Elle 18 Color Bombs Lip Smoothie Review

Elle 18 Color Bombs Lip Smoothie Review, Photos, Swatches

Finally the Elle 18 gloss. The gloss deserves a separate review because there’s a whole lot to tell you. I’m quite in a dilemma like I was about the liner about if I should call it a good one or a bad one. So I would expect a final verdict from you. There were several glosses available but not the entire range. I had an eye for the strawberry one. But looks like entire Kolkata was buying Elle 18 yesterday and the stock was exhausted. Only in one shop did I find the lip glosses which they call ‘Lip-smoothie’.

Elle 18 Lip Gloss
Elle 18 Lip Gloss

The package is cute although looks cheaper on a closer inspection. But I would at least trust Elle 18 that they would not be harmful. That way I don’t mind if my make up comes cheap or expensive. Still, the package is quite eye catching. The back

Elle 18 Lip Gloss
Elle 18 Lip Gloss

Isn’t the color beautiful?
The review,
Price: 85 INR
Quantity: 9 ml

Ingredients: not mentioned. But they claim to have cocoa butter.

What Elle 18 claims: Deliciously beautiful lips in yummy fruit flavours. Smooth, glossy and super kissable.
Shelf-life: 24 months from packed.

I got the shade called Melon flame. I don’t know the shade number. The color is bright in the tube. But it is not heavily pigmented. There were other colors in brown which they called Peach. ( how strange!) any way me being a Brown color sucker opted for the melon flame. It’s a cute package. There is not too much to tell, so, let me get into the good and the bad points.

Swatch: The gloss has something runny in it. Is it cocoa butter or cocoa oil

Elle 18 Lip Smoothie
Elle 18 Lip Smoothie

The Pros of Elle 18 Lip Smoothie:

  1. That it is cheap obviously is the first thing I would notice.
  2. It claims to have cocoa butter. My lips felt quite soft and it stayed on for good 2 hours without eating, drinking and even speaking 🙂 (because I’ve been studying :D).
  3. It is not at all sticky but oily sans the stickiness or being too oily. Just enough to give your lips a drench of moisture. It is not too shiny as well. Can’t put on a lot of the product on your lips.
  4. The quantity is quite good for such a price. I’ve been wondering why Lakme doesn’t make their Tube lip glosses in smaller sizes and lower prices. That way it is easier to finish as well as we can own so many. Even gift them. You don’t want to give expensive gifts to every friend or acquaintances you know. A piece of makeup never fails to make a woman happy.
  5. The narrow slant tip makes it easy to apply
Elle 18 Lip Gloss
Elle 18 Lip Gloss

6) There is something minty in it. I got that minty tingle. I cant tell if the gloss has a plumping action. My raisin dry lips get plumped up almost with any lip-balm. Let alone a lip gloss. But when the product reached the inner part of the mouth it tingled a bit which was gone after a minute.

The Cons of Elle 18 Lip Gloss

  1. The gloss is not pigmented enough. At first it imparts a slight subtle tinge of colors. After an hour or more the color is gone as I noticed. I prefer pigmented and thick glosses. The stickiness is no problem for me as every time I press my lips together I feel reassured that the gloss is still there and moisturizing my lips.

Apart from this I find no problem. Here is how it looked like on my lips is the day light. I’m wearing the gloss only.

Elle 18 Lip Gloss
Elle 18 Lip Gloss

Shall I repurchase? I would only after I finish at least one of my tube glosses.

Let me know what you think of the product.

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28 thoughts on “Elle 18 Color Bombs Lip Smoothie Review

  1. Hey this is an interesting review although a swatch of the product would have really helped – i guess again good option for a price range and I think a good substitute for the Lakme glosses na ?

  2. he he he…your lips looking veryy nice..Whats with this IMBB these days… :-/ :-/ :-/ Everyone flaunting their lips!! 😛 😛 😛 😛 …Me liking this product!!! :-)) :-)) :-)) Nice review Nivedita!! :yes: :yes: :yes: 😀 😀 😀

  3. this looks great. i am planning to buy a lipstick in pink shade and a lip smoothie too. im not a fan of lipgloss though. these lip smoothies are so yummm. i love their new packaging. :-))

  4. The colour truly is beautiful !! And it looks great on your lips, but it doesn’t look very pigmented – don’t know thats a bad thing or a good thing. Cuz glosses are more about shine , not colour. This product has my :yes: :yes:

  5. Oh god.. Nivedita, ur lips luks too sexy in dis shade..!! U hav got perfectly shapd lips.. Thanx a lot 4 th review..:* :* As janhavi suggestd a swatch vl b more helpfull.. 🙂 🙂

  6. I saw the ad today 😀
    And the only reason i got MAD looking at the TV was
    it’s not available here 😐

    Super awesome review :-(( you make me jealous by doing elle18 reviews

  7. I almost ransacked the entire New Market today………. Finally, at the end of all my endeavor, I finally got two shades of elle 18 smoothie……. I might be the happiest person in this earth now, Who knows!! Thanks a lot for the review anyway and it’s awesome to find fellow Kolkatans here……… and Thanks IMBB for being such a wonderful friend!! :kissing:

  8. I got Melon Flame only, It’s so pretty I tell u….. But then u already know 😉 !! Although the longevity is questionable, my lips look cute!! 😀 However, I wonder, can’t somebody make at least one lipgloss, which is of a great shade, nice smell, non sticky and also stays on for a long period of time, at least for an entire date!! May be I m wanting too much!! :-/

  9. I love the liner…and it stays on for about 10 hours..That’s the time I am usually out of the house and dont even need touching up! 🙂

  10. Shud i buy the elle 18 kajal and lip smoothie ?? :struggle: :-/
    i am looking 4 a kajal dat wont spread & stay 4 long tym nd same wid d lip gloss !! 😉

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