Crabtree and Evelyn Rose Water Travel Kit Review

Crabtree and Evelyn Rose Water Travel Kit

Cute Bag

Wondering what is in this cute pink bag?

This is Crabtree and Evelyn Rose Water Travel Kit. I got this Crabtree and Evelyn Rose Water travel kit during my last holiday at Hong Kong and I really love this one.

My aunt was crazy about their rose water hand cream [she had used it just once when her friend offered her] but by then I had no idea about this brand. My aunt is an awesome homemaker and I thought her tired hands needs really good pampering. During her birthday is the first time I visited this shop. When I just crossed their store I could feel the awesome aroma. Though they had a number of hand creams in different variants like rose water, sandalwood, lavender, etc I blindly picked rose water for her. It had a lovely smell and soft texture that I just didn’t have the thought of trying anything else. [Now I regret]

Later on my trip to Hong Kong I got this super cute travel kit, again in Rose water. This kit has the following

Crabtree and Evelyn Rose Water Travel Kit

  • Soap with Cold Cream – 40 gms
  • Rose Water Hand Therapy – 25 ml
  • Rose Water Bath and Shower Gel – 50 ml
  • Rose Water Body Lotion – 50 ml

I carried this kit with me during my honeymoon and I loved it to the core.

Crabtree and Evelyn Rose Water Soap with Cold Cream

Crabtree and Evelyn Rose Water Soap with Cold Cream
This tiny soap claims to have cold cream and it really glides on my skin like a cream. This soap leaves my skin soft with the exotic mild fragrance of rose water. My husband liked the fragrance so much that he insisted me to continue using this. I feel very fresh and clean after the bath and also it does not make my skin dry. Though I am not too fond of soaps these days this one will always be an exception.

Rose Water Hand Therapy

Rose Water Hand Therapy
This was the one I gifted to my aunt and I really felt bad for not buying a separate tube for myself. It is a cream that is not so thick but is really light on the skin once I apply it. It gets absorbed in the skin very quickly leaving the skin soft and supple. This had solved almost all the problems my aunt had like dryness, darkening skin near the cuticles and scaling skin near the nails while used regularly. No wonder my aunt was crazy about it.

Rose Water Bath and Shower Gel

Crabtree and Evelyn Rose Water Bath and Shower Gel
When I used it for the first time I was wondering whether this was pure rose water except for the lathering property and the texture. The shower gel colored in light pink is really attractive. It lathers well and my skin feels silky smooth after the shower. A little amount was sufficient and this did not leave my skin dry as well. I felt the Hand Therapy had a strong fragrance [not strong as such but only when compared] when compared to this shower gel.

Rose Water Body Lotion

Crabtree and Evelyn Rose Water Body Lotion
The bottle reads ‘Rose Water and Glycerine’ body lotion so you can imagine the moisturizing effect it would leave on one’s skin. It is a light lotion and that gets quickly absorbed. The fragrance is awesome when used with the soap or shower gel and it really calms one’s mind for a while. My skin feels really smooth and pampered after I use this. I am in love with this one as well.

What I like about these products?

  • The Fragrance: All these products have a mild rose water fragrance that any one will fall in love with. Also during a warm shower or immediately after that we can feel a calming effect when we inhale the smell deeply.
  • All products are really skin-friendly. None of these left me disappointed and if I am using these products I need not worry about dryness at all. It really does moisturize my skin.
  • I feel my skin gets pampered and that brings a smile on my face.
  • They have a wide range of products so people who are not too fond of rose water have a great choice to choose from. I am sure everyone will be able to find one for their taste.
  • I love their packaging. It is always very cute and very attractive. I always get confused when I try getting their products based on their packaging. It is really a tough decision to make.
  • The price is also not so expensive for the products and their properties. [I don’t remember the price of the kit though. 🙁 but to give you an idea the cost of their 250 ml Rose Water Hand and Body Lotion is 20 USD]

What I don’t like about these products?

  • I don’t think this is available in India at least not in Chennai for sure. Biggest disappointment for me.
  • The fragrance doesn’t last long. It is just there for a short period of time.

Have you used Crabtree and Evelyn Rose Water  products? Please rate!


28 thoughts on “Crabtree and Evelyn Rose Water Travel Kit Review

  1. This looks very very drool-worthy. I am going to be on the lookout for it the next time I go abroad. 🙂

  2. I love everything that says “rose water” and these look like a real luxury. Loved the review and I have my eye on them. Hmmm :rose: :rose: :rose:

    1. Rati if you love the rose water fragrance then you’ll fall in love with this range. I am already planning to ask my aunt to get me the body lotion during her trip to India this year end 😉

  3. Nice review Aarthi. I love rosewater and roses as such. Will look out for this brand for sure. That cream and shower gel look yumm..You know I have almost all the “rose” stuff from TBS


    1. Poornima I think you’ll love this more than I do as you are a fan of rose water and rose fragrances too !!! I am sure if you try this in the shops you wont return empty handed 🙂

  4. mmmm… i love the smell of rosewater…and going by your review im sure this smells divine!

    also, how cute is your bedcover?

    1. Also the smell is mild Devika. So I think almost every one of us will love the mild rose water fragrance. 🙂

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