Bollywood Plastic Beauties

With my selection of topics these days it may seem that I am on a mission to virtually erase all the beautiful diva memories from everyone’s mind. Anyway on to the topic.

Aging gracefully mantra does not exist in bollywood afterall showbiz is all about putting your best face forward.. always. No wonder why these stars are so concerned about their looks. Mentioned below is the list of bollywood divas who have gone under the knife to enhance their looks.

I have deliberately kept Rekha and Rakhi Sawant out of this list because I wanted others to get a fair chance and not overshadowed by their never ending descriptions. So lets begin.

Hema Malini: With some smart botox work she has managed to look as graceful as ever.

Shridevi: She got a lip and nose job done to look gorgeous but has never admitted this fact.

Madhuri Dixit: Her tight jawline, angular nose and lifted eyes scream that something has gone deep in the skin.

Sushmita Sen: This beauty went under the knife to gain a better physique. Unlike others she proudly admits about her asset job and the surgical implants.

Shilpa Shetty: She seems have got them all, butt implants, breast implants and two nose jobs. Without these multiple surgeries this graceless lass could have never become a gorgeous diva that she is now.

Mallika Sherawat: Apart from her obvious asset augmentation surgery her tummy too has been reshaped and made sleeker with the help of cosmetic surgery.

Kareena Kapoor: Look at her chiseled jawbone, sharper nose and well defined cheek bones and you will know yoga and healthy diet can not make these changes. It is often rumoured that the famous sexy back is the result of some smart cellulite removal.

Katrina Kaif: This lady here underwent a lip surgery to achieve the famous pout such is known for. Also, some work had been done on her nose to give it a slimmer look. But, like other she does not admit it.

Bipasha Basu: Do you remember the much hyped controversy involving Bipasha where it was reported that this Bengali babe registered herself under a fake name at a botox clinic and then refused to pay the doctor. Do you? Well what more can I say other than that her voluptuous look, cheekbones and nose speak volumes about the fine work of her surgeon.

Preity Zinta: She has undergone a nose job, brow lift, face structuring and assets implants. Wow..the poor girl has gone through a lot. Let us give her some peace and leave her alone.

Priyanka Chopra: Next up is former Miss World. She has definitely gone through nose and lip surgery. People do say that Priyanka has gone through skin lightening treatments. What do you think?

Kangna Ranaut: Apart from her very obvious breast enhancement surgery she has also gone in for lip and nose job. Also, her flawless complexion is all due to various facial treatments.

Koena Mitra: She is the only one in this list whose beautification surgery backfired. She did ended up loosing a lot of money in silicon implants, nose job and lip job. Poor girl.. my sympathies.

Aishwarya Rai: Aah ha.. you were waiting for it right. Miss Perfect is said to have had cheek implants to enhance her cheekbones and her jaw line, teeth alignment and even a nose surgery.

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29 thoughts on “Bollywood Plastic Beauties

  1. wow! I had no idea that almost all of them had gotten surgeries done. I guess it shows that no one is born perfect and you should take pride in how you look. Lovely article Era. Your posts are always nice to read 🙂

  2. Hahahaha! And now we know why it’s never good to compare your looks with celebrities. We just haven’t got enough knives to work on us. 😛 Great article, Era.

  3. while I quite agree that one should have the guts to age gracefully and be happy with what nature has gifted………i dont think we have any right to pass judgement on others….No to belittle the writer of this article in any way(great research Era!)……but pulling these ‘divas’ down isnt making us any more beautiful either! At least we got to do ‘aankh senkna’ while these beauties are around 😀 Oh and BTW, though i dont know whetker bebo went under the knife or not, I DO know that sleeker and slimmer nose and cheekbones are possible with excercise and proper food habits-first hand experience 😀
    (note to Era: please dont take this in a negative manner…this is not to go against your opinions, just putting my forward 🙂 hope u wont feel bad or angry 🙂 )

  4. good research Era…. “I am beautyful the way I am” should be the mantra for us…
    for them, they earn through their looks… so let them do whatever they want 😀

  5. wow.well they r in the beauty business and with so much competition I am sure its tough to survive on talent aloneand there are a million women willing to do anything to take their place so if this helps then why not!! but just that its risky and a surgery gone wrong can mean disaster to their career and their health .

