Clinique, Shiseido, and Forest Essentials Mini Haul

Clinique, Shiseido, and Forest Essentials Mini Haul


As promised, here’s the post, this is what I bought for IMBB 🙂 Since there wasn’t much happening at Clinique with only the primers as the new launch, I decided to check to Shiseido and Forest Essentials too.  I skipped Elizabeth Arden this time, there’s nothing exciting that I saw 🙁 Here’s what I got:

Clinique Primer

From Clinique, the Color Correct Primer:

Shiseido moisturizer

From Forest Essentials, the Rupam Extra Rich Facial Cleansing Paste:

Forest Essentials Skin Care

From Shiseido, the Moisture Relaxing Mask:

Clinique and Forest Essentials

The rest all are samples 😛 From Forest Essentials, the jasmine shampoo and ubtan samples, from Shiseido – the oil-free matte moisturizers, and from Clinique Moisture Surge Intense (winters you see!).

Forest Essentials Ubtan


37 thoughts on “Clinique, Shiseido, and Forest Essentials Mini Haul

    1. Thanks KK…..had lots of fun going to different counters and trying out things……but I loved the fragrances coming out of the Forest Essentials store *happydance* *happydance*

  1. Jomol ji, aapki post dekh kar log Hyderabad shift ho jayenge… itne samples kisi aur city mein nahin milte 😀

    Is haul ka jawab kal ham eent aur patthar se denge 😀

    1. Sanjeevji……issko bolte hain “samplgaining” Next year, this will be the oxford word of the year *nails* *nails* *nails* 3 products par 30 samples, my ishtyle *happy dance* *happy dance*

      Is haul ka jawab kal ham eent aur patthar se denge 😀 kya matbal…..oh……mooze pata hai *hihi* *hihi* *jalwa* *jalwa*

  2. Areeee baapreeee this is mini haul *secret* *hihi* *hihi* i heard about the new rupam collection recently frm fe *drool* glad you picked it up *woot* *woot* and the best thing is even me oily skinned *hifive* *hifive* waiting for the reviews *woot* *woot*

  3. Me goin to the FE store *jogging* tomorrow itself *woot* *woot* .. Awesome haul jomol.. *drool* waiting for the reviews.. *haan ji* *happydance*

  4. omg.. mini haul.. skin care treat from u jomol.. *drool* *drool* I am totally excited to read ur reviews as we both have same skin texture.. *hifive* *happydance* *happydance*
    Pls do try to share ur exp super soon.. am waiting like anything for ur reviews. winters are here and I need these goodies with no chnace of failiure this time.. *happydance* *happydance*

    1. Neetu….. *puchhi* *puchhi* I will be reviewing all the skin care stuff soon….yesh, we have the exact same texture……confused skin type *hihi* *hihi* that’s why I rely on your reviews too *jalwa* *jalwa* *jalwa*

  5. OMG…………. *drool* *drool*
    ye mini haul h rofl rofl *hihi* *hihi*
    grt pick…….. wtng 4 review *jogging* *jogging*
    kaha milte hai itne saare sample *shy* *shy* *drool* *drool*

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