Coloressence Intense Long Wear Liquid Lip Color in Rose Petal Review

Hello Ladies,

The much pending review on the other shade of Coloressence intense long wear lip color range is finally here. I picked ‘Rose Petal’ and ‘Antique Ruby’ from this range which turned out to be okay for me mostly. Read on to know more.

Coloressense Rose Petal Intense Long Wear Liquid Lip Color1

Price: 350 INR for 8 ml

Shelf Life: 3 years

Product Description:
Intense lip color with a creamy consistency that is highly pigmented with a smooth texture giving a long lasting matte coverage with no hint of stickiness.

Coloressense Rose Petal Intense Long Wear Liquid Lip Color2

My Experience with Coloressence Intense Long Wear Liquid Lip Color in Rose Petal:

Finally I am slowly getting to explore more of liquid lipsticks that give a matte finish. This range that slowly transcends from a shine to a matte finish works for me in a way that is not a shock for me. My recent development with my vanity with baby steps towards embracing the mattes has been fun and fine so far; I picked the basic safest colors from this range. I saw these colors as what I would wear or as highly likely to wear lip colors come what may, and the overall product picks worked in my favor.

Coloressense Rose Petal Intense Long Wear Liquid Lip Color3

The small sleek rectangular shaped box tube is embedded in a cardboard box with all details on it but you also have a transparent sticker label on the tube once you take the outer removing which was quite hard for me. I had to save it for my reviews *smiles*. The only problem is that neither the outer box or does the tube carry the ingredient list. It only specifies the active ingredients which include jojoba oil, almond oil, vitamin E and dimethicone which is good news. Be sure to check if you are allergic to dimethicone. This sleek tube is easy to carry around in your purse especially when you need something sleek to pocket in your classy clutches when you need to re apply.

‘Rose Petal’ is a regular soft pink shade that can be pulled off by pretty much anyone – a shade that would almost fit any season and outfit that provides a good color payoff with almost one to max two product dips and offering a close to perfect precise application. You can imagine how smooth the consistency can be and the applicator is also designed in a way that smoothly glides on for a neat finish.

Coloressense Rose Petal Intense Long Wear Liquid Lip Color4

This highly pigmented lip color offers a mediocre close-to-perfect opaque coverage and is a blessing for pigmented lips!

The upside of this pink-shaded lip wear is that it provides a color pay off and coverage that is even and opaque; it is likely to suit a wide variety of skin tones. Perfect for medium complexioned beauties and with a little bit of bold make up, it can suit fair complexions pretty well. If you are a beginner, whose yet to explore lipsticks, without hesitation you can begin by opting for this regular soft pink that provides the coverage like that of a lipstick.

Texture and consistency:
I would not recommend this lip wear for winters not especially if you got dry or chapped lips. Make sure you keep your lip balms in place. If chapped lips are healing, it would be a wrong time to use this lip color as though the texture of the lip color is light on your lips, with time it is likely to dry out your lips. Also it would affect the overall finish. The texture could be the cause of the dimethicone in it maybe. Speaking of dimethicone, be certain to use this lip wear only if you do not have an allergic reaction towards methicone. The lip crème has a smooth glide-on consistency which applies evenly and helps to obtain a neat finish with good precision. Upon application, it imparts a shine like a lip crème but instantly sets into matte.

Coloressense Rose Petal Intense Long Wear Liquid Lip Color5

Staying power and fragrance:
The lip color’s staying power is mediocre. If left untouched without rubbing the lips, it would last for easily 5+ hours even when you sip water in between but the glitch here is with time you will notice that this dries up and slowly settles into your lip lines in a way that is too visible; also there would be an obvious differentiation between the outer and inner corner of the lips. It is not a very pleasant sight to look at. At that point with a snack or a meal, it fades your lips in an unevenly fashion and you have to either immediately remove or reapply. If not, the parts of the product and stain left behind on your lips are going to be obvious.
The synthetic fragrance that these tubes carry with them are very bothersome for me especially during application; they do eventually fade but if you think cannot handle it, you have to reconsider your option of purchasing these lip crèmes.

Coloressense Rose Petal Intense Long Wear Liquid Lip Color6

‘Rose Petal’ in my eyes is an all-purpose shade that can be applied for any season, occasion and would suit pigmented lips and a wide variety of skin tones and any complexion. A color like this can come handy any day just like the regular berry pinks.

Pros of Coloressence Intense Long Wear Liquid Lip Color in Rose Petal:

• Packaging – color-coded short chubby stick with a classic silver cap with net weight, shelf and name specified below the tube.
• Affordable.
• Color – a soft matte finish shade in soft rose petal pink color that can be a comfortable everyday wear.
• Texture – creamy with a shine not too heavy that feels light on your lips.
• ‘Rose Petal’ can suit a wide range of skin tones and any complexion.
• Easy to carry.
• Although it leaves an uneven stain, it is easy to re-apply.
• Mediocre staying power – lasts a drink and snack and a full meal. Sipping water in between does not disturb the product.
• Contains jojoba oil, almond oil and Vitamin E as active ingredients.

Coloressense Rose Petal Intense Long Wear Liquid Lip Color7

Cons of Coloressence Intense Long Wear Liquid Lip Color in Rose Petal:

• No ingredient list.
• Likely to stain clothes which can be a tricky situation and cannot be easily removed with water.
• Upon fading leaves behind a parched flaky lip with an uneven stain.
• Tad bit sticky.
• Carries a synthetic fruity smell which can be bothersome.
• Carries dimethicone which might trigger an allergic reaction for some.
• Does not hydrate your lips but instead dry out your lips.

IMBB Rating: 4/5

Would I Repurchase/Recommend Coloressence Petal Intense Long Wear Liquid Lip Color in Rose Petal:
As much as I am satisfied with my repurchase, I would not repurchase ‘Rose Petal’ again as I already got a lot of regular pinks in my vanity and I’m also looking forward to explore more mattes in different shades. If you are looking for a classic soft rose shade with a matte finish with a price tag that does not scare you, this could be your one.

Verdict: ‘Rose Petal’, a classic soft rosy matte that can make a perfect everyday pink shade.

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