Dior Midnight Poison Eau De Parfum Review

Fairy tales are always fun and enchanting to read. But, a story can become a true work of art when it is intertwined with something more tangible, for example a painting that mesmerises, a dress that adorns or a perfume that entices. I love how these luxury houses can weave something so alluring into their scents that they leave more than just a fragrant trail in your memory. And, when you own such a piece of art, you would want to share it with the world. Following is the review of a perfume from the house of Dior that, unfortunately, has ceased to sit in abundance on the shelves.

Dior Midnight Poison Eau De Parfum Review

Product Description:
More than twenty years since creation of legendary Poison, Dior launched the fifth of the Poison range, Midnight Poison. John Galliano’s inspiration for visual image of this perfume is the fairytale of Cinderella. The mystery starts when the clock beats midnight, and she is disappearing in the haze. The colors of the flacon are cobalt and ultramarine blue, and it is designed to be reminiscent of Cinderella’s dress.

The Dior’s Midnight poison opens with citrus notes of mandarin and bergamot to the rose heart, and patchouli, amber and French vanilla in the base.

Midnight Poison was launched in 2007.

Top Notes
Bergamot, Orange

Middle Notes

Base Notes
Patchouli, Amber, French Vanilla

For 50 ml, the price ranges anything between $95 to $115 on the online sites.

The Poison Range from Dior:
Dior Midnight Poison Eau De Parfum Review

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The Poison range was introduced in 1985. Poison By Dior brought about a revolution and became the signature scent of high class and sophisticated women. It is till date considered the best Poison perfume. It was followed by Tender Poison in 1994 (green). Then came the very famous- Hypnotic Poison (red) in 1998. Various incarnations have been launched under Hypnotic Poison- the most recent one being introduced in Jan 2013. It was followed by Pure Poison (white) in 2004. Finally came the fifth Poison range Midnight Poison (blue).

My Experience with Dior Midnight Poison Eau De Parfum:

Dior Midnight Poison Eau De Parfum Review

This was gifted to me by a friend who was returning from France in 2007. If I tell you the truth, I actually didn’t want this perfume. J’adore was launched around the same timeline and I was smitten by its sleek neck bottle. I hadn’t even sniffed either of these at that point. Fatefully, J’adore was picked up by my friend’s mom before it could reach me and thus, I was gifted the blue apple called Midnight Poison, instead. I threw away the outer packaging soon, now realising what a big mistake that was.

Dior Midnight Poison Eau De Parfum Review

Coming to what this perfume evokes in me, I just have 4 words to summarize: Strong-Confident-Passionate Woman. Yes, this perfume is for a woman, not a girl! I have kept this reserved only for special occasions and that too for night time. And, I can clearly see how the name justifies all of it. It starts off thin but deepens quickly. It has a decadency to it, a touch of raw passion that leaves a dark feminine scent. Further, I feel this scent carries a slight masculinity in it, and I identify with this smell very strongly. I personally believe all ESTJ personalities would find this alluring (google to know your personality type). As it gradually acclimatises, a calm follows it. Maybe Patchouli Base has that effect on me.

Dior Midnight Poison Eau De Parfum Review

The longevity is quite good! My evening wear would hold on to this scent for many days until it is sent for dry cleaning. The sillage- the trailing smell left by a person when they walk past you, is significant! Not enormous, but significant. For this review, I sprayed it on the back of my hand and ample fragrance remained for at least 7 hours.

Dior Midnight Poison Eau De Parfum Review

Personally, I am captivated by this smell. I am not a very good reader of the finer tones of a perfume, but I can strongly associate with the feelings that are aroused by a perfume. And I am clear, this one is not to be worn on a brunch on a sunny afternoon with a floral dress. Wear it with your LBD and Louboutins with your hair pulled back and your head held high.

Summing up the Pros and Cons

Pros of Dior Midnight Poison Eau De Parfum:

• Long lasting and substantial sillage.
• An apple shaped design with a balanced centre of gravity!
• Strong, dark feminine fragrance – to be worn with confidence.

Cons of Dior Midnight Poison Eau De Parfum:

• Availability. You wouldn’t find it in a regular perfume store. Just on international sites.
• This is not floral. So, a lot of women may not associate with such strong notes.

IMBB Rating:


Would I Recommend/Repurchase Dior Midnight Poison Eau De Parfum?

I think it can be added as a collector’s item to your perfume kitty (if you are a collector and have enough moolah!). If you are an ESTJ and need to indulge in the right scent for the right event, Dior Midnight Poison will perfectly match your taste!

I personally wish to get my hands on the entire Poison miniatures set in order to experience each of the Dior Poisons.

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    1. Its the iconic apple shape. surprisingly a lot of people find it boring, but i find it the most stable bottle in my perfume stash.

  1. You have described the perfume so awesomely, I always fall short of words describing fragrances, you have nailed it 🙂 BTW, Jadore is my favorite too 😛

    1. I too cant talk about the varying perfume notes very well Jomol. But if something smells good, I associate a feeling and emotion with it.

  2. how effortlessly u have described the scent to us…. This is too good a review…..i am bookmarking the page only for the write up. Wonderful Pragya.

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