Essence Makeup Brush Review

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I have been stocking up makeup tools and today’s review is on Essence Makeup Brush. Read on further for more details.

Essence Makeup Brush

Product Description:
Expert brush! With this make-up brush, you’re sure to apply your foundation like a pro. No matter whether the texture is liquid, creamy or mousse, the make-up brush allows a targeted, streak-free application of all kinds of foundation. Thanks to the soft and flexible synthetic bristles and their slightly tapered shape, accurate application and blending is guaranteed.

Essence Makeup Brush handle

My Experience with Essence Makeup Brush:

Initially, when I first saw this brush, even though I knew it is for foundation, I was a little skeptical. One of the reasons was that the packaging just mentioned it as a makeup brush! As I wanted a foundation brush for the new foundation practice, I picked this one up. It was only later, when I read the details that I got to know that it can be used for any creamy or liquid makeup products! But for now, I use it as a foundation brush.

Essence Makeup Brush packaging

Essence makeup brushes are all turning artistic. When I picked the eye blender brush, I wanted to match brushes to it, but unfortunately, I didn’t get the lavender one, so I picked this green one along with a contour brush. The brush case is plastic and it’s neither bulky nor very thin. You can hold it perfectly with ease. The bristles are white and sea green matching with the case of the brush. The bristles are dense and well packed. There is no shedding. The brush is paddle shaped. The bristles are soft and the tapered shape allows the application of the foundation to the sensitive eye area. I don’t go for heavy coverage and for normal medium coverage, this brush is very good and blends the foundation well but as you start layering for a heavy coverage, the brush fails. The blending looks more patchy and streaky. I tried it 2-3 times with different techniques but ended up with the same results. A sponge works better for heavy coverage or maybe a good foundation brush. The bristles are a little bit stiff, I do not know if that is how the foundation brushes are made or not.

Essence Makeup Brush bristles

It makes the movement a little restricted and not flexible, especially when you go round the corners of your nose and near your ears! The brush also soaks up foundation, there would be so much residue behind that after 2 days, I can use the brush without any foundation and just with 3 days of using it, the brush has become really dirty with the foundation all over it and thus making me to wash this brush very often! A pain! But overall for the price I pay, I cannot complain and for a beginner like me who does only light to medium coverage makeup, the product is okay!

Pros of Essence Makeup Brush:

  • Affordable.
  • Easy to hold and apply.
  • Provide light to medium coverage.
  • Soft bristles.
  • A good selection for a beginner.
  • No fall out even after washing.
  • Classy looking.

Cons of Essence Makeup Brush:

  • Due to the dense/stiff packing, the brush is not so flexible.
  • Residue on the foundation and thus gets dirty and attract bacteria.
  • Has to be washed often!
  • Not for heavy coverage.

Would I Repurchase/Recommend Essence Makeup Brush?
For a beginner who doesn’t want to shell out money!
IMBB Rating:

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