14 Diet Foods that are Secretly Making you Fat

Maintaining a strict calorie deficit is not exactly enough to lose weight, weeding out unhealthy foods that lead to weight gain is also important. All calories are not created equal after all. Certain foods can trigger fat to build around the belly area, which we all know, can take forever to melt. Therefore, laying a lot of importance on choosing the kind of food we should include in our daily diet should be a priority. Researchers have proven that as we age, we tend to gain weight, and if we fall for certain “diet foods,” it can actually dampen our weight loss process. Since a chunk of the population is consciously trying to get fit and healthy, companies have started to introduce “low fat” and “diet foods” keeping such consumers in mind, but are these diet foods actually healthy? We do not think so, not all, but a majority of them aren’t even healthy. Also, tags such as “healthy,” diet food,” “low fat,” “sugar free,” makes you eat more of them, leading to weight gain. There is no alternative to eating clean and healthy and once you switch on to a healthy diet program, such as Rati Beauty weight loss diet, you immediately start to eat clean, and as studies have proven, eating a healthy diet is the main factor to achieve weight loss. Portion control, lifestyle changes, calorie deficit, regular exercise, cardio, high intensity interval training, good quality sleep are what will lead you to a slimmer and fitter you. Just keep trying!

Diet Foods that are Secretly Making you Fat

14 Diet Foods that are Secretly Making you Fat:

1. Flavoured Greek Yogurt: While it may seem healthy, not all yogurt versions are healthy, in fact, flavored ones have added sugar and flavour to make it appealing to the taste buds. Not a good choice if you are actually on a diet.

2. Low-fat Yogurt: Just like flavoured yogurt, the fat content gets replaced by added sugar to make the yogurt taste better, but all that sugar spikes up insulin and leads to creation of new fat cells. Better to pick plain yogurt every time.
2. Protein Bars: When you are picking protein bars off supermarket aisles, do remember to check the ingredient list to rule out “high fructose corn syrup,” which can even make you prediabetic.
3. So-called “fresh fruit juices”: Added preservatives, sweeteners, flavouring agents, lack of fiber, sudden spike in insulin levels all make diet-friendly fresh fruit packaged juices unhealthy.
4. Candied fruits: Candied fruits is not equal to raw fruits!
5. Protein Shakes: Protein shakes, and even protein powder, contain artificial sweeteners, high amount of sodium that add so many calories that you would not even be able to keep track of.
6. Diet Soda: Empty calories, artificial sweeteners make diet sodas as unhealthy as their non-diet versions.
7. Energy Drinks: Thinking of treating yourself with energy drinks after a high-intensity workout, think twice because energy drinks pack a lot of calories with high quantity of sugar, so better drink coconut or plain water.
8. Low-fat chips: Potato chips are not okay, not even the baked ones because when potatoes are baked at extremely high temperatures, they release a compound called acrylamides, which can cause cancer. Research has found that baked chips usually have three times more acrylamides than normally fried chips.
9. Brown Bread that still has Maida: Most brown breads have refined flour added to make them fluffy and soft, and that’s one ingredient that is not diet-friendly at all.
10. Gluten-free Pasta: It is low in fiber than its non-gluten version, and that’s a complete no-no. If you are not allergic to gluten, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t eat the whole wheat one.
11. Salad Dressing: High in fructose, packaged salad dressing make your “healthy” salad high in calories, and may even lead to weight gain.
12. Granola bars: Artificial sweeteners are a problem here, and that’s why it’s better to make your own protein bars with nuts and seeds such as pumpkin and sunflower seeds at home.
13. Muesli with artificial sweeteners: Packaged muesli that claim to have real fruits pack lots of sugar, along with artificial flavour, color, and preservatives. Make your own homemade muesli by roasting rolled oats, nuts, and healthy seeds such as pumpkin, flaxseed seeds together.
14. Breakfast Cereals: Wanna lose weight, skip the cereal and eat traditional Indian breakfasts. Much better to start your day with a nutritious homemade breakfast or even boiled eggs to kickstart the metabolism. Most breakfast cereals, are low on nutrients, have loads of sugar, and lack fiber – all of which are extremely important for weight loss.

So, by now, you might have realized that not all “diet foods” are healthy, they would not help you lose weight, in fact, they might be the reason you are still gaining weight.


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