Exceptionnel de Chanel Intense Volume and Curl Mascara Review

Exceptionnel de Chanel

Give lashes the fullest advantage with captivating volume and voluptuous curves. High-shine, smudge-proof formula and an innovative six-sided application brush ensure a deeply glamorous, intense effect that’s long-lasting, with clump-free separation.

 Exceptionnel de Chanel

How to use Exceptionnel de Chanel Intense Volume and Curl Mascara:

Start by styling and applying formula to the lashes from base to the tips, reaching even the finest of lashes. For a sensational result, apply a second coat of mascara using the “Exceptionnel Gesture:” Start at base of lashes, moving to the tips, using a counter-clockwise rolling gesture to extend the lashes and build volume for a ‘wow’ effect. Apply formula to the lower lashes in a horizontal direction to create a hint of tint.

Price : Rs 1800

Exceptionnel de Chanel Mascara

What I like about Exceptionnel de Chanel Intense Volume and Curl Mascara

  • The classic black scratch proof cylindrical casing.
  • It’s a black-black-black mascara.
  • It lives up to its volume and curl promise. It holds up your curves the entire day.
  • The formula is a thick creamy black mascara that goes on your eyes without clumping. After 3 coats I see a little clumping towards the tips of the lashes but otherwise it separates and coats the lashes beautifully.
  • It never irritated my eyes.
  • It comes off easily with olive oil without giving me raccoon eyes or without me having to put an extra effort at removing it .
  • It’s a smudge proof mascara.
  • If you don’t rub your eyes or do anything funny, your mascara looks fresh even after 7-8 hours of application.

Exceptionnel de Chanel mascara

The brush of the mascara is pretty interesting. It is a six sided brush with three sides brush bristles for application ..

Exceptionnel de Chanel masacra
..and three sides tiny comb bristles for separating the lashes.Β  I read the instructions given by Chanel for application. And it works the best that way. You just have to place the brush at the base of your lashes and roll the wand upward. This way the brush bristles give volume and the comb bristles keep separating your lashes side by side. It sounds a little difficult but your hand just sets after using it once or twice.

Exceptionnel de Chanel

What I don’t like about Exceptionnel de Chanel Mascara

  • It doesn’t lengthen your lashes. I agree it doesn’t say that it does but I prefer mascaras that give me both lengthening and volumizing effect.
Chanel mascara
bottom part of Exceptionnel de Chanel Intense Volume and Curl Mascara

Overall I don’t know about the exceptional part but I would say it’s a good mascara. If you have the money to spend on a luxury brand mascara, you may definitely go for it.

Chanel Exceptionnel
top part of Exceptionnel de Chanel Intense Volume and Curl Mascara
Chanel Exceptionnel eyes
Without Exceptionnel de Chanel Intense Mascara
Chanel Exceptionnel swatches
WIth 2 coats Exceptionnel de Chanel Mascara

Indian Makeup and Beauty Blog Rating : :-* :-* :-*

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Β The product shown in this entry was sent by company/PR for consideration.

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61 thoughts on “Exceptionnel de Chanel Intense Volume and Curl Mascara Review

        1. I comment WAYYY too much on this site..left a comment for Rashmi today and I wrote Rati instead of Rashmi..I think she might be searching for me to :zombiekiller:

        2. I don’t disagree Radhika. I think among Estee Lauder, Lancome and Chanel , I loved EL’s mascara the most. This one is third on my list…

            1. Hmmm…I have only one Rati..Rose Petal..Joues Contraste..and with my limited knowledge I think its good. They give very subtle colour – you can of course make it more obvious I guess. I hate the brush with it though…just wish they gave a less scratchy brush. Saw the pics of their newer blushes and it looks better.

          1. Yup me too liked the EL one you posted..looked the best on you..this is good though for people who wouldn’t want their mascara to be too obvious..and one coat is perfect for me. I got it as a sample though, so I don’t know if the quality of the original tube is any different!

            1. No you are right. It thickens your lashes but doesn’t give any lengthening or drama. So the mascara doesn’t look obvious, as you say. I apply 2-3 coats to make it obvious. But I like how it stays all day long and doesn’t smudge or smear. Not the best I have tried but not the worst as well.

              You know it’s best for people who have sparse lashes because the texture of the mascara makes your lashes look thick. I think Chanel can do much better. By now I firmly believe that their forte lies in Lipsticks and bronzers. Want to try blushes.

