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The “Fit India Movement” is catching on in a big way in India and more and more people are getting conscious about their health and thought of getting fit and fine, to get back into shape, and most importantly to prevent co-morbid diseases. Way before this movement started, we had started the Rati Beauty Diet program with the intention to help women reach their goal weight and into good shape, without walking on the crutches of any fad diet or unhealthy pills. We, at Rati Beauty, encourage women to follow a healthy diet routine that helps one to lose weight without compromising on nutrition. From students, girls living in hostels, working professionals, to busy housewives – everyone who has tried these diet programs, has effectively shed weight and these testimonials and pictures of real women are proof enough. Rati Beauty does not bring to the table fad diets, each ingredient has been researched upon and then included into the program. What is better is that the program changes every week and there’s a new one each Tuesday so that dieting routine does not get boring and repetitious. So, let’s see what all these amazing women who were able to lose weight on Rati Beauty diet program have to say 🙂 Download “Rati Beauty” app today from the app store (for iphones) and Google Playstore (for android phones).

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1. Alka Rao Says: @_alkarao 12.5 kg weightloss using #ratibeautydiet:


She says” Hello everyone, I do product reviews for IMBB and the Rati Beauty app. I was diagnosed with PCOD last year and gained quite some weight. I never had a problem with being a big girl but one of the tried and suggested ways to sort of control PCOD symptoms is to lose weight. That’s what also my gynaecologist suggested me. I had irregular periods, my face was full of acne and blemishes, there was facial hair involved too. I was also not very fit. I love being fit and I love doing strength training. However, my weight had become a hindrance to it. I managed to lose around 2 kilos with regular cardio and weights, accompanied by minor dietary changes. However, I noticed that no matter how hard I am training at the gym, doing bootcamps and pilates, my weight isn’t shifting. So I decided to join Rati’s diet plans. It was a drastic lifestyle change for me. I have never done ‘dieting’ before. So far, I have lost around 13 kilos with the diet plan within. 3-4 months. It took discipline, consistency and patience. A lot of people have dmed me asking what’s the miracle. There are no miracles. It’s just mindful practise of eating food, developed over time. There’s no herbal tea or drink which can make you lose weight overnight. I have also monitored my muscle gain and fat loss during this journey. Yes, I was also moderately active. As much as I could be with my job. I have gained over 3.5 % of muscle mass and lost 7.4% of fat. Which is why, I wouldn’t call this ‘dieting’. It has a negative connotation to it because it implies you are starving yourself. I ate a lot during this journey and was happy with everything I ate. Yes, that’s how organic weight loss works. My journey still continues as I still have the last kilo to shed. My periods are regular now and acne has started subsiding. However, this is a combined effect of medication and a drastic lifestyle change. Do take your medication and love yourself everyday. Do it for yourself and no’….not for someone’s wedding. Also, these two amazing people will always have my gratitude. Can’t thank them enough.”

2. Manshika Tripathi Says: @manshikatripathi weightloss journey from 88 kg to 65 kg. She broke her weight loss plateau using #ratibeautydiet What an amazing transformation, Manshika. Kudos to you for your dedication and hard work.🙌😍❤️


She says,” Hello, here I am again to let you know that you have helped me a lot in my weight loss journey, especially after hitting a plateau. I was stuck at 72 kgs ( after reducing 16 kg) for about 3-4 months
I know it’s hard to lose weight after losing so much, but thanks to you and the diet plans, I am on my way of living my dream and achieving my dream goal weight. Here is my story in my pics. I don’t know whether the difference is visible or not, but definitely my clothes are running loose. I am trying my “5 years old” clothes, that means clothes from my marriage, and I am fitting in them😀Hehhee.thanks. 🙂 #ratibeautydiet

3. Shweta Says: @shwetaa_2 10.5 kg weightloss using #ratibeautydiet


She says “Hey all! Weight was something I always had an issue with, be it school, college. I was diagnosed with PCOD 4 years back when I was in college, and at that time my weight, was 86 kg. My gynaecologist suggested me some changes in my diet, and doing any sort of physical work. I tried going to the gym, but after a month or so, it was time for my semester exams, so I quit. I tried again in the starting of my next semester and again quit after some months. This happened quite a few times, the lowest I could achieve was 80-81 kgs. Then again, last year I was at AIIMS, as I was having irregular periods and severe hair fall. There I had my hormones test done, and every thing else was normal except for PCOD, and my weight was 90 kgs. The doctor said only thing that will help is to lose weight. So, I tried everything I believed would help, like cutting sugar from my diet, walking, running. After a month all I lost was 2-3 kgs. I got demotivated and stopped everything. This happened several times this past year. Then I came across your diet plan and everyone’s results. I was skeptical at first, since I have never done dieting, but I followed Rati from past 6, 7 years, so I trusted her. Before starting the plans, my weight was 89 kgs. I am on the 5th week of diet plan right now, and I measured my weight tomorrow, and it’s 78.5kg. I can fit into my old clothes from 5 years back, which my mom had kept😊. I don’t go to the gym, just walking for at least 5 km a day and diet plans. The diet plans actually are a lifestyle change as Rati says. As now, even on my cheat day, I still count the calories, and feel guilty for even having a dosa as the masala contains aloo😀. I know I have a long way to go, but crossing that 80 kg mark is something I never thought I could do. I can’t thank Rati and Sanjeev enough, I owe this to them.😊😊❤”

Our diet plans are available on the ‘Rati Beauty’ app. Please download from playstore/appstore and subscribe.

