Colorbar Creme Touch Lipsticks – 4 Orange Shades

Colorbar Creme Touch Lipsticks – 4 Orange Shades

Yeeee after a long time I am reviewing Colorbar, I sorted them out to four, well, 3 of them are oranges, one is a pale coral milky kind of shade but I have still put it in this family 🙂 check them out orange lip lovers..

Colorbar Creme Touch Lipsticks - 4 Orange Shades

i love the shiny packaging with a click lock these comes in, these are so creamy like the name suggests but more than creamy I really think they are out and out glossy, and really make lips look plumper, with all the glossy creamy color color happening, so its a treat to me, for girls with dry and thin lips as well 🙂 one helluva saucy lipstick collection 🙂

colorbar lipsticks

Today I am reveiwng gorgeous oranges but before I begin I need to tell you that unfortunately all the shades stained me, like the velvet ones, I think the deeper and more pigmented the shade from colorbar is, the more chances of it staining me,but still go ahead check them out, if Colorbar lipstick dont stain you, check them, I think some ingredient in colorbar lippies does not agree with my lips *headbang*

colorbar creme touch lipsticks orange shades (1)

colorbar creme touch lipstick orange shade swatches

Let me start with the not so orange shade that is in Sienna a magic, it is a milky peachy shade and most of us like to see it but when it comes to carrying it, i had a tough time looking normal, it made me look like I have whiter lips so I really think this has to be paired well with eye makeup, this is great for lighter skin and girls who can carry milky lipsticks, an the coverage is awesome. It feels super smooth and pigmented and hence dry and pigmented lips would love it. The finish is really saucy, it makes lips look plumper, and that I what I love about these creme lipsticks.the staying power is good too but since it is creamy, it transfers a lot, you can think of the staying power as above average.

glossy lips (1)

Coming to the next one, this is a pretty one, it is called Wicked orange and is a true orange but more red than the burnt orange shade.None of the mentioned lipstick have shimmer or frost, they are just creamy. this shade looks more red on me. The shade is a creamy orange and extremely pigmented and saucy, great for dry and thin lips. The shade is very party and bridal and the finish which is glossy makes it a great night wear IMO,the color would suit warm skin tones and it really brightens up skintone and complexion. Again, it has average staying power, transfers everywhere an stains my lips!

glossy lips (2)


Next is the Tangerino shade, again looks awesome in the tube but it is very hard to carry, it really looks bright on me.I think it is  very bridal and the fact that they are so saucy makes them so glossy and stand out, you really cant wear it in the day, it is super pigmented and stains the lips. It makes lips look plump and it stays on for quite some time, the creaminess makes them transfer to the teeth as well 😛


glossy lips (4)


The last one is Burnt orange, this one is the thickest out of them and the most pigmented, you really need to use it well or as a stain may be, it is a very deep orange shade and since it is thick, it looks even more glossy and the lips look plumper. Needless to say great for dry and thin lips but for me it stains big time! The staying power is pretty good for these since they are so pigmented bit the sauciness makes them transfer all over the place.

glossy lips (3)


For milky shade pick Sienna a magic, for a redder one, pick Wicked orange, for a orange coral kind of shade , pick Tangerino and for an out an out orange shade pick Burnt orange.I have to warn you these are super pigmented and super creamy and saucy, makes lip look plump but they stain my lips a lot.

colorbar creme touch lipsticks orange shades (2)

Left to right:

Tangerino, sienna a magic, wicked orange, burnt orange.

colorbar creme touch lipsticks swatch

Which one did you like for a bold orange lip look? 🙂

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25 thoughts on “Colorbar Creme Touch Lipsticks – 4 Orange Shades

  1. wow they look yummyyyy *happy dance* *happy dance*
    nice swatches Neha *clap*
    sienna a magic is the best according to me

  2. Great collection of bright orangey stuff *clap* *clap* all the shades looking great on you *jai ho* i loved sienna a magic of all *happy dance* *happy dance*

  3. beautiful swatches as usual *woot* *jai ho*…i loved sienna a magic *woot* *drool* ….but it might wash me out *scared* *cry*

  4. Tangerino looks awesome on you.. I have tried it and I know it’s one tricky color.. but it looks so luscious and tempting on you… *haan ji* *haan ji* *haan ji*

  5. superb.. all these oranges are so bright and vibrant wow.. *woot* *whistle* I won’t b able to pull off a single shade though.. *cry* but i loved sienna, burnt orange a lot… *woot*
    Every shade is looking so haut n happening on ur gorgoeus flawless pouts neha.. *jai ho* *whistle*

  6. Wow, Neha, I loved all these, none of these colours are available here, I was looking for Sienna Magic for ages. *headbang*

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