  6. I think Juhi chawla is the one actresses who’s ageing gracefully…and surprised to see kareena kapoor in this list …

  7. These ladies are in a field where looks matter the most, sometimes more than the talent they are supposed to have to get them opportunities….so no wonder they go under the knife to get that perfect feature…but don’t we expect them to be perfect when they are as human as we are with all the flaws….we can accept a not so good looking hero in movies…but heroine ? (I myself did not like Anushka Sharma that much in her first movie though she looked better than the hero)… Sridevi looked beautiful even with a flat nose…but definitely her nose job contributed to her success besides her talent and made her stay longer in the industry…in one Telugu movie, she plays Menaka who came to Earth from Heaven and she looks every inch a Menaka in the movie…of course it’s the camera work and makeup that contributed to her beauty…but she definitively got success…
    These stars come into the industry like normal ppl. but over the years they groom themselves and make plastic surgeries a part of it… Sridevi looks beautiful even today…but when I see her hands, I feel ‘poor lady..does Boney Kapoor not feed her’…I think she is abusing her body way too much …but stars live in a different world altogether…very few try to lead normal lives after their stardom is over…
    I am not sure about Hemamalini…

  8. I am not sure about Hemamalini Malini…but being a dancer all your life definitely helps you remain healthy and beautiful for a longer time…and she is a vegetarian…
    I am not that big a fan of Aishwarya,(I don’t think her to be the most beautiful woman in the world just beause beauty is relative and something like most beautiful woman and most handsome man doesn’t exist according to me)…but I felt real pity for her when ppl.started commenting her weight post delivery…comeon…give her a break…she just delivered a baby
    When we gals get fascinated and tempted to try new skincare and cosmetic product in the market to look and feel good, how can we blame these ladies when their field demands them to look perfect…what makeup is to
    us…plastic surgery is to them but problem is when gullible gals start comparing themselves and goining extremes to look like them

    1. Dear paddy.

      Just saw Hema Malini very closely at an event a few months .although she looked very young but the moment she started talking there was no facial movement at all. It could bea side effect of Botox.

  9. Very interesting n well wrotten post Era it shows looks r not natural but articially obtained none of the actresses of today have pure natural beauty , they all have gone under the knife

  10. Good article,it really helps every one ,who always trying to follow them.but there is so many treatments,not food habits,figure out .nice job era.keep posting these truths,so we people may realize .

  11. I really don’t think that Kareena, Aishwarya and Madhuri went under the knife! Madhuri doesn’t come across an insecure woman and Kareena just needed to lose weight to get where she is right now. As for Aishwarya her pic on the left is either taken on a bad day or is darkened by some hard-core anti-fan. Compare her present pics to that of her modelling days, there’s only slight difference. And that difference WILL appear over years and in her case, decades!

  12. Many actresses are photoshopped in films and magazines and what you see is not what you get. But some of them like Kareena, Ash and Madhuri haven’t so these could be pics on a bad day. In Ash’s and Kareena’s they just look plumper and features do change a wee bit once you lose weight.

  13. I don’t think kareena has gone through surgery. She has lost quite a lot of weight over the years and it does make your jaw and nose more prominent. Aishwarya on the other hand never went for any type of surgery except teeth straightening and the picture above is only a picture in bad lighting and no make up. Some time proper makeup can give a chiseled look and I don’t think aishwarya was someone who did surgeries as she would have surely done something for her weight which she still hasn’t lost much. Madhuri is also one natural woman. In real life if you see her you will notice wrinkles and marks which the make up does a good job of hiding. Hema Maliini is a vegetarian and has been working out all her life, she is a perfect example that if you put hard work and good food into your body you will look good as you age. Rest assured the article was pretty interesting 🙂

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