4. Priyanka Says: Priyanka’s 20 kg weight loss is incredible and came with so much discipline and hard work. I remember when she started and was always so enthusiastic about sharing her pictures and asking about little things. She says, “From 91 kg after delivery to 71 kg on 2nd October, 2019. I can fit into same jeans when I was 60 kg. Strange thing is I noted down only 6 #ratibeautydiet plans and I am repeating them over and over again.” #ratibeautydiet


5. Purnima says: Purnima’s 9kg weightloss using #ratibeautydiet and she says that she followed it casually and maybe it’s time to get more strict now. Kudos Purnima. Love the transformation. Keep going.😍❤️👏


She says”Omg ✨ what can I say , I mean I can’t say anything. Can you believe I did a total 9 kg weight loss only by your diet and that too, I followed it too casually, yes but keeping my tongue in control👍🏽 All your Diet ka Effects. One thing which you made very much straightforward is – it’s not only the DIET needs in, But the GUT needs to be RIGHT✨” #ratibeauty #ratibeautydiet

6. Rigya Srivastava says: @rigyasrivastava incredible 15 kg weight loss using #ratibeautydiet Kudos🙌

Rigya Srivastava

She writes “Hi Rati and Sanjeev, have been a follower of IMBB since a very long time. You can say as a makeup fan, it introduced me to the world of high-end makeup brands which I never heard of. I’ve always been a heavy girl, but after my pregnancy, my weight was 75 kgs. I have thyroid, PCOS and vitamin deficiency in my body. Also suffered from bad acne due to all these, but I never cared about my health even after 2.5 years of my pregnancy. My husband has an extremely exceptional metabolism rate and he does not gain weight even after eating “chole bhature” everyday. In fact, he would start to lose weight if he does not go to gym. Being a foodie, our world revolved around junk. Pizza, chocolate, icecream was our everyday thing. Last July, I got my thyroid levels checked and it was 6.6 (normal range is 5 to 8). I was unable to walk and used to forget even my house number on my way back from office. Doctor advised me to get admitted to hospital immediately. I simply told them I will come back tomorrow morning and never went back scared, frustrated thinking who would take care of my daughter the way I do when I am in hospital for this long treatment. I decided I will reverse my health conditions and started skipping office meetings to walk 10k steps in a day. Started following Rati beauty diet, gave up sugar, tea, coffee, junk, chocolate and ice cream, pizza. I did not had cheat meal for a month and started reducing weight and improving my health. Today, I don’t take any medications for thyroid, skin and hair improved and I feel so much better. Can’t thank Sanjeev and Rati for changing my life forever. Journey still continues and want to reduce 5 more kgs.”

7. Geetanjali says: @poutpaintdaily 14kg weightloss using #ratibeautydiet is nothing short of inspiring. As they say where there is a will, there’s a way. You look great Geetanjali. Keep goinggg😍😍😘

Geetanjali poutpaintdaily

She writes,”Hey Guys! So I have lost a total of 14 kgs through #ratibeautydiet and a combination of walking every evening for 40 minutes (followed by some crunches and leg raises) and 1 hour of gym with my personal trainer. The most major step has been intermittent fasting for 16 hours a day. I usually only consume food between 11am and 8pm. I avoid alcohol, frizzy drinks etc. Sometimes I had lemon or just plain old tonic water. A drink now and again but all in moderation. Uploading my pics to show you the change from April 28 till today. In my current pic, (white shirt) you can clearly see more definition in my calves, sides, arms and face. Apart from this, I have lost a ring of fat from my back and dropped a whole size, from XL to L. So I am pleased as a punch. Keep going fam.

8. Bhavani says: Bhavani’s 15 kg weight loss using #ratibeautydiet You look fab in both the pics. This is really inspiring. 😍❤️


She writes “72 to 57…. All hail Rati and her weight loss diet plans. If not for her custom-made diet plans, I would have remained heavier forever. I have tried so many dieting methods but none worked. Then I happened to see Rati’s transformation. Her diet plans are fascinating. They are real game changers. I have happily said good bye to sugar. I eat healthy and stay happier than ever. I now know the nutritional value of each and every thing that goes into my mouth. I have become more and more conscious of what I am eating. The diet plans have helped me to understand my body. I am very confident that I would never go back to being heavier. Even if I gain few pounds, I know how to get rid off them. I can do it like a boss. Thanks for all the knowledge, Rati. I owe everything to you and Sanjeev ji. You guys have touched millions of lives. Thank you so much. Stay blessed 💞”

