Lakme Absolute Foundation Brush Review

Lakme Absolute Foundation Brush Review

Price: Rs. 475

I am back again with another Lakme release and this time it is the foundation brush from the Lakme Absolute range.  I have reviewed three of the other brushes from this range, the eye shader, powder brush and the lip brush and now this foundation brush.  The overall response I have been getting is that these are definitely overpriced since we have a separate notion for Lakme altogether. Since these bear the Lakme Absolute tag, these have been priced like this, but still, they could have done better for an introductory price.

Lakme Absolute Foundation Brush

They have also come up with a powder puff for Rs. 90 I believe and that can be used for wet and dry compact.  I did not buy it because that was not only useless, but also overpriced.  Nevertheless, the ones I have reviewed are definitely good quality, I don’t have any complaints about them, apart from the price tag and that too with these being introductory!

Lakme Absolute Foundation Brush

The brush is very sturdy looking, shiny black metal and looks gorgeous, no doubt. The bristles are synthetic and look very fresh as in they shine so bright and sure very packed with bristles and not sparse. The bristles are also firm and still very soft to apply.

Lakme Absolute Foundation Brush

I do have two more foundation brushes, one from ELF and another from Oriflame, which don’t look so superior to me. The ELF one is fine and golden in color.  The Oriflame Foundation Brush is very similar to this, but not so tightly packed.  All of them work fine for me, but still the quality of this one shouts out loud even when you hold it for the very first time.

The application of foundation, mainly liquid is very fine with this. I thoroughly enjoy the process and I also apply my cream foundation with this brush, the stick foundation.  I think there is nothing missing as far the whole process of applying the foundation with this one goes. The finish is fine, not streaky, and so much better than applying foundation with fingers.

Lakme Absolute Foundation Brush

You can also go under the eyes with the tip of this brush when I use the stick concealer, but obviously, its not meant for that. Apart from that, I feel everything is fine. The packing, the sturdy wand, and the bristles don’t fall off at all.
I have washed it often since I am phobic towards contracting acne bacteria.  I wash my brushes often and still this one is jolly well packed and doesn’t shed or lose colour.

Last Word:
Overpriced but very good quality. This one is for keeps, sturdy, pretty, and works just fine. Lakme Absolute should have come up with variants of more eyeshadow brushes, but meanwhile, I like how they have come up with the basic good-quality brushes in the form of powder brush, a tiny eye shader brush, and the lip brush and I am positive that if you invest in these, then they will last longer, but I agree that Lakme has capitalized on the dearth of basic brushes we have and hence this might be one of the reasons they are priced like this!

IMBB Rating: 4.5/5

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30 thoughts on “Lakme Absolute Foundation Brush Review

  1. Neha…..these brushes look good. I agree with you that Lakme is cashing on lack of makeup brushes across common brands in India, but if these do the job well, then surely, they are worth the money. Good job with the pics too, I could clearly see the bristles 🙂

    1. thanks 🙂
      yes they have come up with basic ones which i think new comers to brushes can buy and will last them for very long 🙂

  2. I Agree with Jomol neha, I think lakme at least released this range of brushes otherwise we hardly have any Indian brand having makeup brushes:)

    I had no clue about these brushes 🙁
    But thx to you! Great informative review!

  3. I want to get all the brushes from absolute after reading ur reviews Neha. I am eyeing the powder brush in particular 🙂

  4. looks good…but the first pic, the brush on the pack looks diff from the actual brush…and yes, lakme seems to be cashing in well on the dearth of brushes from indigenous brands…

  5. oooh this one looks yum! <3 <3 you think lakme brushes are available countrywide? coz i have never seen colorbar brushes at their counters in malls…n i have hardly come across a standalone cosmetic store 🙁

    1. colorbar ones are avlbl in their flagship stores in malad and select city walk 🙂
      these will be..soon i think as i got mine form shopper’s stop chennai 🙂
      try SS

  6. nice 🙂 i feel Rs. 475 is realy a bit pricey for a brush!!!
    bt u know, i never had a fascination for such brushes and makeup tools! 😛

  7. About time Lakme came out with brushes…. will get for mom.
    you know, I got mom a MAc lippie and she freaked out on me :(( she loves her “lakme” LOL

  8. Nice review Neha 🙂 Oriflame one also looks like this 🙂 as you mentioned …
    When I apply foundation with the oriflame one I get streaks 🙁
    I hope you dont get the same problem in this brush ….

  9. neha, I am so tempted I might pick up these brushes. 😛 😛

    bee.. all moms are the same. But now my mom loves her mac and chanel lipsticks. 😛

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