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Alankrita Asks :

I would like to know about best dermatologists in Delhi as i am new to the city. I have already been to couple of them and realized that its tough to find a genuine doc here (just my bitter experience)

Please suggest as per your experience

thanks a lot


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  1. Helo Alankrita….The best dermatologist in delhi is Dr. Ajay Kashyap google it and you would find out testimonials too he is the best in this field and very humble gentleman too….his no is 9818678118…bit expensive bt he is one person knws the root cause for skin of all typs..

    1. haan true Nupur he is into cosmetic surgery 🙂 bt he smhw is d only one who cud gt it xctly right fr my acne prone skin :victory2: :victory2: none other doc till date able to find out abt my problem :yikes: :yikes: :yikes: :hunterwali:

      1. Nupur and Jigyasa.. to give you information that dont post anything which is not true..Dr Ajay kashyap is not a Dermatologist..he never does skin opd .i visited him last week and found ..he is a surgeon .he does surgeries.there are hundreds of skin specialists in Delhi..

  2. you can visit any of these 3 doctors as per your convenience Alankrita, thy r good
    Dr.Vinay Singh – Max hospital pitam pura
    Dr. Rishi parashar – Ganga Ram Hospital
    Dr. Anil Ganjoo- Gujranawala town , near Ashok Vihar

    1. I’m consulting Dr. Vinay Singh from last 2 months for acne and dark circles. I’m very happy with the results. I’ll definitely recommend him.

  3. Dr. Ahmed zaheer at max panchshel ( apollo)is great…my skin is dry,acne prone and i had vertiligo too as a kid..he has always solved my probs..he takes ur pictures at evry u can chart ur hes realy caring and has a female doc wd hm alwaz

  4. Even I would highly recommend Dr. Zaheer Ahmed However would like to tell you the medicines he recommend are really very expensive…he sits in panchshel and also near CP

  5. Even I need few good names … Preferably in Gurgaon… I have been in search of good dermats :ghost2: :ghost2:
    I am very encouraged for getting those Glycolic peels… :dance: :dance: (( After reading good reviews on APNA Imbb..)) :makeup: :makeup:

  6. In Gurgaon there is a clinic by the name of Divine Look -Dr.Avinash.
    I have done 07 sessions of glycolic peel and my pimples have vanished

  7. thank you so much everyone
    highly appreciate your recommendations
    i have jotted down the names, will visit one of’em very soon 🙂

  8. hi… can anyone guide me for a good dermatologist in delhi… i have very sensitive skin… and some acne scars on cheeks and forehead… i read about skin needling …its safe for sensitive skin… can u plz guide me which doctor would be best to evaluate my skin properly…

  9. I went to Zaheer ahmed for acne scars, with his medication I’ve started breaking out all the more leaving more scars behind :(( not feeling good at all. With the super expensive mess this is not what one expects ! :/

  10. hi.. I am a 23 yr old girl who has a very dry and sensitive skin. Shown to 10 doctors almost bt still not been diagnosed wat the actual problem is. Please suggest a doctor in Delhi

  11. I would like to know about best dermatologists in Delhi NCR as per your experiences. I have problem of hair falling so please suggest some genuine doc here in Delhi NCR

    Please suggest as per your experience


  12. U can visit Dr.Suruchi Puri . She is really good at the diagnosis and treatment . Infact she is more into cosmetic dermatology like peels and lasers and face treatment , her clinic is in janak Puri , B-2/31 , her no is 011-25548416 and do take a prior appt as she is very busy

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