How To Make Eyeshadows Last Long on Oily Lids : Ask IMBB

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Hey girls, can you advice me which eyeshadow will last long on my super oily lids without getteing deposited in creases, cream or pressed powder form??


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  1. Use UDPP or Nars eyelid primer.
    If your on a budget you can order the mineral eyeshadow primer from ELF.
    But if you dont want to go out there and buy a primer,just apply a really thing layer of concealer, and top it off with loose powder, and your set. :beauty:

  2. use primer………….then u can use any form of eyeshadow…………yes as jomoltold u above..rati suggested me the smae……and it works

  3. USe a primer and then apply a wash of skin toned eyeshadow or loose powder on top. The powder would control the oil part and the the primer would give your eye shadows a base and help them last longer.

    I personally like MAC Paint pot.

      1. Actually there are different colours and textures in mac paint posts. Painterly and Soft Ochre are matte , they are skin toned coloured. Painterly has a pink undertone and soft ochre has a yellow undertone. They don’t look that great when worn alone but they work excellent as eyeshadow bases- no creasing, no fading.

        There are others like :

        Bare Study : Soft beige wth gold pearl (Frost) Can be worn as an eyeshadow
        Rubenesque : Golden peach w/gold pearl (Frost) Can be worn as an eyeshadow
        Groundwork : Mid-tone neutral taupe (Satin) and great for neutral eyeshadows
        Constructivist Metallic brown w/red pearl (Frost) (beaauutiifoooll)
        Indianwood : Metallic antique bronze (Frost)
        Blackground : Black-grey with multi-colour (Pearl) excellent for smokey eyes

        The thing with painterly and soft ochre is that you can use just any eyeshadow on those starting from light to dark.

        All others can also be used as a base but since they are not completely matte and are not flesh tones, they look nice when worn alone as well.

            1. Hi IMBB ladies, am in search of a matte blush for office wear, but most of blushes say- colorbar, marbelline, lakme all have golden sheen to it which my boss really dont like to see on his subordinate’s cheeks (I work in a goverment organisation so its very strict here). But am a makeup addict like all of u. So i just want a blush which will give me a natural flush of colour, some natural peach. Can you please suggest me 2-3 brands that offer matte or shimmer free blush in peach colour and also their price.

              1. check out maybelline expert wear blush, colorbar just earth blush is peachy brown and does not have shimmer, Lakme makes good blushes you may check that as well.

        1. Thats GR8 Rati. Will this work for me in summers as well? I stay at New Delhi and in hot weather of 42 degrees no makeup stays on me!! 😥 Sometimes i feel like an alian came from an oily planet :shame: :shame: :shame:

        2. but mac sells a separate eye primer too right? , in a thin small tube..?
          do they call paiterly pot a primer too or; through ur own experience u realised that painterly paint pot works well as a primer too?
          and which one out of the two would u sugget is betttr the primer tube or the pot?

          im going to mac today :dance:
          so i wanted to make sure which one to pick up… athough im going to try there as well,
          byut i ahve pretty oily lids .. sooo… which to take ??

  4. I use mac’s painterly paintpot. I had UDPP, but it still creased on me.. but painterly has not fail me yet. Bobbi Brown’s Long wear cream shadow keeps my e/s in place too.. i use honey beach since it’s shade is like UDPP’s Sin. =)

  5. Paint pots are grt… i wanted to get painterly but got bare study…. now i use it under shadows and also as a highlight…. but i still think Painterly is grt 🙂

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