Dior 5 Couleurs Hi Fidelity Eyeshadow Palette 357 Electrify Review + Makeup Look

dior eyeshadow palette 357 Electrify fotd

Hi Everyone, 🙂
Continuing with the ‘Palette Week’, today’s makeup looks is created with Dior 5 Colueurs High Fidelity Colors & Effect Eyeshadow Palette 357 Electrify.
Price USD 62 / INR 3900

This is quite an interesting mix of colors in the palette. Like it’s hard for me to imagine a lovely pastel peach and pastel green thrown in with the shades of jewel toned blues.

The 5 colors in the Dior Expose palette are :
A pastel peach with golden sheen. I actually found it a bit hard to use in the look that I created. I have added a bit of this color in the inner corner of the eye but it did not show up too well on me. It’s more of a lid color when you want to create a soft peach eye makeup look. Pair it with a bit of brown eyeliner and some champagne shade to highlight and you are good to go. It is medium pigmented and stays true to its color. It would show better on very light skin tones

A beautiful sheer champagne gold. It’s best use as a layering eyeshadow to add that bit of sparkle or on high points such as brow bone. It works great as an inner corner color as well. Although it’s sheer but I really like a finish like this because sometimes a colors such as this can look chalky but the soft sheerness of the color makes it more wearable and very adaptable. Really like this shade.

A mid tone cool blue with satin finish. I have used it in the centre of the lid as a transition color. This one needed quite a building up because I wanted the true color to show and it always looked a little softer than how it looks in the pan. I used a flat brush to pack on the color. Although it is quite opaque and pigmented, the color needs a building up. Did not crease or fade once it was on.

A gorgeous midnight blue with satin finish. But this was the most pigmented eyeshadow in the pan. Absolutely loved how well it applied and how smoothly it blended. It pairs well with every single color in the pan. You can even use it as an overall color and with just the champagne eyeshadow.

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A pastel pistachio green ( the centre color). It honestly is a gorgeous and interesting color on its own. I’d love to play more with this on its own than. It has a pearly finish and is quite opaque for the color that it is.

Overall, it is not my favourite palette on its own overall. I love the individual colors in the palette but overall, its too cool toned for me. I’d like to throw a shade or a two of warm shades. Plus I would have preferred the pastel shades to have more pigmentation.They are there but not quite there.  A blue shade needed quite a bit of packing up.

But the staying power – brilliant bang one. I wore this look for more than 8 hours – even took a nap with this one #thingsyoudoforreviewsdontjudge :P. This eye makeup look did not move. I always have a primer underneath for all my eye makeup looks because I have oily lids and they make the most long lasting eyeshadows fail if I don’t wear a primer. But the eyeshadows neither faded, nor crease and they looked quite fresh at the end of the day.

I might not be impressed with the colors together but I know I would be pairing them up with other eyeshadows and going to have a ball. Infact can’t wait to play more with them already.
Rating : 3.8/5

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Products Used for the Look
Giorgio Armani Designer Lift Foundation
NARS Concealer Ginger
Tata Harper Blush Very vivacious
Gucci Blush Soft Peach
Tom Ford Highlighter
Marc Jacobs Mascara
Maybelline Eye
Sugar Lipstick Better Call Salmon

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  1. Oh my god.. I have fallen in love with your eye makeup 🙂 the palette is gorgeous but you have created the smokey eyes so flawlessly 🙂 you are doing a great job 🙂

  2. That is one beautiful look.
    Rati, Where is that top from? Absolutely love the fabric and look of it.

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