Colorbar Definer Lip Liner Just Coral Review, Swatches

Colorbar Definer Lip Liner Just Coral

Gift yourself fabulous forever lips with these soft, creamy pencils as they glide on effortlessly for intense, true color that will not feather or bleed. It lines, it fills, it lasts.

Sensual defined lips just got easier and more exciting with new range of Colorbar Definer Lip Liner. Here comes a perfect partner for your lipstick that keeps it in place for an all day look. This waterproof magic lip wand works as a fabulous lip filler which makes a proper matte base for your lips. Apply your glosses and lipsticks over this base for long lasting colour. The innovative refined formula follows and outlines the lip contour with an adjustable coverage and does not smudge. It comes with its own sharpener cap so that every time you apply the lipliner you get a proper defined pencil to form a base for your lips.



Price: INR 550

Like I said the site had 15% off I placed another order and got these, these are superb lip pencils, they come with a shaprner in the cap and they feel super creamy, very pigmented and rarely ever tug the lips, well they come at a steep price of 550 but they longer too, they are kind of smudge resistant but do not dry to a smudge proof finish, but the color is a full coverage single swipe type, these are at par or even better than MAC lip pencils which are double the price honestly, these pencils will not disappoint you.



I am surprised this shade in a coral one is not reviewed yet, the Rosy red shade is kind of similar but this is orange matte, more orange than red.the pencil is longer than average, the cap can be opened to bits, the sharpener, the cap of the sharpener and the cleaner, are all snugly fit there. 



The pencil is very pigmented, you do not need to apply slight pressure on this one, it glides very smoothly, just right to give full coverage and pigmentation and to not crumble and break, if you sharpen the tip too pointy, then of course it would crumble,but I like the rounded tips.



The color is orange matte and covers lip pigmentation, the color is suitable to warm and neutral skin tones.  If you tend to apply it overall, then it gets too dry and matte, so dry lips need to use it along with something moisturizing,matte lovers will like it as such.

The color can smudge with meals, but overall it feels great to use with lipsticks, helps contour the lips, and stop lipsticks from bleeding,you can count on it for 4 plus hours.I love the color a lot and recommend it too.

IMBB rating:


and coming up..
wild berry, perfect maroon and summer pink.

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