              1. Seeing that bronzer on you, I was like I also want!! Looked damn good….you are good you know at this makeup stuff…hehheheee…in case nobody told you that before πŸ˜›

      1. Well, let me give u a perspective… for someone who does not but too much makeup, deciding which brand to go for is a tough desicion… i don’t mind splurging since i’ll do it once in a while, but why should i go for this mascara versus a maybelline which gives volume, looks natural and lasts long….! Is it only the brand value or am I getting highly superior stuff?

        a similar eg wud be a regular lakme lippie vs 9 to 5 range… the general opinion at IMBB is that 9 to 5 is not justified at the price… they’d rather go for regular lippies at a much lower cost… making sense?
        .-= anks´s last blog ..Blog Giveaway at IMBB =-.

    1. Anks, I paid 1800 for a mascara – a Chanel one – not this one..another one – but anyways, am thinking now..maybe I should have just bought a good eyelash curler and a decent safe mascara like Max Factor or Maybelline. The Chanel one is good…no doubts about it…but it doesn’t last very long…besides mascaras should ideally be tossed out by about 6 months na. For me buying Chanel is a luxury…my makeup stash which is hardly anything much, though, is almost exclusively Chanel cos like how you said when you are buying only few items you can afford to splurge..:-) I might buy a Chanel mascara again simply cos I like Chanel, but I feel deep in my heart, that I might be sensible in buying something more drugstore level! Or you can be like me and try it once and see whats so great about these luxe mascaras πŸ˜€

      1. you know rads, i feel so guilty when i have to throw make up away! pots ans pots of nail paint that i got for my wedding were drying… and i gave them away to my maid… but a few lippies were melting and i had to throw them,…. so i was like, i wasted all that money! i’d rather have bought 3-4 shades and used them instead…. paisa wasool is a big thing! and shelf life of mascara was exactly what i thought while reading rati’s review… if i splurge, i want a spectacular result too!
        .-= anks´s last blog ..Blog Giveaway at IMBB =-.

    1. Why do you want to comment shorter? πŸ™‚ It was a beautiful comment. I agee . Luxury brands do give quality but it’s more of a splurge. i know for a fact that i will go and but chanel vita lumiere not because it is the best in the market but because one it is Chanel and two it also gives me awesome results. Same with the bronzer. I could barely make out difference between MAC to the beach bronzer and chanel’s but now that I have used it and I like it, i would pick it up over MAC. And also because it is Chanel.

      Sometimes there is a huge difference also. I have not come across a mascara as good as estee lauder sumptuous bold volume and a lipstick as good as rouge coco. Seen a major comparison in eye shadows as well.

      btw I toss my mascaras every 4 months.

      1. Rati – πŸ˜€ You tho will agree with all my comments today…now that I am calling everyone Rati Rati na everywhere… :-D… but I would hate to be the one with long boring comments on your site. Heyy where is Jomol…she off on a holiday is it? Oh and enjoy Aisha…don’t know when I will manage to drug my hubby into taking me for that!!!

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  1. Anks – Ha now I can tell that to my hubby. He keeps teasing me saying I have all my friends on the net only now! And as for that throwing away nail polish and lipsticks…OMG…I also had this enlightenment after Operation Cleanup..I threw away all the stupid lipsticks I had bought and many nail polishes too…and 3-4 foundation dabbas…lesson learnt after that 😐

      1. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR…nope…I am going to use it..it does give a good finish for 1 hour…so when i go to buy vegetables or bread from the shop 5 min away…or if I am going to the parlour where its all going to be taken off anyway I can use it na. Looks like I am a slowwww learner naa :reallyangry:

        1. You wear lush supplements when you go to buy bread . :rotfl:

          I must learn the art of “utilizing your resources to the fullest” from you. :laugh:

          1. What to do…abhi new new na…after a few months I might just toss it…right now the 900 is still fresh in my head – plus it gets drier here towards December, so who knows – might just work better then.

            1. aahh!!!:)

              Since Kiehl’s is opening in Delhi next month I am going to pick up my first tinted moisturiser, keeping my fingers crossed coz it’s going to cost a bomb. The only good feeling is that I have not spent my money on any tinted moisturiser so far. πŸ˜›

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    1. oops rati :snicker:
      i ……could ….not…..help …..but ….notice the background picture u used in the first pic of the mascara…..
      are…..those…..legs…… :snicker: :snicker: :snicker:
      ahaha ha ha ha ah :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl:

  6. like you said that it is a good mascara but nothing exceptional about it i agree with you. I don’t love this mascara but don’t hate it too.good review and nice blog. πŸ™‚

  7. Hmmmm… I think I liked the Lancome one best on you!!!!

    I mean the pic look best with lancome, somehow….

    I have pretty long lashes so I prefer volumising ones to make them look dense… Could work for me…

    1. You know mrunmayee when I am spending 1800 bucks on a mascara , I would prefer both lengthening and volumizing. It does what it says but I never fell in love with it. I would recommend this if you want to buy a CHANEL mascara only.

      Like my lancome and estee lauder mascaras the most. πŸ™‚

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