations from movies. Mentioned below are few bollywood divas who have impressed us with their on and off screen dressing styles.

So let’s begin the countdown now.

1. Sonam Kpoor: She has to start off this list. Even though her choice of outfit is not upto the mark always yet she manages to escape those moments with ease. A true style diva who incorporates fabrics, colours and detailing in her style without much effort.

2. Kareena Kapoor: Do you remember her looks in Refugee.. this girl has definitely evolved a lot through all these years. Indian or western, she can pull off any dress with unmatched ease and poise.

3. Dia Mirza: Classic and sophisticated is what come to my mind when I think of Diya Mirza’s style. Not to forget her innocent smile that adds more to what she is wearing.

4. Kalki Koechlin: She has a very relaxed and casual style. Nobody comes closer to her when it comes to capturing bohemian look. She is slowly making a mark with Indian dresses as well. Keep it coming girl.

5. Twinkle Khanna: If only she could put in some effort on her acting skills the way she does on accessorising her dresses, her journey in bollywood could have been a little longer. Anyway I just love the way she puts in all the pieces together.

6. Anushka Sharma: This leggy lass definitely scores higher than Deepika Padukone for me. Fun, flirty and energetic is how I would describe her style.

7. Preity Zinta: From the chubby and overly bubbly girl to a calmer self, Preity Zinta has surely evolved in these years. I just love the way she carries herself. Just perfect. Can’t say more.

8. Sonali Bendre: She has really pulled off her style up in the recent years. Sarees, suits, dresses she can wear anything and look effortlessly sexy.

Who is your favourite best dressed bollywood actress?

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23 thoughts on “8 Best Dressed Bollywood Actresses

    1. SK’s style I feel is a little copied from hollywood celebs…I mean its more obviously copied than the others…I loooove Neha Dhupia’s style though, its very personal and eclectic!

  1. Selected looks list rain mukerji in kabhi alvia na kehna, vidya balan in paranieeta, zinta in salaam namaste, Deepak padukone in cocktail. Just my thoughts 🙂

  2. Awesome list Era! Keep ’em coming please 🙂
    I would add:
    Kangana Ranaut – for always making a statement with her dressing
    Malaika Arora – so racy and edgy no?
    Deepika – always classy and appropriate
    Bipasha Basu – I still remember her beads and braided hair in J*sm 🙂

  3. U forgot Kangana ? Well she is in line with Sonam…and Anil Kapoor had himself in an interview said that he asked kangana how she dresses so well and not spending so much too unlike Sonam :p 😀
    But I love Sonam’s style..and Dia too..and Twinkle and Sonali are so classy..

  4. i so love that white top dia mirza is wearing in that pic….i have the same top in 5 shades fr free…my daddy gifted me today made specially for me in his factory!! <3 <3

  5. My list matches this one completely 😛 I loveeee Sonam, Kareena, Anushka and Dia’s style. I have even copied them so many times 😛 I really admire Sonam’s fashion sense. She is never afraid to experiment and play. Sonam is a true trend-setter. I think Sonam made the whole industry some what more fashion conscious 😉
    Kareena is a total diva…she looks gorgeous even in simple white shirt and blue jeans. Dia has an old world charm, simple effortless and elegant…she looks like a mugal princess. Anushka is so underrated when it comes to fashion. She is really chic and experiments a lot too.
    Neha Dhupia is a fashionista as well. Her quirky style is sometime I wish I would carry off.

    I feel Deepika is a bit overrated…she wears all her sarees the same way…big hair and bold lips. All her casual looks are also some what similar. No doubt she looks great but its always the same.

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