8 Must-Have Beauty Essentials to Pack in Your Travel Bag

By Chanchala Bose

In order to take a break from the stressful office work and schedules, a holiday is needed every now and then. There are girls who are just way too trendy and somehow feel the need to look perfect all the time. Even on the holidays, they like to bring with them a plethora of beauty products. Are you one of them too? If yes then today I am going to list down 8 must-have beauty products no beauty addict can do without while holidaying.

Travel Skin Care Essentials
This is a must-have! Whether a sunscreen makes you look pretty or not doesn’t matter. Other than preventing the unwanted tan lines, a good sunblock protects you from the harmful UV rays coming from the sun as they can ruin your looks in the long term. So this is the first and foremost product that demands a place in your fanny pack or the suitcase.


Well, this is an easy pick. Electric toothbrushes are a rage nowadays. They not only clean your teeth well, they do give you shiny and beautiful smile too. Just pick the best quality toothbrush you see and carry it along.

Dry shampoo

dry shampoo for travels

Let’s face the reality – if you are going on a vacation, you are not going to use a shampoo every day. Still, you are somehow going to get all muddy and dirty as the adventure sports are probably inevitable. Dry shampoos are perfect pick in that scenario. They clean the hair from deep and they don’t leave any oily residue. You will be just fine if you use them twice a week.


Razors are very tiny and even the best ones are not very expensive. They deserve a place in your backpack. After all, who likes to look all hairy? Gift yourself a razor from the best brand and it will become your best friend. These are very travel-friendly and give you the freedom to wear whatever you want.

Face mask

sheet masks to carry in your travel bag

A face mask can do wonders in a very short period of time if applied at the right time. You don’t need those expensive makeup kits and night creams. After a day of roaming around in a foreign country, a decent facemask can make you feel refreshed in a matter of a few minutes. Sheet masks are you best bet when it comes to travelling.

Face Cleanser

A good face cleanser can do many things to make your face look all radiant and glowy all day. It keeps the skin moisturised, keeps it healthy and removes the makeup pretty decently. Buy a small tube for the trip and use it every morning and night to maintain the beauty of your skin.


under eye concealer to hide dark circles

A concealer is a must-have if you think that you are not going to get enough sleep during the trip. The red eyes and the darkness under the eyes make you look pathetic. A good concealer comes in pretty handy in such situations. So, just pack it right away.


Getting all sweaty and dirty is a part of the overall fun that you are looking forward to having on your trip. So, in order to make sure that your armpits don’t smell like rotten eggs, don’t forget to throw in a decent deodorant in your bag pack. You can afford to forget a perfume, but not a deodorant.

So don’t forget to take these above-mentioned beauty essentials along and have a great trip! 🙂

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