Maybelline Super Stay 14 Hr Lipstick – Always Plum

Maybelline Super Stay 14 Hr Lipstick – Always Plum

Super rich colour with super staying power in our exclusive lightweight formula.


INR 525

Ahhh..finally I lay my hands on these beauties rocking the corner off late. I saw them December in Pune and thought I need to take another look before I buy because when I do, I buy them all 😛 So I picked up 5 of them for reviewing them for IMBB and what should I say, I love my job!

Maybelline super stay 14hr lipstick Always Plum

The lipsticks are  very appealing in their simplistic packaging. I am delighted at the fact that these are mattes as well as shimmer and a couple of them frosts but over all I love the texture and these remind of my beloved Chambor powder mattes.

Maybelline super stay 14 hr lipstick always plum (7)

You have a plethora of shades to pick up from, pinks , reds, plums and a baby pink too and some browns. The pakcaging is good but I dont like the cap but I love the colored base to them.

Maybelline super stay 14 hr lipstick always plum (5)

The lipstick is medium thick and are very smooth, they glide very well and just smooth enough to not break, so they are not delicate and wont break inspite of being buttery.

Maybelline super stay 14 hr lipstick always plum (8)

The deal with 14 hr is that these set after application. Have you tried the Loreal infallible lippies? Well it had not clicked it to me until yesterday. These feel and look (the bullet) like the Loreal infallible but are half their rate.Both of them set after application and last very long. Both has the stunning pretty bullet and some marvellous shades as well.

Maybelline super stay 14 hr lipstick always plum (3)

This one is a gorgeous plum with pink undertones, I think this looks very sophisticated and very good for office wear. The color would brighten up fair skin and would also suit dusky skin.It has no shimmer and looks matte after it sets say after 30 seconds or so and then it does not smudge.


Maybelline super stay 14 hr lipstick always plum (2)

Now lets come to the main feature, the 14 hr claim. I must say I am very impressed but how they stay. I wore it at 12 noon, it lasted me for around 8 hours with full meal, an apple, a cup of tea and even a shower! (Things we do for reviews 😛 ) The best part if that it does not fade unevenly and stays at some parts, it does not fade altogether! Even better, the lipstick is NOT drying at all! This one was a real shocker as most of the long stay lipsticks are drying on me but this one, did not feel dry or heavy at all! So this one would last you 10 plus hours without heavy meals and is great for office for the same reason.

Maybelline super stay 14 hr lipstick always plum swatch

Though the lipsticks sets and lasts you till you want it too, it does not feel heavy or cakey or does not accumulate  There is on little thing I would like to point out that this feels a little sticky for say 30 minutes of application due to the fact that it sets and does not budge, Inspite of this, it does not feel dry at all!

maybelline super stay 14 hr lipstick always plum

Another thing is that it has a strong citrus fruity smell, exactly like Inglot refills! I find it pleasant but just to let you know.

Because they set, they make for an ideal base for glosses, Loreal le gloss, or say Maybelline fruity shines etc. I would to use glosses on top of these to make them last long and for a change from matte lipsticks.



plum lips

Last word:

Divine! I mean what more do you want from a lipstick!

IMBB Rating:

4.9/5(lets give the mild stickiness a little benefit of doubt though)

Maybelline super stay 14hr lipsticks (2) maybelline super stay 14 hr lipsticks


Maybelline super stay 14hr lipsticks

Coming up!

Four more of these in Continous cranberry, Endless raisin, Enduring ruby and Timeless crimson! Stay tuned!


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37 thoughts on “Maybelline Super Stay 14 Hr Lipstick – Always Plum

  1. I was waiting for this review…as was eyeing on the staying power…the only complaint I have from lipsticks is the staying power…will have to invest in one for sure 🙂 I envy your job Neha 😛

  2. apple & shower these survive!! 😀 wowww! sounds God-sent, i would love to wear a lipstick in morning n not worry about if it has faded or so…esp during long meetings where snacks & refreshments r served I always wonder “has my lipstick faded?!” & then starts the game of checking out it bahane bahane se on phone with the front-facing camera 😛 😀 i need to check this out ASAP

  3. oh my god… Neha dear will you belive this, I just finished writing the review for the same lipstick and mailed to you and then when I login here I see this review..
    though agree with all that you said about this lipstick but I wanted to show off this lipstick here and you won again 🙂

  4. after going through all nice reviews about this product i am desperate to have one. and your review great and helping as always 🙂

  5. Very pretty color and looks amazing on you.
    i think its universal color and will look good on dusky skinned as well.have to grab one soon.
    thanks for the review

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