17 Small Lifestyle Habits That Will Help you with Weight Loss

As we have always maintained, only the right kind of diet coupled with regular exercise will help shave extra pounds off you, but along with these two main factors, making little lifestyle changes and making healthy habits out of them are needed to accelerate the pace at which you drop weight. We keep talking about adopting healthy lifestyle habits not only to lose weight but also to sustain the weight loss. When you make these lifestyle habits, you would not only look better, you would feel better, and there would be lesser chances of failure. Most importantly, it’s easier to incorporate these lifestyle habits into daily routine and get maximum results. So, let’s find out what exactly lifestyle habits would help you with weight loss.

Small Lifestyle Habits That Will Help you with Weight Loss

1. Find a Diet That Works for you: A good weight loss diet would encourage you to eat healthy meals, is not based on food deprivation, and takes care of all your nutrient requirements, along with keeping you in calorie deficit so that you can drop extra pounds and burn fat consistently. Rati Beauty Diet encourages you to eat the right kind of food, to make lifestyle changes, and puts you on successful weight loss strategy. You can check more details on the Rati Beauty app.
2. Measure your Food: Portion control is essential to get into calorie deficit and to drop extra weight. Calorie deficit happens when a person consumes fewer calories than those burnt while exercising, resting, or performing basic bodily functions. Portion control involves being aware of the correct amount of food and serving sizes so that you do not fall out of calorie deficit. So, stop eyeballing food quantity and serving sizes, and measure your food.
3. Cook at Home, Cut Down on Eating Out: There are multiple benefits of eating homemade food – you can cut loads of calories, be sure of healthy ingredients, cut out bad ingredients like transfat, etc. And you get to save lots of money while doing so. Also, avoid ordering food from outside – food delivery apps on your phone may tempt you to give into cravings and order food from outside often. Limit eating out to once a week and you will see the weight dropping with completely home-cooked food.
4. Drink Loads of Water: If there’s one golden rule you should absolutely follow if you are trying to lose weight – it’s to “drink at least 8 glasses of water each day!” There’s hardly any dispute that drinking water throughout the day helps with weight loss. Plain water affects fat loss in more ways than one – it helps to flush out toxins, curbs appetite, has absolutely no calories, boosts metabolism, and boosts the fat-burning process.
5. Eat More Protein: When you consume protein, it increases the levels of the satiety hormones, reduces your appetite, also reducing the hunger hormone. In order to lose weight fast, you need to consume more protein and by doing so, boost satiety hormones and keep the hunger hormones in check, which in turn means that you will be less likely to binge and eat calories.
6. Making Exercise a Part of your Daily Routine: Keep aside at least 40 minutes for yourself from your busy routine everyday to relax, meditate and exercise (not necessarily by hitting the gym). Exercise at least for 40 minutes five times a day every week to burn layers of extra fat and drop weight.
7. Cut Down Sugar: Removing sugar from your diet can be a complete game-changer in your life. If you are dreaming about a lighter version of you, then completely give up on added sugar. Read about “14 Ways to Cut Down Sugar For Weight Loss and Health.”
8. Be Active Through the Day: Increasing physical activity and being on your feet for the major part of the day helps to burn considerable amount of calories. Even mundane chores like sweeping, mopping, dusting can help a great deal with weight loss.
9. Eat More Veggies: Try to fill half of your plate with vegetables and you can get the benefit of loads of nutrients and avoid extra calories from piling up in your body.
10. Get Fresh Air, Vitamin D: Deficiency of vitamin D can hamper your weight loss goals. Also, stepping outside to get fresh air increases the flow of oxygen and boosts digestion, and the easiest way to get both these benefits is by walking for at least 30 minutes every morning, and one can burn up to 150 calories by doing so.
11. Maintain a Food Diary: Jot down every meal that you consume into a notebook because it helps to eliminate potential fattening and unhealthy food. A food journal also helps one set a food routine and reduce the frequency of snacking. All of these factors would prevent you from gaining weight.
12. Switching to Healthy Snacks: Switching healthy snacks with biscuits, cookies, cakes, pastries, fried foods will help cut down a great deal of empty calories. Here’s a list of “12 Health-Friendly Tasty Snacks” that are weight loss friendly too.
13. Eat Slowly and in Peace: When you sit down to eat, do so at a slow pace, and chewing every bite. When you eat too fast, your brain doesn’t get the signal to stop once you are full. This means that you often eat more than you actually require. Another interesting fact is that the brain takes about 20 minutes to register that you have eaten food and by slowing down, you can actually reach satiation point during the eating process itself and stop yourself from piling on extra pounds. When you eat slowly, you are reducing the intake of calories and a slow-paced meal will make you think that you have eaten a good amount of food.

14. Finish your Dinner Early: Try to finish dinner by 7 pm because towards the evening, metabolism slumps down, and eating too late could be one of the possible causes of weight gain. Studies have found out that people who eat late at night tend to gain more weight than people who eat at normal hours.
15. Maintaining a Good Sleep Schedule: Sleep deprivation can lower metabolism, increasing cravings for unhealthy food, and also increase stress hormone. In fact,  sleeping for lesser than 7 hours, makes your metabolism slump to its lowest and that will lower the pace at which body burns fat. Get a minimum of 7 hours each night to lose weight successfully.
16. Switch to Smaller Plates: When you use small plates or bowls, you tend to take smaller amount of food and that would prevent you from eating more food. here’s also an amazing scientific study that states that your brain gets tricked and feels satisfied when you eat from a bowl than from a plate.
17. Reduce Stress: Relax, sleep well, practice meditation, and find hobbies that would lower stress. Most of us turn to high-calorie, high-sodium, sugary delights when we are stressed out. Chronic stress, just like sleep deprivation, act as major roadblocks in a person’s weight loss journey. So, relax and find ways to take your mind off stress.

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