Essential Items for Self Isolation During Coronavirus Lockdown

What started as an epidemic in a small town in Wuhan, China, has now engulfed the whole world and turned into a rapidly-spreading pandemic – yes, we are talking about the highly contagious viral infection called “Corona virus.” No country has been spared from this pandemic and since there is not a cure yet for this viral infection, precaution and prevention are better options in this case. In such difficult times, personal hygiene and social distancing are highly recommended to prevent further spread of the disease. We should act as responsible citizens because those who are most vulnerable fall into the age bracket of below 10 years and above 60 years. Social distancing, self quarantine, self isolation will all help prevent the virus from spreading further and eventually help to completely eliminate corona virus. Countries like Singapore, Japan, and Hong Kong have been able to curb the spread of the disease by practicing social distancing and self isolation. You would be doing a favour to the community and poor people living on the margin by self isolating yourself because you would be stepping back and breaking the chain of this infectious spread. For those of you who choose to go into isolation and step back to break the chain, we are putting out a list of essential items to have in your home so that you need not go out frequently to purchase them and crowd places like markets, grocery stores, and pharmacies. But do act responsibly and wisely, because there’s absolutely no need to indulge in panic buying because it would only put those who live on the margins in further distress. Also, most importantly, you need NOT pick each and every item in the “food list” mentioned below. You can pick according to your preference and what you usually like to eat, rather than hoarding every item that’s listed out there.

Essential Items for Self Isolation During Coronavirus Lockdown

Why There’s no Need for Panic Buying:

It’s a time for preparation to contain the spread of infection rather than indulge in mindless panic buying. It would be insensitive and insensible to do panic buying because eventually what are you going to do with multiple cartons of toilet paper and disinfectants when the quarantine period would not stretch beyond 14 days. Strictly do not indulge in panic buying because it is not necessary and would create a shortage of items for the needy. We are putting out this list to help you stay at home, and practice social distancing so that you would not need to venture out frequently, and help prevent the spread of this highly contagious virus. Please do not empty out supermarket aisles unnecessarily because self isolation is needed for only a few days and not for months altogether. Kindly use your wisdom and practice caution. Just in case we need to provide shelter to other people or distribute for those in need, these items would come in handy.

Why Social Distancing and Self Isolation is Important:

To protect self, family, and above all the community which comprises of the poor and needy from catching the infection and putting them into further distress. There are different stages of transmission, reportedly, four stages, as understood from the nature of spread in countries like China, Italy, France, Spain, etc. Our country has taken stock of the situation and taken swift action along with stringent measures to prevent the spread of the disease, which is really commendable. Currently, we are passing through the second and most important phase of the disease, which is the local transmission phase. Let’s understand these four different phases:

  • Stage 1 (Foreign Cases): These people have come to India after catching the infection from visit to foreign countries where it’s an epidemic.
  • Stage 2 (Local Transmission): These people have come in direct contact with people who have a travel history to the foreign countries where Corona virus has been declared as an epidemic.
  • Stage 3 (Community Transmission): These people have not come in direct contact with any infected person, neither do they have any travel history to any foreign country. They are completely unaware from the source of infection.
  • Stage 4 (Epidemic): The disease is declared as an epidemic by country and stringent measures would come into place.

Community/local transmission is the current phase that India is going through and crucial because social distancing will help to curb the spread of disease and stop the country from going into stage 3 and stage 4. Also, our healthcare providers are already under stress and by venturing out frequently and unnecessarily, and contracting the infection, we would be putting a lot of pressure on them. So, social distancing and self isolation is the best way to prevent the spread and break the chain.

How To Prevent the Spread of Corona virus:

  • Sneeze or cough into a handkerchief or your elbow.
  • Do not touch your face, eyes or mouth.
  • Wash hands with water and hand wash frequently. In case, there is no water accessible, use a hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol content.
  • Do not shake hands – practice namaste to greet others.
  • Keep at least a distance of one meter while talking to people.
  • Do not touch hand railings, metal surfaces.
  • Disinfect clothes immediately after you have come from outside.
  • Practice social distancing.

List of Essential Items for Self Isolation During Coronavirus Lockdown:

Cleaning Items:

1. Soap
2. Hand Wash
3. Floor disinfectant.
4. Toilet paper.
5. Anti-bacterial wipes.
6. Tissue paper.
7. Hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol content.
8. Detergent powder to disinfect clothes.
9. Dettol.

Food Items:
Pick packaged food items with a long shelf life. It would also be a good idea with items that have “buy one get one free” offer running. Also, you need not pick each and every item in this “food list.” You can pick according to your preference and what you usually like to eat, rather than hoarding every food item that is listed out here:

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1. Rice.
2. Wheat flour/atta.
3. Tea/coffee powder.
4. Milk powder.
5. Dal/lentils – masoor, arhar, moong, lobia, horse gram, black beans, white beans, chickpeas (chole), chana dal (just a little bit of everything).
6. Frozen peas/corn packet.
7. Sauce.
8. Jam bottle.
9. Baby food, formula packet.
10. Readymade soup packets.
11. Biscuits.
12. Wafers.
13. Raisins (kishmish).
14. Almonds (badam).
15. Cashew.
16. Oats (most of the time, you can get them in “buy one get one” offer).
17. Dates (kajur) because they are full of iron, minerals, and vitamins, good to provide instant energy.
18. Breakfast cereal.
19. Cheese.
20. Butter.
21. Instant noodles.
22. Peanut butter.
23. Pasta packets.
24. Sugar.
25. Cooking oil.
26. Canned fruit.
27. Enough clean drinking water.
28. Essential spices including turmeric, chilli powder.
29. Salt.
30. Maida (in case you want to bake your own bread).
31. Semolina (suji).
32. Vermicilli.
33. Peanuts.
34. Popcorn.

Additionally, here’s a list of Grocery Items for those who want to lose weight.


1. Onion.
2. Tomatoes.
3. Potatoes.
4. Carrots.


1. A month supply of your prescription medicine.
2. Painkillers to treat stomach pain, headache, etc.
3. Anti-diarrhea medications.
4. ORS (oral rehydration solution).
5. Paracetamol, acetaminophen.
6. Prescription pediatric medicines if you have kids at home.
7. Thermometer.
8. Over-the-counter cold and cough medication.
9. Antacids.
10. Laxative.

Miscellaneous Items:

1. Enough petrol in your bike and car.
2. Pet food for your pets.
3. First aid kit to treat minor cuts and bruises at home instead of visiting hospital not to put pressure on the medical staff (with bandage, gauze, Burnol, antiseptic lotion, Neosporin powder etc).
4. Board games to spend quality time with your family.
5. Disposable gloves to open courier boxes and delivery packages and other items that come from outside.
6. Shampoo/conditioner.
7. Diapers, baby wipes.
8. Sanitary napkins.
9. Toothpaste.
10. Matchbox/candles.


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