9. Sakshi says: @sakshi.pandey lost 19 kg on #ratibeautydiet. Whoohoo! Way to go girl! 👏❤️

Sakshi Pandey

She says “This is old me.. taken on my bday, may 2019. And these are from last week. 19 Kgs down. I couldn’t thank you enough…feel good about myself. want to meet friends, want to go out.. you know I was first to get married in my friends circle, and then conceived soon. All my college friends were in same city, but I really avoided meeting them. Now I look forward to meeting them. What I think worked best is right motivation. I mean we all know that we have to get fit, lose weight, eat right, but still we are not able to do it. Because it’s always like you keep making excuses to yourself, but after following Rati’s diet, her one liner, “If I can do it, so can you!” It really worked for me. I could relate so much with her.” Finally posted a video on how I lost 24kgs along with a lot of reference photos from thoroughout the year. You can check it on the Rati Beauty App. Took me a year to do that but here I am. Hope you like the video and find some inspiration for your weightloss journey. My journey continues because this practically is my life now. Have a great week ahead you all.”

10. Parichita says: Parichita’s 7.5 kg weight loss using #ratibeautydiet diet but more than that she is back on her normal periods cycle, which is incredible. 😍😍😍 @parichita2raya


She says,” Reduced 7.5 kg in 2 months. I have PCOS and was not having periods for 6 months. I hit the normal BMI a few weeks back and my period is back to normal. Thank you @ratibeauty Ps: I can’t fit in this dress anymore (not complaining).

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11. Bibha says: “Lost 16 kg using #ratibeautydiet despite having PCOS. This is called hard work and dedication. Kudos Bibha. This is reallly motivating and keep going because you still have to reach your goal.

12. Jomol says: This Sunday, I treated myself to something that I had been craving for a long time now – a plate of chole bature! For a lot of people out there, it’s nothing special or extraordinary, something you can order right away through Swiggy or Zomato or pick up from the local street vendor. But for me, that’s what I have been NOT doing for months now – I refrained from giving my body any kind of junk food – deleted all food ordering apps from my phone – that’s the day when I downloaded and got hooked on to “Rati Beauty,” and to the app’s weight loss and diet videos by Rati. It’s been around 6 months of healthy eating and being on Rati Beauty, and I have come down from 74 kgs to 59 kgs, and that’s the reason why I treated myself to a plate of chole bature this Sunday! I tipped the scale all the way from 70s to 50s and my jeans size is now ahem 28! I wake up every day enthusiastically at 4:30 am for my daily walk in the park to gather compliments on how thin I have become. 😛 Some people at the park have even suspiciously asked me about the kind of music I was listening to through my earphones! I cannot thank Rati for having turned my life 360 degrees around. The amazing thing about this diet program was that I could relate completely to Rati because she was trying to lose her recent post-pregnancy weight and I had been sitting with all that weight for quite a few years now. Seeing Rati’s passion and dedication, I got motivated and tried the weekly diet programs – and with each passing week, I saw results!!! With each week, I was seeing results, both in Rati and in myself, and decided to stick to her diet and weight loss videos. Something different and amazing about this program is that every week, there’s a change in the kind of diet you are put through, there’s a lot of research and scientific backing put in by Rati and Sanjeevji, and the plans that are put forward give your body and mind healthy food. Each ingredient that is included in the diet is thoroughly researched and its pros and cons weighed in before it gets added to the diet program. I have seen people putting back all the weight they have lost because they go on “fad” diets like keto and after a point, it becomes difficult to sustain such type of diets and all the extra weight bounces back, but with Rati’s weight loss plans, you get to try different things and not limit yourself to just a few things, and maintain the results. Someone rightly said, “once you see results, it becomes an addiction.” Rati’s dedication towards fitness and weight loss was so contagious, I completely got obsessed about counting calories, cutting down sugar, and staying off of bad carbs. Even with a fridge full of Lindt chocolates and Ferrero Rochers, I trained myself to hold back the temptation because I always remembered Rati’s advice and tips. The trick that worked for me the best is that I started listening to her attentively – making mental notes of every minute detail that she was doling out. For example, she talked about measuring food before it went into your plate and eventually into your mouth, about sporting a fitness band to keep a track of your daily activity, how slogging out in the gym alone wouldn’t work – one would have to create a calorie deficit in order to see serious results. I lived all through these months on her easy recipes, having her magical drink before every meal (sipping it up with a straw instead of gulping it down), multivitamin must not be skipped she said and I never skipped it! There are some secret bonuses that came along – the PCOD condition which had been bothering me for a few years got under control, acne breakouts have become rare, and my skin has cleared up! Fitness has now become a priority and staying in shape a necessity, all thanks to Rati. I eagerly wait every Tuesday for her videos and at the end of the week, when the scale tips a little more in my favor, I thank my lucky stars and Rati secretly 😛


P.S. The “after” pic that I have attached was taken about a month ago, and I am about 4 kgs lighter than that now and inches from the waist have reduced further, sooooo!!!! 😛

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