Burberry Bright Plum 15 Lip Cover Lipstick Review, Swatch

Burberry Bright Plum Lip Cover Soft Satin Lipstick Review, Swatch

Of late my reviews have been coming in with a lag. A lots been happening at my end, inlaws, ill-health, kids not keeping well, husband perpetually travelling (and me taking care of both kids through sleepless days and nights) and some new friends who keep me busy chatting on Facebook when I need to be working!!! 🙂

Burberry Beauty Lip Cover Soft Satin Lipstick #15 Bright Plum

Very excited to bring today’s product to you – first product from Burberry Beauty line being reviewed on IMBB. When the collection launched couple of years back – I was drooling all over the product – such distinct, such luxe packaging and some great products apparently. But obviously, its not available in India. I finally found this in Thailand – in one of the bigger malls. I actually wanted to try the Lip Velvet line – which is supposed to be one of the most comfortable mats in the market. But, I didn’t care for the shades available in that line. So thought I’d try the Lip Cover line instead.

The Product (from the Website):





Discover supple and light colors that reflect the natural lip tones. Formulas are hydrating and give a full lip in tone, coverage and color fidelity.

Formula: Super-light ‘second skin’ texture provides intense moisture immediately after application. Combination of oils and light waxes helps easy application and extreme comfort.

Benefits: Pigments dispersed in a clear gelled structure ensure high color fidelity. Shiny polymers offer perfect luminosity. Balanced color palette from nude trench tones to Burberry reds.

Protection: Contains anti-aging ceramides for fuller lips. Guarantees continuous hydration. Contains UV filters to protect from damaging environmental exposure.

How to use: Apply like a normal lipstick or apply to your finger and push into the lip to give a more natural color. To enlarge the mouth, use a lighter lipstick in the middle of the mouth. To reduce the mouth, choose a darker shade.

Price: US $30 for 3.8gms


Burberry lipstick packaging consists of a square grey tube with the Burberry Trademark Trench design on it – extremely difficult to photograph – its so dark. Its got a magnetic closure – so the lippy will not open in your bag accidentally. The shade name and number is written on the bottom – very difficult to see, though. There is no colour indicator. Love the fact that it does not attract any fingerprints.

Burberry lipstick packaging

Burberry lipstick packaging

The lipstick comes encased in a beige cardboard box.

The lipstick has a regular twist-up mechanism. The twist-up reveals the lipstick bullet on which too, the trademark Burberry design is etched –running through it, till bottom. My lippy has the design smudged. No, I didn’t spoil it – I received a piece which was smudged…did not check it in the store and there was no point going back.

Overall – the packaging is a style statement – its luxe, its unique, not very heavy and definitely understated elegance.

My Experience with Burberry Beauty – Lip Cover – Soft Satin Lipstick – #15 Bright Plum:

Burberry Beauty Lip Cover Soft Satin Lipstick #15 Bright Plum review

The Colour is a winter shade of Plum – its deep and dark and yet has luminosity – though does not look glossy or shimmery. The colour is very rich – would work well as a winter shade or for an evening out. Considering the depth of colour, I would suggest all other makeup to be kept understated. IMO< the colour would look nice on all skin tones.

Texture: The texture is lightly creamy – so applies easily without any tug or pull. The lipstick glides smoothly, though is not so slippery that it would end up bleeding. The lipstick was lightly hydrating and so very comfortable to wear.

Pigmentation: Superb pigmentation – about 90-95% colour deposit in one swipe. 1 swipe is enough to make the colour stand out. In this aspect, it seemed quite comparable to a Rouge d’Armani.

Burberry Beauty Lip Cover Soft Satin Lipstick #15 Bright Plum review, photos, swatches

Staying Power: Now here is where the lipstick performed amazingly. It was my sonny boy’s birthday recently and I wore this in the morning while stepping out for the day. The lipstick stayed put for good 6 hours or so – through snax and meals. Post 6 hours, I did a LIGHT touchup – just to cover areas where it had become lighter due to eating. From then, it lasted me till night – another 6 hours at least. And when I say it stays up for 6 hours, I mean its there – not the stain but the lipstick. It does leave a pinkish plum stain which too is very becoming. Very impressive over all.

To sum this up for you:

Pros of Burberry Beauty – Lip Cover – Soft Satin Lipstick – #15 Bright Plum:

  •  Fantastic colour – In this category, MAC Rebel used to be my favorite, but this one bowled me over!
  •  The colour would suit all skin tones as long as you are comfortable wearing a dark bright shade.
  •  The lipstick glides on smoothly – no tug, no pull.
  •  Considering the bright colour and how softly it glides on – there was no feathering or bleeding.
  •  Lightly Hydrating
  •  The colour really lasts for good 6 hours+.
  •  Applies easily from the tube
  •  Does not settle into the fine lines of the lips.
  •  Luxe and practical packaging with a magnetic closure.

Burberry bright Plum lipstick review

Burberry bright Plum lipstick

Cons of Burberry Beauty – Lip Cover – Soft Satin Lipstick – #15 Bright Plum:

  •  Unavailability in India

IMBB Rating – 6/5

Loved the shade and loved the formula! It is definitely one of the best formulas out there. I still intend to try the Burberry Lip Velvet but I did go back and pick up more of this, so I do recommend you to try this range.


  •  Lip swatches
  •  How it looks on my NC30 skin tone

Burberry Beauty Bright Plum Lip Cover Soft Satin Lipstick Review, Swatch

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35 thoughts on “Burberry Bright Plum 15 Lip Cover Lipstick Review, Swatch

    1. I picked 1 more shade…i am not sure ut i think I have Union Red. Quality is exceptional – right up there!! Very impressed with it!

  1. I always say that you pick up the most gorgeous shades for yourself. It’s like the perfect winter shade. I would reallly check it out whenever i get a chance. Beautiful lip swatches and beautiful you. :))

    1. *thankyou* Rati! Do check Burberry Rati – their Velvet ones are supposed to be the most amazing Mats. I definitely intend to pick at least one of those soon. And these really surprised me – loved the shade and the formula! Quite the winner!

  2. KK, u rock it gurl again…..! not at all my kinda shade….but u rock it…..and hope u get ur peace and space and manage juggling the different hats perfectly…

    1. Amen to that Anuradha! The shade is so fab – its easy to look good in it. Why do you feel its not your kinda shade? Too dark?

  3. Woooooooooooooo Burberry *woot* *woot* *woot* IMBB is going to the next level with all ur “luxury” reviewsssss KK *puchhi*

  4. u can carry any shade with ease *puchhi* , but i cant carry darker shades, i feel i may look old *scared* , but Burbbery lipstick its really looking good for 30$ *drool* *drool* , just checked them online they are available in nordstorm, tomorrow going for shopping 😀 , so i vl buy one the shade which suits me along with Ysl ones, actually i want to buy a bag (but still didnt decide which one to buy), but u tempted me to buy lippies again with ur review *drool* , and KK u said it is quiet comparable with armani lippies, so which one u suggest burbbery or armani, plz consider the factors like dryness, staying power, transfer nature, what ever u suggest i vl buy that, because both are of nearby price anyway, and great review as always.

    1. Mayuri, Rouge d’armani and these are very comparable in texture. The pigmentation of Armani is a tad better. Do check for shades – which one works for you. Warning on Rouge d’armani 400 -may bleed/feather.

      *thankyou* For your kind words and faith in me! God bless you!

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