11 Daily Habits of People Who Seem To Be “Always Slim”

Some people seem to never put on weight, no matter what they eat or drink! On the surface, they might credit their lean structure to a robust metabolism and genetics, but most of them certainly have some habits and tricks that help them ward off extra pounds and maintain their goal weight rather effortlessly. At the outset, we would like to mention that being in the overweight category can put you at a risk of diseases like type 2 diabetes, PCOD, thyroid, and belly fat can increase the risk of diabetes and heart disease, and that it’s a great idea to lose weight, get healthy and fit. And making lifestyle changes and following a few healthy habits do add up a great deal. So, let’s check out daily habits of people who seem to be always slim and find out what they are doing differently.

Daily Habits of People Who Seem To Be Always Slim

1. They Have Smaller Meal Plates: They trick their mind that they are having large portions of food by eating from smaller plates, where in fact, they are practicing portion control. Switch 12-inch dinner plate with 10-inch plates, or better eat from a heavy bowl that would help cut out significant calories. Also, they most probably choose child’s plate while eating out at restaurants.
2. Consistent with Their Workout: They don’t cite lack of motivation as an excuse to skip exercise. They make exercise a priority and never miss workouts, come rain or shine.
3. Meal Planning and Prep: If exercise is a priority for them, eating healthy and clean is their #1 priority. The saying, “what you eat today in private, you will wear tomorrow in public” is so true. Straighten your diet by eating the right food – find weight-loss friendly meal plans on the Rati Beauty diet. Download the Rati Beauty app for more details.
4. They Have Given up Processed and Ultra-Processed Food: They know processed and ultra-processed food can add so many extra calories with zero nutritional value, and hence hardly indulge in processed food.
5. They Practice Hara Hachi Bu: This one simple rule can boost your weight loss and improve overall health as well – stop eating when you are 80% full! “Hara Hachi Bu” is an eating technique that originated from Okinawa region of Japan where people live an exceptionally long life, are not obese, and rarely suffer from any metabolic diseases such as type 2 diabetes, stroke or cardiovascular issues. “Hara Hachi Bu,” literally translates to “eat until you are 80% full.” This practice promotes putting a stop to eating once a person reaches 80% satiety. It’s a part of mindful eating where one is alert about cues from the body when the satiety point has been reached. It’s a fact that your brain takes about 20 minutes to register how much your body has eaten, and when you stop at 80% full, it would mean you are actually full, and stopping at 100% full, would mean you have overeaten! Complicated, right?! So, that’s why, in this post, we list down ways to eat until 80% full to lose weight and set right the hunger/satiety mechanism which gets impaired due to overeating. Read all about it here – “How To Eat Until 80% Full to Lose Weight.”
6. They Get Out in Sunlight: Recent studies have revealed that vitamin D deficiency triggers fat storage in the body, especially around the waist area. Vitamin D is essential in the smooth running of a majority of bodily functions because it is one of 24 essential nutrients that our body needs in order to survive. And guess where can you get a good dose of vitamin D from? By stepping outside, into the sun, so that the body can make it naturally using sunlight.
7. When They are Stressed, They: Exercise, go for a run, get themselves busy with a hobby – and never seek comfort in food. Emotional eating is not for them. Turning to food for comfort under stressful situations is a sure-shot to gain weight, because in today’s world, we all live under so much stress on a day-to-day basis, do learn to detach food with emotions. Read: “17 Small Lifestyle Habits That Will Help you with Weight Loss.”
8. They Have a Palate For Spicy Food: When these people say they love spicy food, believe them! The capsaicin content in chillies, jalapenos, etc., increase metabolism up to 8 percent through a process called thermogenesis. And this process of burning calories through thermogenesis is what gives capsaicin its credit with regards to weight loss.
9. Frequent Breaks from Work Desk: These people do not believe in leading a sedentary lifestyle. They get up from their work desk every few minutes and hate being called a couch potato. They always like to get up on their feet and burn a lot of calories in the process.
10. They Do Not Compromise with Sleep Schedule: All said and done, they do sleep like a baby, and none of them are night owls. Having a sound sleep means waking up with a robust metabolism, with stress, hunger, insulin hormones all under control.
11. They Said Bye To Sugar Ages Ago: Last but not the least, added sugar that makes it way through baked goodies, processed food, etc., add a lot of unhealthy calories, raises inflammation, and makes losing weight extremely difficult. Say bye to sugar right now, it does absolutely nothing and increases the risk of diseases like diabetes and heart disease.

So, these are some habits you could incorporate into your lifestyle to get healthy and drop extra pounds.

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