Is Co Washing Good for your Hair?

Always reading articles related to hair? There is a interesting new concept called “co washing,” which is a short form of washing hair with conditioner only. Haven’t you heard about this method? Then this article is a might just be a game changer! Co-washing is short form of “conditioner-only washing,” which means skipping the shampoo and relying solely on conditioner. For years, we all have been practicing a beauty ritual which is hard to break! With co washing, you may find your hair squeaky clean and similar to second-day hair and much more smoother, softer, and manageable – and the bonus – well, you will save water, time and lots of money as well. Let’s find out the answer to “Is co washing good for your hair?”

Co Washing Good for your Hair

Are you Eligible for Co Washing?
If your hair is curly, wavy or dry, chances are that co-washing might improve the health of your hair. In fact, some curly-hair women have been washing their hair with conditioner alone for years together, without touching the shampoo at all, surprised? Most conditioners contain a few amounts of detergents called cationic surfactants which are also called as esterquats. When mixed with water, esterquats pull out tiny amounts of dirt, leaving un-shampooed hair feeling clean, but not as clean as shampoo. Since unshampooed hair retains more amount of natural oils than shampooed hair, the conditioner’s moisturizing agents will leave strands of hair even smoother and silkier than usual. Women with color-processed hair love co washing as it allows them to go longer in between their salon treatments. Co washing doesn’t strip the colour pigment the way traditional shampoo does, plus colored hair needs a lots of moisture.

Is co-washing Good for Hair?
Consider your hair type, is your hair thin? Straight? Oily? Co washing can weigh down your hair making it look even finer. Co washing is best suited for people with dry hair. One cannot completely rely on co washing though, you can try it once or twice a week and again use your regular shampoo-then-condition routine.

Is Co-washing Good for all Hair Types?
Yes! It is good for people with dry, curly, colored or dull-looking hair. You can of course use a shampoo in between to cleanse the scalp and to remove the product build up effectively. Using only co washing on the hair is not recommended, the scalp needs to be cleansed of all dirt, grime, oil and product buildup at least once a week.

Finding the Right Conditioner for Co Washing:
If you have thick hair, regular hair conditioner is all you need. Avoid using ones with silicones/dimethicone in the ingredients list. These are often added to conditioners to smoothen out the hair, but if you don’t shampoo regularly, it can cause product build up and can weigh hair down. If your hair isn’t as thick, you can use natural ingredients like fresh aloe vera pulp to clean hair and improve the overall health of hair.

Hope this articles clears up all doubts regarding co washing, have a happy hair day!


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