A Cruise to Lakshadweep Islands on Ship M. V. Kavaratti

Lakshadweep Trip: Living on the Ship and Visiting the Islands

Lakshadweep, the tiniest Union Territory of India, is an archipelago consisting of 12 atolls, 3 reefs and 5 submerged banks. The main islands here Kavaratti, Kalpeni, Minicoy, Kadmat, Agatti and Bangaram. Apart from the obvious temptation of the cruise by either ship or air on the oceanic canvas of blue and turquoise of the Indian Ocean and the Arabian Sea, the lure of greenery yet untainted by the pollutions of civilization, a great abundance of flora and fauna, unique aquatic ecosystems draw the attention of the tourists.

[image taken from the watch tower of Kalpeni islands]
lakshadweep islands

The tours are conducted strictly under the regulation of the government of India, and whatever travel agency or tour conductor may arrange for the tour, has to do it through that government agency. No private entrepreneurship is allowed any authority on this. The only two ways to reach the islands are by air or in ship. People who go to stay in uninhabited islands for 3 or 4 days usually prefer flying. But for roaming over the islands and enjoying the sea voyage, the sea it is. The most important ship to the Lakshadweep islands is M.V.Kavaratti, which sails from the Kochi port.

[image – the ship M. V. Kavaratti]
lakshadweep islands kavaratti

The ship is described officially as– “The Motor Vessel Kavaratti, 700 Passengers cum 200 T Cargo Vessel built for the Union Territory of Lakshadweep Islands… The all-weather passenger ship, m.v. Kavaratti, built for the Lakshadweep administration by Hindustan Shipyard, Visakhapatnam, will make its maiden voyage to the islands in the first week of August, 2008.The Rs.173-crore ship, the largest passenger vessel ever built in India, is 120 Meter long and has a speed of 17 Knots. The ship can carry 700 passengers and 200 tons of cargo. The ship has world-class facilities like a 152-seater cafeteria, 100-seater dining hall, Recreation room, gymnasium and a very large airspace to enhance passenger convenience on-board. The ship is fully Air conditioned by centralized air-conditioning system and has been built to world class standards. The ships have cafeteria, snack bars, doctor on call, entertainments and upper-deck promenade. Ship facilities include three independent galleys, halls, recreation place with a swimming pool and a helipad.”

The passengers stay on the ship till they reach the island group, and at every night; and of course while returning to the Kochi port. The travelers board on smaller boats while going to visit the individual islands, and return in the same manner to the ship before sunset.

[image – passengers boarding on transport boats from the mother ship]
lakshadweep islands kavaratti

This is how the picturesque island ferries look when arriving on the islands on those boats:
lakshadweep islands

And this is the first view of the Minicoy islands after reaching the tiny landmass:
lakshadweep islands minicoy

The ecology of the Lakshadweep islands provides niches for marine and aquatic creatures. Of the ones found on the shores and the beach, the crabs (unfortunately, these are inedible varieties) caught my interest…

Following are two beautiful types, the pearly white crab of the sand, seen only during the ebb tide –
lakshadweep islands white crab

And the rock crabs which inhabit the slippery rocks which provide natural camouflage for their shells.
lakshadweep islands rock crab

The best attractions of the Lakshadweep islands, of course, are the CORALS. They are seen in abundance during snorkeling and rowing in glass-bottom boats. This is a STAR FISH peeking from the corals –
lakshadweep islands corals

The most beautiful variety of corals I saw was the one which looked like a cactus plant, with mauve flowers on top of the stems. The mauve tops are supposed to glow after sunsets… wish I could see that… but alas, it is mandatory to return to the mother ship within sunset.
lakshadweep islands corals

Of course, it is illegal to touch or damage any type of marine product, dead or alive. They are part of the National Treasure. So the shells, fishes, turtles, corals, everything is off limits to us mortals, save for viewing and photographing.

I feel uneasy if I do not post even a single picture of sunrise or sunset in any setting related to seas and oceans… so I will conclude this article with this molten gold of a glorious sunset, as viewed from the top-most deck of the ship M.V.Kavaratti-
lakshadweep islands sunset

If you are planning a trip to Lakshadweep islands, you can take help of the following websites:


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