Colorbar Creme Touch Lipstick Unique Pink Review, Swatches

Colorbar Creme Touch Lipstick Unique Pink

Colorbar Crème Touch Lipstick comes with the promise of lips that are eloquent and luscious. It comes with lovely rich colours and rich in moisturizing properties making lips look fuller and creamier all day long. It has sheabutter, Vitamin E and sunscreen agents at SPF 15 level which nourish and protect your lips against UV rays. It glides on effortlessly for flawless, even coverage for that perfect pout.
Colorbar Creme Touch Lipstick Unique Pink
Line the lips with a suitable lip liner. Press the bullet to the lips using even pressure to apply color on both upper and lower lips: To refresh and even out, press lips together. Using a lip brush gives a richer and more precise color application.



INR 475

I got this amazing unique pink lipstick from Colorbar the other day. This is called unique pink and believe me it is! I am noticing colorbar doing this stint with a lot of neon and brighter corals and orange, thankfully someone is unlike Lakme 😛 Colorbar has loads of corals and pinks and neons too. Though I do not venture out with an orange lipstick, I can surely have my way with it by setting it with tissue or loose powder. This is one such shade which is amazing to look at but if you face makeup is not right this could really stand out.


The new shades come with a purple label. They have some 4-5 new shades in bright oranges and pinks, this one was the prettiest.You can check out this Peach glow HERE .They have another orange one as far as I can remember,.But this one looked most wearable. Like most creme touch lipsticks, this is a soft creamy but not cakey lipstick.the texture is opaque in two swipes and it has this burst of moisture to it which makes lips very supple.This also makes dry lips better and thinner lips look plumper.this is the USP of these creme touch lipsticks.These are not at all heavy still they deliver the right amount of color and hydration. This goes for most Creme touch I have used, believe me I have most of them, thanks to IMBB.



The color is such a blend of coral orange and pink that I simply fail to describe it.It looks orange and pink and also a carrot red sometimes, IMO this will suit neutral to little cooler skin tones. If you are too warm or yellow please skip this one. The lipstick goes well in one swipe,in two swipes you might feel it will bleed a bit and it does transfer easily. Despite that this lasts 3-4 hours which is fine, it leaves  a tint behind, more on the orange side.


The packaging is gorgeous, the silver click lock case with the purple band and sticker and the outer pack too. These seem worth 475 honestly though they were only 450 a while back. These will make your lips happy in terms of the saturation and pigmentation it has.You might say this is not as pink as it is coral or orange.


I love this and recommend this for the color, hydrating texture and the unique pink that it is. Must-try shade.

IMBB rating:


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