Chanel #7 Blending Foundation Brush Review

Chanel #7 Blending Foundation Brush

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I have been trying to get my hands on this brush since ages – ever since my friend told me that this is the ultimate bruh to apply foundation with. Chanel in Mumbai is located at Palladium – which is far from my place. And for some obscure reason, Chanel has refused delivery of products – which they promptly used to do earlier. So it took a lot of cajoling, begging and emotional blackmailing to hubby dearest to finally get this brush! So was it worth the wit? Is it all its touted to be? Lets find out…


The Product Details (from the website):

Designed as a professional artistry tool to be used with Chanel products, this blending foundation brush ensures flawless, even application of all foundation types, from fluid to cream to powder. The natural- and synthetic-brush hair is formed without using scissors or razors to deliver precise makeup results.


$54 in US / In India @ INR 3100.


It comes packaged in a black cardboard box, enclosed in a plush velvet pouch. Makes it easy and convenient to store or carry it, if required. While packaging of a brush may not seem critical to the product, in a dust-ridden country like ours, it helps in storage – while still in store. Plus, in terms of aesthetics, I feel it is important, considering the King’s ransom we pay to get them.

My experience with Chanel #7 Blending Foundation Brush:

Size: The brush is about the same size as a #130 from MAC – except for the brush head – which is considerably larger – more comparable to MAC 187.Also known as the skunk brush, the bristles are black with a white top.

Bristle: Combination of natural & synthetic. Black ones which form the body are natural while the white ones which are on top are synthetic. They form a circular placement and are more compactly packed than MAC 187.

Coverage: Provides sheer to medium coverage – sheer for powder and medium for liquid foundation.

The brush is nicely balanced – it does not feel heavy in the hand – length is comfortable too.

The brush has fairly tightly packed black bristles with lightly packed white ones on top. This enables one to lightly stipple the foundation/blush onto the skin and then blend in small circular motions – not allowing the black bristles to sway, but only the white ones to move.

I felt the brush bristles picked up foundation and blush and transferred the product effectively to the skin. The effect of application –liquid foundation, cream brush or powder product is flawless on skin – gently applied, nicely blended.

The application takes time – not a fault of the brush per say but the stippling a foundation does take time because the strokes are softer, covering lesser area in each stroke.

I have washed the brush a couple of times, it’s easy to get it back to its pristine shape and has not shed at all.

The bristles are fairly soft. I felt them to be a bit pokey/scratchy on sensitive area like the skin around the eyes.

To sum this up for you:

Pros of Chanel #7 Blending Foundation Brush:

1. No shedding
2. Easy to clean and easy to maintain
3. Short handle gives more control over the application and portability for travel
4. The application is streak free and flawless
5. Bristles pick all products easily – liquid, cream (blush) or powder.
6. Multi-tasker – works well for liquid and powder foundation both. Though would advise you to clean between either application, else the result will be uneven and cakey.
7. Can use to apply blush as well
8. Luxurious packaging



Cons of Chanel #7 Blending Foundation Brush:

1. Feels a little pokey on/near sensitive areas like eyes.
2. The application takes time – not a fault of the brush per say but the stippling a foundation does take time.


IMBB Rating:

Yes, a 4.5/5 product.

Last word – Is this the HG of all foundation brushes? A Must-have? I don’t think so. I feel the brush to be extremely good quality. However, I find MAC #130 to be better for applying foundation and softer. However, do note that #130 is not as much of a multi-tasker as this. I could apply foundation or blush with this equally easily. Which may not be the case with the other brush. I use #188 for cream blushes.This is definitely a winner over MAC 187. So in effect, you get two smooth applications in the price of 1 brush. Do check it out before taking the plunge.

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  1. Kulpreet, I have wanted a stippling brush since ages now, I have none! Have ordered the real techniques one though 🙂 This looks Luxury!!

    1. And the Colourbar one is too big in the hand and the brush head is quite big too. I had bought it thinking it would have me sorted. But… But mine didn’t shed, thankfully!

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